7 Day KETO Meal Prep – Simple Healthy Meal Plan

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  1. FatForWeightLoss says:

    Download the meal prep: https://www.fatforweightloss.com.au/free-meal-prep/

  2. Layla Briolo says:

    Love your videos!👏🏻🤘😃😎☀️

  3. Nelson Pangilinan says:

    Really love your meals^~^

  4. mainlymusicman says:

    is this really 75% fat, and only 5% carbs???

  5. Tundi-Rose Hammond says:

    Thank you for your keto recipies, your videos are so easy and enjoyable to watch! I have an egg and dairy intolerance and can’t kind any keto Savory breakfast recipies that doesn’t have egg. Do you think you would do some recipies for breakfast that doesn’t have egg or dairy?

  6. Keshni Naidu says:

    During the chicken recipe you say yogurt instead of avocado!
    Thanks for this. Giving it a go tonight!!

  7. Chibby Qu says:

    1:40, 2:18

  8. Carey King says:

    Please do a dairy and egg free week 🙂

  9. Anh Le says:

    I had to go back for a second when he said yogurt and showed avocados 🥑 😂

  10. sebastian's channel says:

    very nice video. easy and well done. thanks for sharing

  11. Rachel Ah kee says:

    Thanks a lot, I was anxious about meals to prepare on Keto

  12. Io1564 says:

    Just discovered your channel. Fair dinkum recipes, mate!

  13. 91091622 says:


  14. Imelda FS says:

    I made these.. Amazing! Super tasty and I need more recipe. What I noticed is increased my energy, no hunger and no cravings for sweet treats.

  15. Luis Valle Vega says:

    @fatforweightloss ever thinking about making a link to some of the containers or cooking tools? I’d buy from you.

  16. Hannah X says:

    My life would be miserable if I had to eat like this

  17. Tiger Lilly says:

    Who else noticed the blooper..?? Whilst going through the first list of ingredients showing a picture for each. He says yogurt but shows Avocardo's. Which let me a bit confused, at first Is it yogurt or Avocardo?

  18. Huda Ghamry says:

    Thanks thanks you have gr8t ideas. I was Going to quit 😂am fed of tuna and eggs

  19. Dee Jo says:

    If I eat cauliflower uncooked like that I get gassy with pain.. Don't ppl cook it?

  20. Stephen Franchek says:

    Light stand reflection in the fridge

  21. Janie Newsom says:

    I am so obsessed with the way you say paprika. I love it for some reason👍🏼😆

  22. Michael Rengis says:

    is yoghurt ok for keto is there any hidden sugar in it?

  23. Devorah apachegirl says:

    My question is I do the yogurt bowls with fruit butbI always get hungry in two hrs its literally like clock work. Is there something keto friendly that I can add to keep me full longer

  24. Suzi Lindblad says:

    I wasn't aware that yogurt was ok on the Keto diet. Pretty happy about that!😁

  25. Baddscorpio says:



  26. Destiny Rose says:

    “There’s a certain amount of around that’s misconception,” Reveals Gunnery Sergeant Kyle Cooper, “We’re regularly being hit with tons of information… and the vast majority of it is at the most a waste of time and at worst downright counterproductive perhaps even unsafe.” Read more right here https://tinyurl.com/ya6wzm4v

  27. Cindy Jiang says:

    I downloaded the guide and for the Thursday night prepping, it says to only prep part of the recipe. So does that mean for the Chicken Burrito Bowls, I would use 3/4 the amount of ingredients? Well basically I would just use all the leftover ingredients, right?

  28. Paper With A Sparkle says:

    Looking for more substitution ideas. Trying keto but am dairy free and allergic to coconut and soy. Any ideas? Thx😁

  29. lockodonis says:

    this looks awesome, great vid

  30. Courtney Helen says:

    I am going to do this meal prep next week – excited!

  31. Hurram Sultan says:

    Is yogurt allow in keto?

  32. 0linha says:

    …or just stand outside in the sun for a few minutes 😄😄😄

  33. Toms Jekabsons says:

    Thaaaaank you 🙂

  34. Hello Gorgeous says:

    That "guacamole" is going to be black in 24 hrs, there is no way it would last and taste good in 4 days omg

  35. Ketofication says:


  36. H K says:

    Hi please advice can I eat lamb mince during keto diet

  37. KATHLEEN's WORLD says:


  38. Umashekar Malar says:

    Is this Meal Prep is for weight loss?

  39. Fammi Ali says:

    You are very good,actually you are the first Keto chef I was able to re create his recipes without messing up, straight to the point and simple language to understand. THANK YOU

  40. Anthony Hernandez says:

    Please rethink using Tabasco on any Mexican named dishes. Disgraceful.

  41. Joelene Hammers says:

    curious I cant have nightshade vegatables what could substitute for that.

  42. Sandy Smothers says:

    So you make avocado yogurt and cauliflower eggs? 🤔🤷🏻‍♀️

  43. Vickylynn Lindsey says:

    You stated the in the description box that there was a free download for meal plan but it not actually free you have to pay for it.

  44. Everblessed Ebs says:

    Do you need to measure out the macros for Keto? How do you know how much

  45. Meg G says:

    Where is the soup!!

  46. Lucille Varga says:

    Thank you for this video, your channel is SO HELPFUL!!!

  47. Ana Paula Silva says:

    Amei ❤❤❤

  48. Nazma Khatun says:

    Absolutely love this thank you so much, short and simple love it!! 😁😁😁

  49. Freedom In A Budget says:

    Everything looks so good!!

  50. WR 10 says:

    Wish you lived with me. 😂

    Amazing video dude.

  51. anabellaparis1 says:

    I eat like this and I don't lose weight

  52. Maine Green says:

    I don’t have Facebook. Do I need it for the free meal prep guide ?

  53. Lita Tejero says:

    mmm looks yummy…i try ur ideas thnks for sharing

  54. yick yack says:

    +FatForWeightLoss What exactly is a coconut amino that you referred to in your Sesame beef coleslaw recipe?

  55. Cheryl Nielson says:

    Thank you for a well-organized food prep plan clearly and quickly presented. Look forward to more of your videos!

  56. Survivalist Nomad says:

    What would be a good substitute for Avocados?

  57. rmp5s says:

    What are you calling the bell peppers? Capsicums?

  58. Survivalist Nomad says:

    As usual, awesome recipes, clean and simple. Thank you.

  59. Carolina Gulisano says:

    Thank u so much!! This is great!!!

  60. simple& sofisticated JS says:

    Just discovered u and I think u r amazing

  61. Azemina Ay says:

    Hey mate, thank you so much for sharing! Your video quality is great and your recipes are good too! 🙂

  62. Ashleigh J says:

    Finally a keto prep that won't send me into financial meltdown 😁 I'll definitely be trying this.

  63. D Lightful says:

    Wow.. loved it! Such direct instructions and no getting off track! Lol yay!

  64. Ryan Brown says:

    I have all the ingredients but fresh clean hands, what do i do!?

  65. Kokitoro M says:

    By far you’re the best in keto meal prep . Thank you so much. New subscriber.🙏👏

  66. Oki Doki says:

    And how to reheat it or

  67. Blake Neal says:

    You just made keto meal-prepping the most approachable and easy thing ever. Thanks so much!

  68. Katie Smith says:

    Are carrots ok?

  69. rhea cunningham says:

    do you eat the chicken burrito bowl and the sesame beef coleslaw cold or after heating it up

  70. Suza Ne says:

    One of the best keto meal prep video!

  71. Amanda Smit says:

    Thank you….you are SO GOOD. 👏👏 Really love your video's. From Cape Town South Africa 🇿🇦🇿🇦❤❤

  72. Sahar Idrees says:

    Loved your ideas and recipes.. can't wait to try

  73. Jenny Tan says:

    Raw cauliflower bits?

  74. kayuhlenbeck says:

    hi do you have more week preps like this? i have been eating this for 3 weeks and i love it. but nowhere online are preps like this (healty fats and everything). do you have more like this on your website or somewhere else?

  75. Bunministic says:

    Keto life is expensive

  76. Vora_Vixen says:

    Hey great video! I downloaded the meal prep guide and one of the meals has too many carbs! You got to stay 20g and under! but your has 25g

  77. Lucía Mb says:

    When in Spanish?!

  78. Sunny All Day says:

    Hi, I am very impressed with your meal prep ideas! I just subscribed to your channel. 😀

  79. nieceypiecey100 says:

    I’m 40. You taught me how to cook spinach. I love it now. Thank you! 🤗

  80. JCDBionicman says:

    How do forget cauliflower both in the emailed ingredient list and in the description of the video?

  81. JCDBionicman says:

    Please thumb this up

    I'm trying Cayenne Pepper spice as an alt for tabasco. Hopefully I don't use too much. I'm also using Lemon Pepper spice to replace fish sauce, because somehow fish sauce isn't important in the asian aisle.

    He forgets cauliflower in his ingredient list that he emails to you and in the video description. This means that you are prone to forget when you go to the store and go off of the ingredient list.

    Please thumbs this up for people to see. Also, to the video author, please put an annotation in the video and an amendment in your description. People who are doing meal prep don't have time to make these mistakes themselves, I certainly don't, I had to sacrifice study time for grocery shopping, and I'm burning through money eating out.

  82. Global Rapup says:

    Bruddah how do you think im going to turn 500g of mince meat into 4 meals? you are delusional

  83. Shriya's cooking delights says:

    Is Greek yogurt a Keto food ??

  84. Flying Bird says:

    My mother is a cholesterol patient….can she follow this diet?????

  85. John Horne says:

    could not get the free plan without paying for your program? did not buy how to get the free plan?

  86. Cj LeVeille says:

    OMG I THINK YOUR THE MISSING LINK I BEEN SEARCHING FOR. Your recipes and delivery of the info was so simple, so achievable and easy for the keto newbies. Thank you so so much.

  87. rebecca kanya says:

    Do u put it in usual refrigerator or freezer? Thanks!

  88. AlexTheLazyKat says:

    What size containers do you use to store your lunch/dinners in??

  89. Lucía Millán Lázaro says:

    I love that olive oil. Great video! Thanks for sharing

  90. Molly Chan Tung says:

    Are the PDF files still free? 🙂

  91. Jus- Sayin says:

    Omg I love you. I needed you for my success on Keto. Sometime I get lost like in a Keto maze. Wow Thank you

  92. Jus- Sayin says:

    I want you to address jicama rice . Please

  93. Ruby Francisco says:

    Is that a raw coulyflower?

  94. Elvira Ewert says:

    its not free

  95. Martin Revaj says:

    @fatforweightloss hey, i tried to download the pdf but it sends me to your website, after entering de mail and name, it keeps saying 50% done but it WONT send me anything and im not able to download it. anything i click on on ur website sends me to your page where i HAVE to pay for a 8 week plan? this is very confusing and i feel kinda deceived because how super hard it is to get the pdf for the meal prep. if u can get it for free at all that is.

    other than that awesome video.

  96. vofff says:

    What can I eat instead of avocado? My stomach hurts everytime I eat avocado.

  97. Travel.And.Music.With.Sam says:

    Ate all this and no change in my weight

  98. At Creed says:

    Do you have an easy keto nut butter cookie recipe? I’ve tried a couple I found online and they were disasters.

  99. Nguyen Rose says:

    Thank you. I went and bought all these things. Hella expensive but worth it!

  100. Eva Savill says:

    Did you not cook the cauliflower or I can assume you did before you put it in containers?? Thanks!!

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