hello everyone I am prepping for a meal
I’m actually gonna cook the meal on another video I’m not gonna do it the
girl’s gonna do it I’m just getting the stuff out for her
alright I’m gonna show you what we’re doing here
okay I’m sorry if the truck shakes a little bit I’m in process being unloaded
now I am gonna cook this but this is going to be cooked in the aroma pressure
cooker this isn’t here to keep it from rattling within movement but gonna use
the rubber pressure cooker I know that variety is the spice of life right
that’s why God made spices but anyway to have a bunch of different food on the
truck it’s just not think you can stop every couple of days and buy something
new so I find it much simpler to go with tried-and-true old standbys time and
time again so today where is my food today we’re going to be cooking wild salmon I would have preferred trout
but you can’t always get trout I always go with the wild salmon because the PCBs
and such in the domestically raised salmon are very high it’s not like that
in all fish but isn’t it so we’re gonna have salmon like that fish once a week
fish ain’t meat mop-up let’s got some good protein content what are you
looking at girl look at her over there oh she’s all washed out she’s a girl so
anyway we got some Brussels sprouts green vegetables are good for you driver
they are good for you and you should eat them it’s hard to stay away from candy
and snacks everybody pushes out on you but it’s not their fault it’s not
America’s fault if you’re a fat ass eat green vegetables now I’m a fat ass so
don’t take offense and think about this you have to stop the syndrome somewhere
so stop it today just stop it today and you’ll live
longer and I want you to live a long time
get you some green vegetables all right try to stay away from the carbs late in
the day I like carbs breakfast but not late in
the day so I’ve got two actually four small potatoes here that I quartered up
into little pieces and that’s a little bit too much
actually baby give me one of those orange potatoes up there all right I
have some garlic seasoning and some Himalayan sea salt all right you do not
want to use regular salt any more salt is great but it is hard to crystallize
and it’s actually like a glass that’s where your high cholesterol comes from
because that’s salt that they tell you you shouldn’t eat cut to the inside of
your veins and arteries and Lester ah builds up in those spots to
protect you and then you get platelet build-up which
turns into cholesterol CS sweet potato the girl just might cook some up after
dinner just throw them in this aroma pot cooker and steam them for a few minutes
and then take them out mash them up with a little honey and you’ve got a dessert
if you so desire I personally just like to eat the sweet
potato raw I just peel it and eat it like an apple most people can’t do that
but I’m kind of sick but they’re good cook too
so that’s gonna be our dinner and I will bring you back to you after it’s done
all right catch you in a bit what that’s interstate it’s been set for human here’s our fish and Brussels sprouts let’s see if I can get it out of here well he’s just a genius he gave me a
fork to help with my spoon so I don’t burn my finger now okay
well it’s not plated the prettiest but there it is
Brussels sprouts potatoes and Sammy me is this a manly enough for me old for
you I think that’ll do it you make it’ll make me smile I love you Baba

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