A Chef and Normal Review Celebrity Cookbooks! | Antoni Porowski from Queer Eye

(upbeat music) – [Announcer] We are sorted. A group of mates from London exploring the newest and best in the world of food whilst trying to have a
few laughs along the way. (laughing) We’ve got chefs, we’ve got normals, (beep) and a whole world of
stuff for you to explore. But everything we do starts with you. (upbeat music) – Hello, it’s fridge-cam time. My name is Ben and this is Jamie. – Now, one of the things
we love to do at Sorted is review celebrity cookbooks, and we have a stonking one today. It’s Antoni. He was the chef from Queer Eye. (quietly) Which I love! James is a big fan. Barry is a big fan. James is a chef. Barry is a normal. Let’s see how they got on. – Right, do I have an amazing
cookbook for you today! – We don’t know. – Without further ado lift the cloche. – [Quinn] Go. – [James] Git. – [Barry And James] Oh. Antoni. – We’ve learned so many things,
didn’t we, from that show. – We have…nothing about cooking though. – Nope. – [Quinn] Or dress sense. I don’t watch Queer Eye,
so I’ve got no idea… – They take a guy or girl, for example, Jamie Spafford, who needs a bit of a lift in life. – [Quinn] If you ever
gave me that book now, I’ll be so offended. It’s like, you need to
sort yourself out, mate. Here’s how you start. – You’ve just given us that book. (Quinn laughs) – It’s 2019 and you’re
still wearing college stuff. That’s what I’m saying. – Aw. – It’s true. – [James] I’m wearing a
shirt that says the name of the company I work for on it. – So we’re all in a great position. So, I’m going to get you
to make three dishes. – Three? – [Quinn] A starter,
a main, and a dessert. So, for your starter, I’d like you to make Johnny’s Queso Blanco from page 57. Next, could you turn to page 152? – Oh no. – [Barry] Champagne risotto? – And your dessert, page 244. Polish Caramel Easter Squares. – [James] I’ve already looked at these. These look good. – If we get you some ingredients– – Yeah. – Sorry? – (both) Yes, Quinn. – [Quinn] Excellent, good. Three, two, one, begin. – Okay, you do the dessert. – I’ll do the caramel squares. – Please. You do the queso blanco. – Yep. And, then, we’ll meet in the
middle to do the risotto. – Okay, nice. – Deal? – This is really easy. – Why have you read it four times, then? – I’m making the queso, which I hadn’t realized how simple it was. It’s just cheese, milk, butter, cumin, and some garlic powder into a glass bowl and
then work as a bare ring. Just stir over some boiling water and it should melt nice and slowly and come together and be nice and thick and glossy. – [Quinn] Do you need some help with that? With stirring that cheese, Bares? – No, it’s fine on it’s own. I’ve got it under control. So, one of Antoni’s top tips is to buy fresh chorizo and to remove the skins and, then, fry them off in a dry pan. The next thing it says is to put in one tin of chopped green chilis. Is that coming together? (mumbles) Let it sit. It looks good. Give it a stir. It looks bitty. Think it’s kinda spicy. (beep) the bed, man. Those seeds are ridiculous. I’ve just put a sprinkling in as well. (upbeat music) – [James] I’ve made a biscuit recipe. It’s in the oven. 30 minutes. It’s gonna brown. Then, it’s gotta cool. In the meantime, I’m
gonna make the caramel. That goes on top. Then that goes…cools for an hour at room temp. Then, cools for an hour in the fridge. And then, meanwhile, we
can make the risotto. – [Barry] Why champagne? That seems a bit over the top. – Tied to it, that’s why. Nobody’s gonna use champagne. They’re all gonna use prosecco, right? – Can I help at all? – Yes. I’m gonna make the caramel, so you can carry on making the risotto. Or you can make the caramel. – No, that would only go wrong. – [Quinn] If this show’s
all about building people up and showing them how lucky they
are to have what they’ve got you’ve got the ability to make caramel. Believe in yourself. – Place the sugar in a
large, deep saucepan. Slowly and evenly pour 90
ml of water over the sugar to moisten it. Evenly. (cork pops) A little glass of champagne
to reward ourselves? – Just two best friends
cooking up a storm. – [Quinn] He’s changed his tune. – I know. He has alcohol here. Hmm…deep amber brown. Cheers. – Hm. – Right, butter, cream, vanilla. I’m so nervous of this caramel. – You should be. – Shut up! So, that’s doing it’s thing. It’s gonna turn a deep amber brown. Once it gets that sort of color, I need to carefully add the cream mixture. It will bubble up. But the cream needs to be warm. Hey, if you had to send the
Fab Five to anybody here who’d you send them to? – Gobby Ebbers! – Ebbers is out every night
with a group of friends… A different group of friends. Like, he needs no help. – [Quinn] Uh oh. James isn’t happy with
what you’ve done, Bares. – That’s crystallizing, mate. – Yes, I am. I literally, literally did nothing Which is the point. – [Quinn] That’s the problem. – No, no, no, no, no! It says “Do nothing.” – [James] Want to see Barry’s caramel? That looks like bubble bath. – That couldn’t have
gone more wrong, did it? – It’s pretty wrong. – Mate, it looks just like your cheese. Look at it. It’s getting thicker. – I’m blaming the cheese. I think. Our cheese is very
different from his cheese. We’re having to reheat
our queso ’cause it’s gone slightly lumpy. And we’re starting our
caramel from scratch again. – You’re emphasizing the word “our.” (laughs) – Would you do it differently? – I’m doing what Antoni tells me to do. And I’m just, I’m brushing
water around the sides which just gets rid of any, any sugar that does crystallize around the sides. – You have half an hour remaining. – So, my risotto’s well on the way. It’s tasting and looking delicious. My biscuit base is done completely. Apricot preserve, and it goes over the biscuit base, which has come out beautifully. And, then, the caramel goes on
top of the apricot preserve. – I tell you what, it’s looking better. It’s not hot. – There we go, guys. This could be it. – Bet you that it crystallizes. – If that crystallizes, I’m walking out. I’m so sorry. Is that okay? It’s looking a little bit sad, isn’t it? And it’s quite hot under there. – What do we do with that? – It’s getting worse now. – Barry, let’s just serve it. Mike will never notice. Okay. – It’s getting more queso-like. – Is it? – We’re back in the game again. – [Quinn] Geez, that doesn’t even look like polenta anymore, so. – ‘Bout time to deepen up, mate. – We’re on an upward trajectory. Things are looking good. I’m so hungry. – I was gonna suggest we chop the chorizo. – They said mash up in the pan. – That didn’t work, though, did it, mate? That’s the kind of thing where they would watch us from the HQ and be like, oh. – Okay, cool. That is a dark amber, mate. I’m done. I’m done. I don’t know how you can
get any further than that. – [James] You’re done? You pour the cream into the caramel. – [Barry] Oh. At this point you can
get something in there and mix it, yeah? That looks good. – We got there. This is the shot. – [Barry] (makes pouring sound) – You got 10 minutes left. – It’s gone to (beep) again. Don’t know. Just don’t know. Augh! – Plenty of time. – Plate up your risotto. – Oh, you’ve chosen plates. – Of course I have. – [Quinn] Come on! – Get hot, get hot, get hot. – 30 seconds. – [James] Okay, risotto’s good to go. Cheese is good to go. I can’t wait to see this, Bares. – [Quinn] Five, four, three, two, one. – [Barry] And a shz. – [Quinn] And step away
from the cheesy polenta. – I shz’d too far. Sorry, Antoni. – Let’s serve the
special man in our lives. – So, what have we got here? – [Barry] This is Johnny’s Queso Blanco. It’s spiced with some green chilis and a lot of chorizo on top. Let’s tuck in. Let’s tuck in before judging it. – Not stringy, is it? – Damn. – Spicy, man. – If you get a chili, it’s got a kick. – I think I got a chili, whew! That’s exactly what I
expected it to taste like, and it’s delicious. – It’s not quite there, but it’s almost there, and the flavors are good. – That’s might be good for the ingredients we can get here in the UK. – Yeah, is that a recipe
or a cheese thing? – Right, you heat the
butter and the milk together in a pan, and then put the cheese in, – I see. – and melt the cheese into it, rather than put everything
into a bain-Marie. – Main course, sir? – Risotto, please. – [James] This is a
champagne and lemon risotto. – [Quinn] How does it
differ from a usual risotto? – [James] It’s got a lot
more champagne in it. – [Quinn] Interesting. – [Barry] That’s really nice. I can’t tell where the lemon
ends and the champagne begins, but it’s really tasty. Super creamy, but it doesn’t
feel stodgy or gloopy because of that freshness. I love that. – I like the lemon zest. I like the champagne. And it’s a little bit more acidic than a normal risotto, maybe. – That’s a decent recipe. – That’s lovely. – We’ll save that for later. Dessert. I love this game. This is great. – [James] And finally. – Oh, you decorated six of them! – That’s four more than Antoni decorated. – [Quinn] They look fantastic. Like, and they are
generous on the caramel. Wow, that is so heavy! – Cheers! (hip hop music) – Oh! Wow! Mmm! That is so good! It’s got really toasty,
biscuity taste and texture. – I love that caramel. – It’s got really nice
hazelnut flavor, as well. There’s hazelnuts through the biscuit. – This is, by far, my
favorite of the three. – Oh, definitely. This is a cracker! Three very decent dishes, I’d say. – Mm-hm, yeah. I’m happy. – This one excites me the most because the others, I’d expect
to see on Queer Eye. That is… I feel like I know Antoni a bit better now from having that. – Thoughts on the book in general? – I’m still not sure about the queso, but the flavor was good. The other two recipes were really easy, and I would buy it for a fan of Queer Eye. – [Quinn] Well, I’d say
that’s pretty positive. If you know of a
celebrity with a cookbook, and you want us to review it, and see what our chefs and
normals have to say about it, comment it down below and we’ll get cracking on a review. – Can I ask you to take that one home? – No, it’s staying in the studio. We have to keep them all in the studio and build a collection. – How did you enjoy that? What did you think of the book? Obviously, we want to make sure that Antoni, Karamo, Bobby, JVN, and Tan all see this, so send it to them. Make sure they see it. They might be busy in
Japan, at the moment. But who cares? Let them see it! We’ll get them down here, maybe. – And then, make sure
you comment down below because we need more ideas
of cookbooks to review. Not just necessarily people cookbooks, but themes or topics or angles that make a cookbook
different and interesting and worthy of review. – If this video caused you to smile even just a tiny little bit, then make sure you give it a “like.” If it hasn’t quite got to
that stage for you yet, let me change your mind with a dad joke. – No pressure, J. – Doctor, doctor, I’ve got a carrot in my left ear and a cucumber in my right and all I can smell is vinegar. Sounds like you’re in a bit of a pickle. (both laugh) – Bye, bye. – [Ben] Oh, I like it, but I don’t. – [Announcer] As we
mentioned, we don’t just make top quality YouTube videos. – No. – We’ve built a Sorted club where we use the best things we’ve learned to create stuff that’s hopefully interesting and useful to other food lovers. Check it out if you’re interested. Thank you for watching, and we’ll see you in a few days. (beep) – Would you rather be
part of the Fab Five… …or… would you rather the Fab
Five spend their time working with you? Your life could do with
a little bit of a– – Shz. – A shz. (laughs)

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