6 CHICKEN Crock Pot Freezer Meals || Under $60

hi guys welcome back to the family fudge
my name is Jennifer and today we’re going to be talking about freezer meals
specifically chicken-based freezer meals that are not too bad for you and that
are also budget friendly. The familie fudge the family fudge they are mostly sweet but full of nuts. ok, so right now we’re still in the first month of the new year I know a
lot of people myself included may have made some new year’s resolutions to
number one eat healthier and number two stay on budget so today these recipes
that I’m going to share with you do those things they are not super bad for
you they’re on the healthier side and they are less than $10 per dinner now I
do know that there are a lot of people that are anti New Year’s resolutions and
I totally get that and I think it’s because you know what they say about New
Year’s resolutions unless you have a plan in place to make those goals a
reality those resolutions are just dreams and they’re not going to happen
so today I’m going to show you how you can make those happen I’m going to give
you the plan I’m going to give you the recipes so come along with me ok so the first thing you’re going to want to do is print out the recipes now these are
my personal recipes that I’ve adapted to my family’s taste and I’m going to go
ahead and put those on thefamilyfudge.com so if you want to hop on over there
and print those out it will be available for you for free of course and so what
I’m going to be making is Hawaiian chicken ranch chicken that’s for tacos
chicken Philly cheesesteak chicken sausage with peppers chicken fajitas and
Italian chicken now today I’m just going to be making one of each of these but
definitely if you’re feeling ambitious you could double each of these recipes
and be left with 12 at the end of the day but for my family and for my size
freezer I’m just going to make today these meals are so easy it’s
really just chop some veggies and then dump everything else in a bag and then
the bags will come out of the freezer when you’re ready to cook them and they
can go directly into a slow cooker super easy super affordable and not too bad
for you I do want to let you know that I’m going to be using a variety of
boneless skinless chicken breasts boneless skinless chicken thighs and
some store prepared raw chicken sausage feel free to use any cut of chicken you
prefer but these ones tend to be a great deal all of these recipes are going to
be stored in gallon size freezer bags now I’m going to start labeling with
Ziploc bags there’s about two pounds of meat going into each of these recipes
because that’s about the right size for my family that’s about the amount that
we usually would eat but if you have a lot of people in your family or
teenagers and he allows food you might need two recipes per meal to feed
everybody okay so I’m just going to go ahead and write the name of the dish
today’s date I could add some cooking instructions or other reminders on there
but I’m just going to keep it simple with the name of what it is and that
each labeling these ahead of time is going to make it really easy to just
dump everything in later all right so I went through all of my recipes and found
out how many peppers and onions and garlic I was going to need so now I’m
going to go ahead and wash and chop all the veggies all at once and that’s going
to make it really quick and easy to just dump them in the bags I have to tell you my husband just
walked in and he said ooh what smells so good are you making salsa and I said no
I’m not making salsa but that’s a good idea
if you guys have a great salsa recipe link it down below and I will make that
because salsa songs are really good right now okay so now I’ve kind of going
to show you meal by meal what used to go in each bag you know you could go ahead
and put all of your onions in all the bags and then all the peppers in all the
bags but I don’t want to get confused I’m just going to make one bag at a time
now I don’t think it matters what order you make these in you can do it in
anywhere you want I grabbed this bag of Italian chicken
first so I’m going to do first now I know they sell fancy you know a stamp to
keep your bags open while you’re filling them but I don’t have those so I’m just
mystic it down inside of a bowl and the bowl will help keep it open enough for
me to put my stuff in there all right I’ve got two pounds of boneless skinless
chicken thighs put one cup of my chopped onion in there two cloves of garlic I’m
just going to eyeball that as well 1/4 cup of honey next up is two
tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil I guess you could substitute coconut oil
too if you wanted two teaspoons of Italian is using this with dried Italian
seasoning – 1/2 a teaspoon of salt 1/4 teaspoon of black pepper
and then I’m going to add just a pinch of red pepper flakes my family we don’t
like things super spicy but I’m trying to introduce the kids to more
spice so just a little bit to get them used to it
alright so the last thing I need in here are two or regular-sized cans that’s
about 15 ounces of diced tomatoes I’m going to pour that in along with the
Juice I’m going to try it squeeze some of this
air out before I tip it up lay it flat and before I move on to my next bag I’m
going to stick this in the freezer right now so when you’re ready to cook this
we’re going to take it out of the freezer and you could you frost it
overnight or you can just put the whole thing in your crock pot for four to six
hours and it’ll be done you could serve this over noodles or with a salad on the
side one down five to go next up is a family favorite we have
chicken sausage with peppers this one is so quick and easy to scan into my bowl
now I have 2 pounds of store prepared chicken sausage and this is sweet
Italian sausage and this is in the casing
already I’m going to go ahead and put all of them down in my bag
now this meal you could throw in the crock-pot to cook it but you also get
his throat on the show easier ways is fine so these are lean chicken sausages
I’m not worried about them being super greasy that’s the great thing about
chicken so to this I’m going to add one cup about one cup of my chopped onions
go this I added some of my red bell pepper and some of my green it’s about
one whole peppers worth in their dish I’m going to add one clove of garlic 1/2
a teaspoon of salt and pour your teaspoon of pepper and that’s all for
this dish that’s all you need super easy simple and quick try the
latest flash but I can get some of that extra air out
of there so when we cook this up we like to serve it with some rice or you could
put it on a sandwich it would be so good two down four more to go I’m going to
move on to a lion chicken all right I’m going to start with two pounds of
chicken breast half a cup of honey this is going to be like a sweet and savory
dish 1/2 a cup of apple cider vinegar this I’m going to add about 2 to 3
cloves of garlic YUM I’ll shape it already now I’m going to add 2
tablespoons of soy sauce I’m using the gluten-free low-sodium one but you can
use with everyone just retire ok next comes the pineapple so this is a 20
ounce can so I’m going to put about half of the pineapple in here and about 1/2
of a juice and I’m sure my kids will hug to snack on the leftovers I love
pineapple you guys one of my favorite treats at Disneyland is a pineapple Dole
Whip those make one of my favorites is so yummy and refreshing so good you have
to choose there we go all right some of those the kids finished it and believe
it or not that is it for this dish I’m not going to add any salt or pepper at
this time because there is soy sauce in there but you can definitely add salt to
your teeth or later okay so this bag this bag is pretty liquidy to be careful
when you’re trying to get out out that extra air you just want it stuff
everywhere all right that one was super quick and easy when I’m ready to cook
this I’m going to take it out of the freezer and either let it defrost
overnight for to get directly into my crock-pot for about four to six
hours and we’ll probably eat this rice and broccoli because that’s kind of our
favorite thing all right three D on three more to go okay at this
point I’m going to do a little bit of tidying up it definitely helps if you
are able to do some cleaning as you go next happy we have chicken Philly
cheesesteaks now I’ve never been to Philly so I can’t tell you how often if
this is but it’s going to be good I know that so the first thing I’m going to do
is go ahead and put two pounds of chicken breast in this bag okay
so I haven’t been mentioning this but make sure you’re washing your hands
often between touching the chicken so to this I’m going to add one chopped up
onion that’s about a cup now I put in about one peppers worth of red pepper
and once peppers worth of green peppers then I’m going to add about two cloves
of garlic crushed up I have half a teaspoon of salt 1/4 teaspoon of black
pepper now we don’t we don’t usually making super salty here but if you want
more salt feel free to this bag I’m going to go
ahead and add a two tablespoons of cornstarch because we don’t want this to
be too wet I was going to help it have a thicker sauce that is it I’m going to
close up this bag get out a lot of the air I’m going to want to kind of kick
this around to distribute that cornstarch this is really tasty so of
course your to need some cheese now let’s always have cheese on hand because
that’s one of my kids favorite snacks but you could actually freeze in a
separate bag your cheese and store it together
that way you’d be sure to have it when you need it but I’m not going to do that
I’m not worried about not having cheese because I almost always do when I’m
ready to cook this I’m going to remove it from the freezer and either let it
defrost or you can probably just cook it right from frozen
it’s going to take about 46 hours on low and then I’m going to shred it up so
this will be like sliced up Philly cheesesteaks it’s going to be more of a
shredded kind but that just makes it really easy all right two more to go
next up we’re going to have ranch chicken tacos this I’m going to be using
two pounds of boneless skinless chicken side into this I’m going to add two
tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar now to this I’m going to add one package
of ranch seasoning or in this case three tablespoons and then one package of taco
seasoning or about quarter a quarter cup of this one so to this I’m not going to
add any more salt or pepper because we’ve got salt and pepper in there
already so now I’m going to close this up get that air out of there pretty much
all the same cooking instructions for these you know you cook it on low for
about 16 hours or on high for 4 to 6 hours so when these are done I’m going
to shred them up and put them into some tacos like some soft tacos burritos
would be delicious one more to go all right guys are you still with me I’m on
my last bag which is going to be chicken fajitas now these are going to be made
in the crock-pot so it’s not exactly like maybe we get at a restaurant but
it’s good enough for us so I’m going to go ahead and add two pounds of chicken
breast this time to this I’m going to add the rest of my onions which is about
one onions worth I’m going to add the rest of my bell
pepper which is about 1 red bell pepper and worth in 1 green bell peppers worth
that worked up just right you know sometimes when the eyeball things you
never know then I’m going to add the rest of my garlic this is again about
two to three cloves of garlic I’m going to add about one tablespoon of honey and
I know I need a traditional ingredient for fajitas but it makes this so good
that a little bit of sweetness in there it is delicious
next up is one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar about one tablespoon of chili
powder it sounds like a lot to the water but it really doesn’t make it too spicy
my kids will eat it a few teaspoons of cumin and then for my family just a
teeny tiny pinch of red pepper flakes really small if you don’t like spice you
can just leave it out completely keep some of that air out of there get that
to lay down flat okay chicken fajitas are done so just like everything else is
going to go in their crock pot on low for about six to eight hours or on high
for about four to six hours these are going to be shredded up style fajitas
because that shit’s easy I’m going to put this on some corn tortillas sour
cream and cheese on top be delicious okay guys here’s a dose of reality for
you quite a lot of things to clean up there we have all of the freezer meals
now this took me a little bit over an hour had to stop a couple of times and
help my kids so one of the fast things out doing it this way is I didn’t
actually have to chop any of this meat go I go stick them all back in the
freezer alright guys there you have it thank you
for joining me today if you liked this video please give it a
thumbs up and let me know in the comments down below if you enjoy
watching freeze your milk cooking videos because I have a lot of ideas for future
videos if you guys would like to see them thanks for watching next you

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