Aroma Rice Cooker Model ARC-2000 Disassembly

this is an aroma model number ARC-2000 rice cooker I couldn’t find online how to take part so after some investigation
I finally was able to figure it out and wanted to share that so in the back
after you take off the water drip catcher there’s a screw that is here
that has to be removed I’ve already disassembled this so after
you pop that screw off you’re able to remove this container it has these two
tabs on the underside which have to be so I’m gonna pry it off to remove it you
can then remove the top portion it has under here the hinges are attached in
here so you have to lift this up and get the top bar removed over the edges on
the sides here we going to do this gray piece has some lips that look like this
that go around so that can be sort of pried up from the rest but on the
underside here this was the part that I thought was couldn’t figure out for a
while which is that underneath this sticker is a screw hole I’ve already
removed that screw but that attaches base right here and once that screw has
been removed you’ll see that the base this has all these little tabs on it so
you have to wedge something between the metal frame and that plastic base to
pry it off and that’s how you can access the bottom and then get to some of the
underlying screws and components in here

3 comments on “Aroma Rice Cooker Model ARC-2000 Disassembly”

  1. mfw1936 says:

    Useless…why do people think this crappy photography is okay? It is so easy to do it right.

  2. Steven Webber says:

    Even though it not be an Emmy award worthy video, it came up first on my Google search and saved me! Thanks for taking the time to record this to help out others.

  3. martha totman says:

    Awesome little rice cooker.>>> Cooks rice fast and nice and it's super easy to clean out. It has a nice simple digital display and settings for white and brown rice. Also the keep warm setting is nice when it's done cooking and you have other things to do at the moment.

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