Artichoke Chicken Skillet

– Hey, guys, I’m Jennifer Banz, and today on Low Carb with Jennifer, I’m back with another easy chicken recipe. It’s my artichoke chicken skillet. It’s ready in under 30 minutes, so let’s get started. (upbeat music) So to get started with our recipe, I’ve got two chicken breasts here and I’m gonna cut them in half lengthwise. And I don’t know if you’ve
seen me do this before, but it’s super easy and I love to do this with chicken breast because
it just makes them cook so much quicker. So we’re gonna put our palm onto the top of the chicken breast and we’re gonna use a really sharp knife, and we’re
just gonna bring the knife down the center, completely
down the chicken breast, and it cuts it perfectly into two pieces. Just like that. So let’s do this other one. Okay, now we’ve got enough
chicken for four people here. So we’re gonna season both
sides with salt and pepper. I’ve got my chicken hand and I’ve got my seasoning hand here. So let’s just season
both sides generously. Go ahead and turn these over and do the, and I just messed that up. I just used my chicken hand, I mean my seasoning hand,
to flip the chicken, so now I gotta wash my hands. Yeah, let me use some tongs. So now we’re going to do the other side. Let’s do some pepper. (pepper mill clicking) Okay, let me get the
other side with pepper. And they’ll be ready to cook. Okay, our chicken is ready to cook. We’ve got a hot skillet here, and I’m gonna add a little
bit of avocado oil to the pan. And now, I’m gonna cook
these until they’re brown and cooked through. (chicken sizzling) Okay, we’ve got one
last chicken breast here that was a little thicker than the others. I’m gonna check it. And it is perfect, so we
are gonna pull it out. Now we’ve got our
chicken perfectly cooked, and now we’re gonna add in,
let’s add in a little more oil. And we’re gonna put in our onions, and you know me, I
always use frozen onions. Then we’ve got our red bell pepper here that’s been diced. (vegetables sizzling) So we’re gonna stir this and any, try and scrape up any of the brown stuff that’s on the bottom of the skillet. The moisture from the
onions and the bell pepper are gonna help that come up. And we’re just gonna saute these until they are nice and soft. Okay, our peppers, I mean
our bell pepper and onion are softened, so now we
can add in some garlic. And we’re also gonna add
in our artichoke hearts. These were just marinated, I think, they weren’t
marinated, they were in water, and we just quartered them. It was just a jar of artichoke hearts. Now we’re gonna let this
saute for a little bit. And the artichokes will start
to break down a little bit and get softer. This is such an easy one-skillet meal. I love dinners like this. Okay, our vegetables are looking good, so now we can add in our chicken broth and some lemon juice. And we’re gonna let this cook and simmer, and it’s gonna need to
reduce by about half. Okay, our chicken broth and
lemon juice has reduced enough, so we can add in our heavy cream. And we’re gonna stir that in. Okay, we’re gonna let this
thicken up a little bit, and then we’re gonna add
the chicken back to the pan and put the Parmesan on top. It’s gonna melt and
it’s gonna be glorious. Okay, our sauce is looking really good, so I’m gonna taste it just
to see if it needs any salt. Think it could use a little bit of salt. Okay, I’m gonna turn the heat off. Now we can add our
chicken back to the pan. Just gonna put it in
there with the vegetables and this delicious sauce. And now we can top it with our Parmesan. How good does that look? So you can find this recipe, the link to the recipe that you can print, in the description below. You can also find the recipe
down in the description below because I am super generous and I want you to have the recipe handy. You don’t have to go to
my blog, it’s perfect. And I hope you guys like this recipe, and I will see you guys later, bye. (light music)

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    Oh Jennifer, this looks so delicious! Thanks for sharing it, I will definitely be trying this as soon as I go shopping next!

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    Thanks for the recipe Jennifer😄! I LOVE every single ingredient that you used😍😊😉😋👍👌🙌!!!

  4. Chuck Stockford23 says:

    Have you ever added capers to this dish?

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    That looks so good, definitely gonna have to try it 😋 Thanks so much ! 💖

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