8-Hour Large Family Freezer Meals Prep Day | Big Freezer Soups, Batch Cooking Meat, Mini Meatloaves!

– [Woman] His birthday is July 11th, guys. So, we’ll see. Can Mommy get this up
before your 1st birthday? Today is June 14th. (gasps) It could happen! So I want to get these in the oven now, and we still have a whole
bunch of the mixture left. So here are how the 48 mini
meatloaves all turned out. Hey friends, I am back
with another big, hopefully two day large family
freezer cooking session. It’s always so fun when
we edit these videos and go back through and
I have all these plans and dreams and ways that I
think that my cooking times will work, and because we only
live real life around here, things don’t always go as planned. So, it’s always like you don’t know the end from the beginning. But I always plan a lot of food, buy a lot of food, a
lot of times I’ll end up making more than I planned, or I end up adding in some extra recipes,
and we just work with it all. Now my baby is crying,
but Daddy is back there with him so he’ll be
settled here in moment. They just got back from
running a lot of errands, and everyone’s tired now. All that to say I’m gonna
show you what my list is, kinda let you know what we
have going on around here. So jumping right in, I will show you my overall plan as we are gonna do a whole bunch of chicken pot
pies, mini meatloaves, vegetable soup, manicotti,
sausage and rice casserole or we call it a bake,
tortellini and sausage soup, baked chicken spaghetti, pizza casserole, this one’s fun ’cause
it’s with some zucchini. I also like to shred squash
with it, but then that didn’t come through with
my Walmart grocery order so we’ll just do zucchini,
some orange sesame chicken and some baked egg rolls. Now of this list of
ten meals I’m gonna do, two of these are low carb. So for my trim healthy momma ladies, or low carb or keto followers, these mini meatloaves
and this pizza casserole should be able to check
both of these boxes, The rest of these are just a
whole lot of big family meals. I’m also, of course at the end, follow through, it’ll probably
be on a day two video, and I’ll have the final total. And, I put in a separate
grocery haul this time just for my freezer meals so I can let you know the cost breakdown. And I’ve got a little running list, my plan for today, it’s 1:36 around here. So I’m just getting
rolling, nothing is prepped. And so I made myself my little list, gonna get the sausage, chicken,
and ground beef cooking, and then I’m gonna get the
soups going on the stove. We’re gonna cook rice, we’re
gonna cook all the noodles, I’m gonna then do the
mini meatloaves, do the pot pies, do the manicotti,
the sausage and rice bake, baked chicken spaghetti, the
pizza casserole with zucchini, orange sesame chicken,
and baked egg rolls. It’s just kinda like
my little running list. Also, some new toys that I got whenever I did my Walmart grocery order. I got this eight cup food processor, this was only about $35, they
also had a Cuisinart model that was $99. I was tempted to get that one because I had it in my budget to do
so, but then I got looking that the Black and Decker, let’s see here. OK so this is 450 Watt power
motor, and the Cuisinart was only a 350 Watt power motor. So I bought this one, number one it was a lot less expensive, and so I could spend
that little extra part of the budget on something else. And, it’s more powerful. So Travis wasn’t home
but I sent him a message and he said to go with the 450 Watt, so I had a food processor
many many years ago, I think I spent like
60 some dollars on it, and it seemed like in six months or so I had burned the thing up. So I thought we would
just give it another go, and since this one was
a $35 price, I thought we could certainly give it a try, see how long it takes me to break it, and then this is just
another like Walmart brand, the Hamilton Beach, I’ve
heard good things about these little multi-tool hand mixers, especially whenever doing large batches, doing different things that you can’t necessarily easily get a hand mixer in. I just thought it it would
be another fun kitchen tool to try, and this one was under $20. So we will see how it goes,
I just wanted this part but it came with the
whisk attachment as well. So not sure exactly at
the moment how or if we’re even gonna use these
in our prepping today, I’ve got a lot of things already like frozen vegetables and already
shredded cheese and such so we’ll just kinda see how it goes. So the first thing that I’m gonna go to do right now to get
this show on the road is to go pull all of my
meat and get it cooking. And then once the meat
is cooking I’ll mentally feel like I can do the next thing. Whatcha got Daniel Joel? – Pop-a-sicle – [Woman] Popsicle,
you’ve been hanging out on the new hammocks? And playing? Uh huh. OK. Oh, and you’ve got Marshall. OK, go get Daddy. Go play. So checking in here
mass cooking meat-wise, I’ve got bunch of frozen chicken breasts in my 14 quart pressure cooker, and a whole bunch over
here in my Instant Pot. And then here on the stove, I have nine pounds of sausage going with some green onions, and
then over in my microwave I’ve got a bunch of ground beef going. I’m now to the point where I’m gonna start getting some of my, two of my soups going. So this is the quinoa,
tortellini, and sausage soup, gonna get the quinoa boiling
over on my stove right now. And I just went ahead and
added in two cups of shredded carrots into the ground sausage that I’m cooking on the stove top here. Because this sausage is
gonna be used in the quinoa and tortellini sausage soup,
and it’s also gonna be used in a sausage bake and this
will soften up the carrots, I’ve gotta kinda be a two for one special. Go ahead and get this beef
broth going in a stock pot and also a can of crushed tomatoes and just a can of tomato sauce. Then we’ll add in the other ingredients. There are, this was two cups
of dried quinoa now cooked and I’m gonna put that in the
big stock pot for the soup. And this pressure cooker is done so I’m gonna pull this chicken out. Mmkay, a little check-in, I’ve got an armful of tortellinis here, I’m gonna add these to
the soup because right now I’ve been crossing stuff off. Sausage is cooked, chicken is cooked, the soup is cooking I’m
just on step two adding the tortellinis in, next
I think I’m gonna actually start working on the mini meatloaves, because I have the meat for that ready. And then I’ll check
back in with this list. Also, time is now 3:47. So here is how this soup is
looking, again everything is in it now, you can see the quinoa is in it, sausage is in it. Carrots, green beans, all
the other ingredients. So now I’m just gonna put
the tortellinis in here for about 5 to 7 minutes and then we’ll start to let it cool. You can customize it to
accommodate your family, I put a little over two
pounds of tortellinis in here, and it looks perfect. You can also, you can add more or less. Also if you want to stretch
your stock pot of soup, you can add more water to this. Or if you’re using a bigger stock pot, in here I could probably get about another four to eight cups of
water if I wanted to. But I think I’m gonna leave well enough alone for the moment. So it’s almost four now,
I’m going to go take a break with Mr. Benjamin, also probably
feed him some applesauce and some other goodies that we can find because he’s eating all
kinds of things now. And then I’ll get back into
the freezer cooking housework. So in handling all of this meat, (coughs) excuse me I’ve got a scratch in my throat. I’ve been eating pork rinds, but they’re low carb so that’s OK. Anyway, to let you all
know some of the ways that I handle all of this meat
that I handle on my freezer cooking days, like right now
(coughs) I’m gonna cough again. Right now I have quite a
bit of chicken breast done. So I’ve let them cool to room temperature, I’ve now put them in baggies, I’m gonna put them in
one of my refrigerators until I can circle back
around and actually use those, like I know I’m doing the chicken pot pie, and a chicken spaghetti bake et cetera, What I’m getting ready to do
now are the mini meatloves, we’re gonna set the chicken aside but that is at least done now. So here are some of the chicken
I’m going to set outside, and then also I say set outside, I’ll explain that here in a minute. What used to be our kitchen
refrigerator is still outside, on our back deck,
again super super classy but temperatures are holding
well, it’s doing well. Still don’t have the spot
cleared for it in our garage, since we got our brand
new dream refrigerator. But, it’s gonna happen. Travis has like two more things on his truck project to do, and then we’ll be able to move a
bunch of things out of there. Another thing that’s
happening is, next Thursday, Travis and I are finally going
to IKEA to get our shelves. We are going to do massive,
like dream homeschool large family bookshelves
in our dining room, and because of that, I’m
going to then get back, like six of my kitchen
cabinets that I have never had ever since we moved in. So that is gonna get me
more room for pots, pans, gadgets, and such and all
of my homeschool things that have temporarily been
housed in my kitchen cabinets are gonna get their new home. So, all of that is
helping with the appliance and furniture and stuff
swirl going on at our house. So working on my mini
meatloaves now, these are my new muffin tins I got so I can do 48 of various things all at one time. This is everything all dumped
in my big 30 quart bowl. Gonna mix it with my hands now and then fill these muffin
cups about half full each, get them in the oven, and probably show you some more of the
process along the way. So here is how the two big
pans of the mini meatloaves look once they’re all filled,
there’s Mr. Benjamin still. You supervising? Hey. Are you biting a snack? (coos) Yes. So I’m gonna get these in the oven now, and we still have a whole
bunch of the mixture left. So here is how the quinoa
tortellini and sausage soup turned out, it is what I’m going
to eat right now while I work on the next recipe. So the 14 quart pressure
cooker is now done, I had put about nine pounds of frozen chicken thighs in here. We’re gonna use this for
our orange sesame chicken, that we will be doing as a freezer meal, right now I am just scooping
out all of the chicken thighs from the pressure cooker, I have quite a bit of broth in here. And quite a bit of broth
in my other pressure cooker that I just got done
cooking another batch Of boneless skinless chicken breast. So, I’m going to also cool
and freeze this broth. I don’t think I have any
recipes this go-round where I call for broth, I
think my other soup recipe that I’m going to do also uses beef broth, I’ll have to check my
little notebook again and see, but anyway, I don’t want all this broth to go to waste. So, I will definitely
freeze it for another time. There’s our piping hot
bowl of chicken thighs that are just super hot
right now, there’s the broth, so we’re gonna get this
broth cooling as well. Chicken broth going in. (splashing) So you can see, from all
that chicken cooking, we got about six quarts of chicken broth. So here are how the 48 mini
meatloaves all turned out, the oven is beeping at me again. I used 93% lean ground
beef, so that is why these are not like drowning
in their own grease, the leaner the ground beef
that you can get in your budget the better, when
it comes to mass cooking. So there’s my pile of the
first 48 mini meatloaves, obviously at mealtime the
kids can top these with ketchup or barbecue sauce, or whatever, but yeah there they are, aren’t the cute? Now I’m gonna do 48 more. So what I’m working on now
is getting the quinoa and tortellini sausage soup into
these plastic containers to then get it into the freezer. And it’ll be perfect meals
for weeks and months to come. So I’m just gonna scoop the soup in here, I’m not gonna fill up
all the way to the top because you need to leave
room for the soup to expand while the liquids freeze, so I’m gonna fill it about to there or so. Now I’ll tell you the truth,
what I ordered on Amazon when I ordered these
containers, they’re supposed to be freezer safe, have
little lids with them, I ordered 64 ounce containers,
however I looked at these and I was like there’s no way
this is a 64 ounce container. So it ended up fitting about
six cups of water in it when I tested it, so I’ve been
duped a little bit with what I bought, but like all
things, I don’t have time to get on there and order
different soup containers and I will get on there
and I’ll let them know, you all sent me the wrong size, but in the meantime here I am with a huge stock pot of soup, and
I’m ready to make another stock pot of soup so I’m just gonna use these smaller containers for now, we are getting about four cups or so in each one, or actually that’s
probably about five cups. That’s just gonna be
that, and when my family if we need this for a
main dish for a meal, I’ll probably set out, well I’ll set out about three of them I would say. It’s not as hot as it was,
I’m still gonna let it continue to cool a little bit
before I put the lids on it and before I get it in the freezer. We’ve got ten 32 ounce containers of our quinoa, tortellini, and sausage soup. Check in with out little handy dandy list here, not I have ground beef, about nine pounds of ground beef in the 14 quart and six pounds of ground beef in the eight quart pressure cooker. And then I have six pounds of ground beef in my dutch oven on the stove. So, all that ground beef is being cooked for upcoming recipes. Sausage, chicken, been done on that, I’m gonna cross off my ground beef because that is being processed. I’m gonna cross off the mini meatloaves, even though I still probably
have about 48 more of those. Next thing I want to
do is get the vegetable soup cooking, because that
needs time to cook and cool, I do need ground beef for that
but I can get all the other components simmering after that, I need to cook rice and noodles. And then, I’m down here to pulling together the rest of these meals. So the last batch that’s gonna mean that we made 144 meatloaf minis. – [Child] Meatloaf minis! – So I haven’t gotten that
much further cooking wise, except I got more chicken
out in the refrigerator, I got the soups put in the freezer, I bagged up the rest
of the meatloaf minis, I served more meatloaf minis for dinner, I took a few minutes,
which it probably ended up being 15 or 20, did a
whole bunch of Insta stories, and I’m looking at my list. I hadn’t got any farther,
but I’m gonna take Travis dinner outside and take a break and talk to him, probably
another 15 or 20 minutes, and then when I come in I must get the vegetable soup cooking and do the bulk rice and noodles. And then we’re gonna assess the time and the state of Momma’s feet. OK, so wrapping this up for today. I have decided that is
what we are doing now, the sausage was cooked, I
think we cooked nine pounds of sausage, the chicken was cooked. I’m pretty sure, I have to
go back and look at my notes, pretty sure we cooked at
least 30 pounds of chicken. We did at least 20 pounds of ground beef. I also made 144 of those meatloaf minis, and that took 18 pounds
of lean ground beef, and we made a whole lot of that quinoa tortellini sausage soup, and right now I’m getting ready to put into the containers is another big stock pot of the vegetable beef soup. I also got done all of my
boxes of manicotti noodles, and in my 14 quart go
wise pressure cooker, I also have all of the brown
rice that I need for tomorrow. So, the meat is done,
it’s in the refrigerator, the noodles and the rice
will be going in next, the soup will be going in the freezer, and I’m doing some cleanup now, that’s it for today. Tomorrow, I’ll show you
my little list here. So tomorrow here’s our lovely oh we got things checked off, so tomorrow we’ll be doing
the chicken pot pies, the manicotti, the sausage and rice bake, baked chicken spaghetti,
that pizza casserole, orange sesame chicken and baked egg rolls. So I got about eight
hours into today, don’t know how long it’ll take me tomorrow, probably another eight hours, and we’ll count up all the meals at the end. So that’s it friends for my day of large family freezer meals prep day take one, tomorrow I’ll be assembling
a bunch more meals and now that I have all
of the meat and et ceteras done today, it’s gonna make
my time easier tomorrow. I am going to chill and
watch some House Hunters now, and enjoy a Halo Top pretend ice cream, and call it a day. So I’ll see you real
soon with day number two and next time with
another brand new video. Bye bye.

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  87. Eat Up with the C.M.C crew! Mary Franklin says:


  88. Norah Almquist says:

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  89. L O says:

    Hamilton Beach is not a 'Walmart brand', it's actually a national brand that's probably older than Walmart

  90. MyMason100 says:

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    Mama of 2 special needs angels ! Having my kids help cook and freeze , after seeing your angles do the same it’s a blessing !
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