A Traditional Slow-Cooked Nasi Briyani

Geylang uses yellow (rice) colour If you use another colour, it’s not briyani anymore If you use blue, there’s one in Kelantan Would you want to eat it? Green rice? Purple rice? Since you asked, I think I can try (making it) A green briyani I can get you a rainbow one too I’m from the third generation of Geylang Briyani Stall When I first started working it was hectic and very tiring but as time goes by, I got used to the lifestyle Now it’s okay In the past, I really had to measure (ingredients) Now I just throw things in It’s a family business My father, my aunties, my uncles Everybody can do everything The cooking part only my father and I can do The selling part, everybody can do Briyani goes well with mutton You’ll find the chicken and mutton tender because the fire is kept small You have to cook the mutton for a very long time You need to soak the mutton for at least three hours to make it soft Every day, it’s the same routine We start preparing at six o’clock We start selling at ten o’clock Usually we close about three or four in the afternoon If we finish by two o’clock then it’s very good What’s so special (about our stall)? I think because it’s been passed down from grandfather to father to son The thing that inspires me is his patience I don’t have that kind of patience When a customer comes the very “action” type I can’t handle that kind of customer My father can He’ll smile and just layan (entertain) treat the customer nicely That’s the thing I need to learn from him You must smile Whatever he says, whatever he does whatever he wants I must take care of it The most important thing is to smile You see uncle’s face not marah (angry) Smile only

38 comments on “A Traditional Slow-Cooked Nasi Briyani”

  1. Our Grandfather Story says:

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  2. Sumartini sumardi says:

    Wah must go and try hor

  3. Ray Mak says:

    Looks like really really good briyani

  4. HZ says:

    Damn…his smile is brighter than my future

  5. RAY MAN says:

    Owner was liar ………….. ..

  6. Boon Keng Ong says:

    Been there many times n never fails to satisfy!
    Selamat Hari Raya Adilfitri.

  7. Dzulfiqar Bagas Tito says:

    Look, Indian ppl that lives on India.
    These Indians are cleaner than Indian in your country, india.

  8. hakim zainal says:

    Bazar ramadhan kat Perling ad satu kdai nama Briyani Geylang, same ah?

  9. Rajan Boy says:

    Nasi kasi lebih jgn kedekut

  10. Rajan Boy says:

    Nnti tablh hidup

  11. Onnbhai Gandhi says:

    They are many more Biryani stall around and other parts of S.G

  12. Farah Kong says:

    Like it they wear apron.

  13. INFAMOUS TM says:

    the best nasi briyani in Singapore!! don't believe me try first then u know. U all been eating wrong nasi briyani all this while

  14. Shahrukh Shaikh says:

    Nazi biryani?

  15. Mohamed zad says:

    Good briyani 👍

  16. Haziq Aminuddin says:

    His son is my friend sheik hafiz

  17. PaPa NaKaL says:

    Must try nasi 40hari in yong peng

  18. muhammad ramagendut454 says:

    I got a headache everytime i ate mutton, it looks delicious here

  19. Tharun Reddy says:

    who else thought he meant biryani? lool

  20. Dr. Skillz says:

    In English, please.

  21. skandan kumar says:

    What ever biryani it can be, but nothing comes close to Hyderabadi biryani.

  22. Ili Edina says:

    Smile sodakah

  23. K Yamayama says:

    The best Biriyani in SG. Everytime visiting in SG, the place I visit.

  24. Sagarika Poosa says:

    Geylang geylang geylang where is it? What location ?what country ?

  25. Umer Gaffar says:

    Worlds best and known hyderbadi biryani india

  26. mang asep says:

    I love the way that old man smile😇😇

  27. Headless Chicken says:

    Russell peters selling biryani now?

  28. Adil Ali says:


  29. karmicbabe says:

    They are wearing Gandhi topis like worn in Maharashtra. ☺😋😉😆🤠

  30. Fun Beard Guy says:

    Alhamdulilah..halal food at Singapore..

  31. Gurumanchi Rajashree says:

    All people should eat only veg ok don't eat animals

  32. Kopi O kaww.. says:

    Next time I will come here for a try.

  33. Isaac yeap says:

    the audio aint good in this

  34. Fifty Cents says:

    my brother old work place😀

  35. Riddley Diddley says:

    Smiles only! I strive to share the same level of positivity that these good people endow to both themselves and their food! Absolutely wonderful.

  36. Kevin Candra says:

    Oh gosh ! Im craving nasi briyani now ! Missing the hawker center food in Singapore ! 😅

  37. sleepyhealer says:

    I am hungry

  38. Awake andreborn says:

    Love your channel!!!

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