All Clad Unboxing Copper Core 10 piece set

Hi this is Annette from kicked up and today we are going to do an unboxing All Clad sent me this box of pots and pans and we’re going to be doing a long term review by using them in our kicked up cooking videos here we go all right let’s see what we got ok MMMM 8 inch fry pan oh yeah a 3-quart saucepan with loop and lid that will make some nice sauce We have a 2-quart saucepan very good this is a little heavy okay got it got it got all right 8 quart stockpot yes we have a 10 inch frypan looking good looking good and the last one is a 3-quart sauté pan and these are going to make some great cooking videos let’s see what’s inside open this lid OH look at that wrapped in plastic that is a beautiful pan i can almost see myself in there then we have a lid mirror image look at that and it also has a little instruction book in here with the warranty and how to take care of them have a lifetime warranty made in the USA ok let’s see what’s in this next box open this one up again all nicely wrapped in plastic oh man that beautiful it has the copper gorgeous sit that over here and it even came with a bonus see what’s in here essentials of Italian cooking by Marcella Hazan oh wow new oven mitts i really need these this is beautiful gorgeous lasagne pan ok here’s my new all clad copper core pots and pans they are beautiful going to have to see how they’re going to perform in our upcoming kicked up videos from rising sun pepper farm as always thank you for watching spending the afternoon with us comment like subscribe if you’d like to comment in the comment section below let us know what types of pots and pans you like and use videos so we’re going to be doing that

5 comments on “All Clad Unboxing Copper Core 10 piece set”

  1. Leigh Bedford says:

    thanks for the unboxing video. I don't have any All Clad, I have Caphalon and Le Creuset. Your kitchen is neat as a pin, wish mine looked that good!

  2. ragtop91 says:

    Good video Please do an update on how you like them. Have been considering a set, but quite an investment. Thx.

  3. Howard Frischer says:

    Thank you

  4. 01artist says:

    I have the "All Clad Anodized Grill Pan" but would love to have the set you have as I love to cook and also love the way they look. I have heard nothing but good things about All Clad Pans. Thanks for the video

  5. Someone Special says:

    10 videos total, 28 subscribers and you want everyone to believe All-Clad "sent" you these pans worth over $1300? BWAHAHAHA

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