Alligator recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys

♫ I’m going down to the house of sausage ♫ I got my barbecue shoes on ♫ I’m going down to the house of sausage ♫ I got my barbecue shoes on ♫ Gonna burn me a brat and a red-hot ♫ – [Voiceover] Welcome to Today we’re cooking up
an alligator on a grill and it’s real easy to do. All right, what we have here is a skinned and cleaned five foot gator and this here is the
perfect size for tailgatin’ or for restaurants or
your own backyard pit. Definitely gotta check this out. Now, what we’re gonna do here first is we’re gonna make ourselves a rub. A Cajun creole seasoning. Use some paprika, some onion powder, garlic powder, oregano, basil. Just go to our website and you
can get all the ingredients on how to make this
rub, and its real good. Here we’ve got some red
snapper fresh caught and we’re gonna be throwing
this on the grill too. We’re gonna be cuttin’ up
some onions, a trinity. We’ll be using some carrots, celery, bell pepper and all that kinda stuff so you gotta do some
chopping of veggies here ’cause we’re gonna make
a cornbread stuffing. In this cornbread stuffing, we’re gonna have some andouille sausage. We’re gonna have some crawfish, and we’re gonna cook
it down just like this. You know all about
sweatin’ down some veggies. Man, you smell that, it smells good. Now to the pot, we’re gonna add a little bit of this Louisianan
Crawfish Company hot sauce. Man, you get it hot as you want. There’s nothing better
than hanging at the pit with some good friends and
cooking up some good eating. Now if you’ve never had a
gator on the grill before, you definitely gotta check this out. All right, the veggies
have been cooked down. Here we’ve got some crawfish tails. We’re gonna put about a
pound of it in this pot and again you can go to our website and get the exact ingredients for this. You just give it a mix. – [Voiceover] Give it
a good one there bro. – [Voiceover] Oh yeah. – [Voiceover] Have you
had a lot of stuff here? – [Voiceover] Yeah I tell
ya, they do it right. (soft guitar music) – [Voiceover] Now of course
you wanna bless the pot, it’s optional. (gentle upbeat music) Now again, you wanna season to taste and use your favorite seasoning. All right, the veggies
have been cooked down, and here we’re adding a little bit of chicken broth right there because now we’re gonna throw
in some cornbread stuffing. Just follow the recipe
on the package you use and get it right. (soft music) All right, this stuffing’s ready. Time to stuff the gator. (dramatic laugh)
Oh yeah, baby. Now like I was saying, this
here is a five foot gator and there’s plenty of room
in the gut to stuff it full of this good and dewy
crawfish cornbread stuffing. Now some of you might be asking, what does gator taste like? Well you do it low and slow
like we’re gonna do it, it has the consistency
of pork or maybe chicken. It taste real good. Just like stuffing a big
old turkey now, isn’t it. Just take a bunch of scoops
in there and get it in. (soft guitar strumming) Now this stuffing will go
good with almost anything you wanna stuff with it. It’ll stand on its own, but for this gator, it’s perfect. (soft guitar strumming) All right, she’s been stuffed. (soft guitar strumming) Now what we’re gonna do here is just trim it up a little bit. A little bit of the excess fat. Some meat that’s hanging
off, just trim it up a bit. What we’re gonna do now
is stitch this baby up. You know what I’m saying? You wanna keep all that stuffing in there when we do it on the grill. (soft guitar strumming) No different than trussing up a turkey. (upbeat guitar strumming) You don’t need the hands of
a surgeon, but this helps. This gator has been stitched. Now we’re gonna put some rub. We’re gonna put a little
bit of oil on first. Use your favorite oil,
this here is canola oil. You can use a good table oil. Wanna get it all over this gator here so this rub sticks on real good. (upbeat guitar strumming) Now we’re puttin’ on that
Cajun creole seasoning rub we made up there, you wanna
apply it pretty liberally. A lot of it ’cause we
wanna flavor up this gator. You gotta remember, there’s
no fat on this gator so its important to use a lot of rub. We’re gonna be using a lot of basting too once we get it on that grill. (soft piano music) It goes without saying,
we wanna give thanks for what gives us sustenance. (soft piano music) Now we’ve set our grill smoker here at about 250 degrees Fahrenheit ’cause we’re gonna be
cooking this low and slow for about three to four hours. For the first hour, we’re gonna tent it
with some aluminum foil. This will help tenderize the meat. Maintain that moisture in that gator. (soft piano music) Told you it was easy. Yeah. Now we’ve got plenty of this andoullie crawfish
cornbread stuffing here and we’re gonna stuff
some of this red snapper. You know how to do that right? Now this here is whole fish. What you wanna do is score
that skin a little bit so we can get some of
that seasoning in there. (slow piano music builds) Pour on more of that Louisiana
Crawfish Company seasoning. It looks good enough to eat
already, you know what I mean? Oh yeah. (slow piano music) Stuff it full. Perfect. While we’re waiting
for this gator to cook, we’re gonna be doing some snacking. There’s no better snacking at the pit than some fresh shucked oysters man. (soft jazz music) We’ve shucked up a bunch of oysters here and now we’ve got a little
bit of that fried oyster dust. We’re gonna dredge these oysters in there because we’re gonna be
making some fried oysters. You can find the recipe for
this dust again on our website. (slow jazz music) You know how to fry oysters man. Got some corn oil in there. (soft jazz music) We gotta have a moment of silence to listen to these oysters
fry up in this corn oil. (sizzling) (soft jazz music) Only takes a few minutes
to fry them oysters up. (popping) Now, we’re gonna make
some, what they call, a crawfish popcorn batter. It’s just a beer batter
with some seasoning in there and here we’ve got some crawfish tails. Now if you’ve never had
fried crawfish tails before, you’re definitely missing
something out of your life. Gotta check this out. Get those crawfish tails in there. Get that beer batter all over that. Take it to that corn oil. (sizzling) Take a look at that. Now you can go ahead and eat that crawfish
popcorn just like that, but we’re gonna make ourselves a po’ boy. We’re gonna make a crawfish po’ boy or you can make one of
these oyster po’ boys. There’s no better snacking while waiting for that gator to cook. These po’ boys real simple,
you just throw some mayo on some good French bread right there. Some fresh garden tomatoes. Line ’em up. Throw on some lettuce. (upbeat jazz music) Now choose what you want. You can do them fried oysters on there, but we’re gonna put these
fried crawfish tails right on there. Just like that. Load it up. (upbeat jazz music) Let’s eat. (grunting) (soft jazz music) Lord have mercy. – [Voiceover] That’s good. – [Voiceover] About an hour’s gone by and its time to take off this foil. (soft guitar strumming) Take a look at that. Now from this point on, we’re gonna be hitting this
with a lot of moisture. ‘Cause again like I said, there’s not a lot of fat in this so we need to keep it moist. So about every half hour we wanna hit it with a spray bottle. All we got in here is some
water, we got some oil. We got some garlic powder. Use your favorite spray oil mix. We got a couple hours to go. Again, keep spraying. Look at that. We’re about two hours into this and it looks good enough to eat
already now, though its not. (soft guitar strumming) Oh yeah. (laughing) – Try it again, one, two, three, go. – [Voiceover] You can form
your own Pit Boys chapter by going to our website and signing up. That red snapper is done. You wanna hit this gator again. Again, we wanna keep it moist. (soft guitar strumming) You gettin’ hungry or what? (soft guitar strumming) About another half hour. Due to the miracle of time, this alligator is done. Time to eat. (dramatic rock music) Tip of the tail, its called
pit-master privilege. (loud rock music) (soft jazz music) ♫ Gonna grab me some
thighs at the chicken coop ♫ I got my barbecue shoes on ♫ Gonna grab me some
thighs at the chicken coop ♫ Got my barbecue shoes on ♫ Gonna throw up some legs
and get some barbecue action ♫ Ah, my stomach just
went to Memphis baby ♫ (upbeat jazz instrumental) So the next time you’re looking for a recipe for your barbecue, you can check out (crow cawing)

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