hey everybody today we’re going to make
goulash just like mama used to make if she was real mainly in I don’t know
we’re going to check it out let’s do it okay everyone look I said we’re making
goulash today and it’s not going to be your mama’s goulash or anything probably
or it might be I don’t know I just make things up as I go I just when I was a
kid it was the one thing my dad would make and I really liked it maybe because
he made it I don’t know but I’ve already got my meat brown and my onions in the
pot from yesterday in the chili you might have saw that I like to use fresh
garlic and since I grow garlic it’s not a big deal to have fresh garlic no let’s
see if we can let me just cut it and be easier to cut it may be okay this is a
German garlic actually it’s the German Rojo to rinse red in Spanish so tell me
why it’s called that but anyway just smoosh it up in your spoon you can cut
it if you want to it just seems to release its flavors better if if I just
mash it let it cook in I have a little bit of
pepper here it’s just a tiny amount I just want to add just a little spice to
it and I believe in cook them with a little
v8 excuse me because I like v8 ah I may not have to use as much regular liquid
that way for the quinoa yes I said Kenmore quinoa have you ever had quinoa
quinoa is a perfect protein I mean you can eat rice and beans
to make a perfect carbohydrate this is still a carbohydrate but it’s got all
the protein you need in it for life you know you hear people say and I’m not a
vegan but if you want to be a big and go for it
but quinoa is important to anyone to keep your protein levels up because
that’s the problem with a lot of diets is you don’t get your protein now here’s
the crazy thing about quinoa 1/4 cup of quinoa grows to 1 cup of quinoa when
it’s cooked that’s 160 calories and it says that you’re supposed to rinse this
off but you know what I’m a truck driver if I can’t handle a little bit dirty
quinoa I’m going to give up my Spurs so I’m just gonna you know what that looks
like a quarter cup to me see let’s cook that’s how you cook the bacon grease
just throw it in there now in order to have good Lodge in my opinion you have
to have the bell pepper so we’re going to have a delta pepper I don’t even know
where goulash comes from but the word sounds
kind of Romanian or something to me or or I don’t know maybe it’s just just you
know so I don’t know my baby my dad told me that he was kind of crazy that I he’s
always making up funny stories maybe I know where I get it at now I’ve been
contaminated by my old man but anyway this is a meal that it’s very easy to
make in the truck I’ve made it several times I’ve always used noodles but as
I’m trying to watch the carbs that are you know like premium manufactured food
and that’s what noodles are it’s just manufactured and I have a gluten allergy
so there’s another reason to use the quinoa I don’t want to get the get
cheese this might be a little bit a lot of the green peppers but I won’t tell
nobody let’s just eat it anyway it’s not going
to hurt me and yeah I washed my hands before I did
this even though I can handle germs I still wash them I wash everything all
right now I’m going to add this puppy up and I’m going to mix it up and I’m going
to put to cooking on the slow cooker setting because I don’t see a reason to
rush this meal I’m not going to eat it till tonight
it would cook in in ten minutes or so if I want to pressure cook it but I don’t
want to eat right now so I will get back to you when this is a finished deal and
show you what it looks like Thanks okay folks here’s the finished product
the only difference is this is it’s the quinoa spirals out as you can see it
looks kind of like wormies like worms you know it’s do the noodles but it’s
still a taste fine it could be a little thicker the hello
lost on man but it’s quite tasty should give this
meal a try Horacio I knew him well

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