Adventures in the Kitchen: slow cooker

Hey Guys! How are you? I’m making it somehow. Today’s video is a cooking video. But instead of cooking, I will introduce some of the things I use. The reason is because I am not sure if some of these are used in Japan. So I thought I would introduce them. The first thing I want to introduce is I think it’s the same in Japanese too It’s used for soups and stews It’s very handy. Set it on low for a few hours And it’s done. And the meat is still juicy I say low heat, but it’s electric. But you get what I mean. The that I use I ordered from America. It looks like this. Most slow cookers are alike. There are only two settings. High and low.>I think that makes it easy to use. Mine also has a timer, so I can choose how long to cook. It can be changed by 30 minute incriments. I believe that 12 hours is as long as it goes I haven’t checked the upper limit. But I think it’s 12 hours. The thing I like most about mine is that it doesn’t turn off after the timer it has a warm mode like a rice cooker. I can put soemthing in before I go to work and it’s done when I get home. The whole house smells good. I will start doing more cooking videos. Expect to see the slow cooker a lot. Before it suddenly appeared in my kitchen I wanted to show it off. That’s all for today. Next time I will make a cooking video. And you can see the slow cooker in action. Keep an eye out for it. See you!

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