Hey guys! Welcome back 😀 Sweet Chili Sauce Spicy Mayo Honey Mustard LET’S EAT!! First bite is all yours 🙂 So good! These wings are actually called Gangnam Wings First waffle fry is for you 🙂 Thanks for watching!!


  1. Aaron says:

    Me: Watches Zach eat on a hungry stomach

    Stomach: Am I a joke to you?

  2. _FC-ESTOKE _ says:

    Come con la pinche boca cerrada wey

  3. norsham mohd yunus says:

    You look so hungry bro

  4. Prateek Shukla says:

    He drinks dilute Hydrochloric Acid to digest this much food daily

  5. Thúy Trần says:


  6. Nghĩa trần says:


  7. twalalul quack says:

    3:06 what's that thing in Zach's teeth

  8. PandiCorn says:

    This is like really random but I’m really crave a whole watermelon right now

  9. gacha_Kitty132 132 says:

    :him the first bit is all yours 🙂

    :me * disgusted face* lm good.

  10. kynnon shirley says:

    I wonder if he does post mates or he drives to these places😁

  11. K J S T M Adamson says:

    How in ta world 4:00

  12. BTS ARMY says:

    치킨은 당신이 닭꿀을 먹고 와서 최고입니다

  13. Jaliya Kelly says:

    Save me summmm

  14. IONA Gamer says:

    First bite all You (:

  15. a bigfatpau says:

    does he have blocked nose or smth? cos i find his breathing abnormally loud 😂 no hate tho!

  16. Vishnu Deva says:

    Haha i really feel awkward, why we have to watch someone eat while we're starving?

  17. Farahh Sekal says:

    Soo gooc

  18. T Babe Nation says:

    Literally everything zach does. I Do at 3 oclock inna morning in the kitchen trying to get food

  19. Adrian Taylor Jr says:

    It felt like I been watching this 4 a year😂😂😂😂😂

  20. Eloïse Chen says:


  21. Peyton Medina says:

    i love u.

  22. KAUA ARTS1234FF says:

    Aqui é Brasil

  23. Kpop Rules says:

    Man he really likes sprite

  24. Johny vazquez says:

    Look at his teeth is it just me who sees that

  25. Isabella_yt jac. says:

    Muy relajante 👏👏❤️ greetings from Argentina 🇦🇷❤️😘

  26. Dhenbert Malicad says:


  27. Misti Carson says:

    You and peggie neo should collaborate!! Yous are my favorite!

  28. Keisha Gordon says:

    2:37 do anyone notice the food on his teeth lol the food looks good

  29. Reinee eee says:

    Me: decides to watch Zach eating (which I know won’t need well for my sake)

    Stomach: NO NOT AGAIN

  30. Btsforlife says:

    me: here before 4 million su- oh.

  31. ASMR ROWI says:

    you are cool . you are my teacher

  32. H O T C H E E T O S says:


  33. Surabhi Devaraj says:

    At 3:05 😷🤢 And the satisfaction at 3:15!! 😬😂

  34. Bea R says:

    I'm watching this while chewing some gum and honestly I feel like I'm eating with him 😭✊ love from the Philippines 🇵🇭💖

  35. Falak’s World says:

    I showed what ant was to my mum and know she wants to know how you don’t get fat eating all this stuff. For all the asmr’ers. Also I know so many people have said this but whose in bed at 3:00am watching him eat.

  36. Leilani Sakalia says:

    I want some sand keep on the good zach

  37. •Imperfectly Perfect Rose• says:

    The only thing I dislike is how loud the breathing, and I don't know what I am listening to anymore-

  38. prawntato :D says:

    how did u manage to eat such a big portion of food that dries ur throat without drinking ur sprite agn 😦

  39. TheNiller11 says:

    This is soooo freaking disgusting. How the hell have this random guy made it by eating food and making disgusting noises?! NO TALENT!

  40. AlexisTa10 DeryanAAA says:

    More 💩💩💩🤢🤢🤢🤢

  41. TryHard _Gamer says:

    I swear he just sucked all the chicken off that bone

  42. I'm a stickman Yop says:

    Not gonna talk about of the leaf on his tooth

  43. محمد بن خالد ا says:

    وين العرب 😂

  44. 68 Kwalie says:

    Me:wow a video Asmr


  45. Muslimahon Bahromova says:

    I’m a vegan🥦🥬🥕🥒🌽

  46. Jessy Ortíz says:

    Me: watching this while i'm hungry

    Stomach: what the heck is happenig to you

  47. Bart Simpson says:

    Why do you move so vigalent

  48. Miyuky Doringo says:

    I like your ASMR video!!

  49. lutfian fps says:

    Tttttttttttttttttttt duar memek wkwkwkwkkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwwkkwwkwkkwwkkwkwkwkkwkkkwkwkkwkwkwk

  50. kuki boii says:

    Zach: finishing the chicken in 2-3 bites

    Me: finishing a chicken in 100000000000000000 bites

  51. Lez Glasgow says:

    You eating like a black man good eat

  52. ほも says:

    ASMR ~🎶→😌😌&🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  53. 天才少女爱学习 says:

    呼吸声太大了 我是来听eating的 不是来听breathing的

  54. imtiaz khanji says:

    Day 67 of requesting lasgna and pizza with chicken wings

  55. MARVEL xxl says:

    Canımız çekti

  56. Shannon Speed says:


  57. Leila Conn says:

    Them Asians sure do love their drumsticks

  58. Leila Conn says:

    He literally ate one drumstick in like three seconds

  59. la mera mera sanches says:


  60. Sarah says:

    Zach please post a bloopers video of all your funny edited out moments. Love you!!

  61. Melody Merrily says:

    Wtf why is everybody already commenting when the notification popped up 😰

  62. Nurida Rahmawati says:

    Iam really hungry

  63. امنه اکبری says:

    I love youuuu❤️

  64. Larry Burgs says:

    Dam you eat like no tomorrow who agree

  65. Diana DaniLOVEa says:

    Зачем скрипеть тарелко???Это бесит!!!

  66. S T A L K E R SK says:

    Nooooo 😢😏👌

  67. Bear Bear says:

    Zach I watched all of your vids when i was in hospital and it made me so hungry love the vids keep up the good work.xx 👍😁

  68. Kaique Game BR says:

    Alguém Br

  69. Jamila Chahid says:

    Hhh gun y va the best 6 v6g by t7 and byhn has been hard

  70. Midnight Thoughts says:

    Dish: * empty*
    Zach: reaches out for the last crumbs of fried chicken
    Veggies in the other dish: Am I a joke to you?

  71. AyeItsErin says:

    why do I always watch food asmr videos at 2am lol. I'm just making myself hungry.

  72. Pamela Pineda says:

    I wonder if he has ever bit his finger 😂💀

  73. M Rizal Juliansyah says:

    Apa itu asmr

  74. Owen Xu says:

    Waffle fries semms good

  75. OSef Osef says:

    6:18 stare at camera

    I felt that

  76. Ma Guadalupe Rodriguez says:

    2:35 umm whats on ur teeth??🤔🤨🤭😅😂🤣😄

  77. Lidany Gonzalez says:

    I can’t be the only one who notices that he always wears a black shirt in every video 😂

  78. Mediana Rachma Kusumah says:

    he's so clean

  79. Kathalia Daniel says:

    Zack plsss make a every fast food resturant and get every singul thing in the menu like jollibee mcdonalds kfc and more fastbfood resturants plssss make that video

  80. ROBLOX Creation says:

    3:06 he had stuff on his teeth I’m wheezing bro😂😂

  81. Ioana Loves gacha says:

    Yassssss ASMR

  82. Shawn Walker says:

    Gangnam wings taste descusting

  83. TriXsTa Gaming says:


  84. T R says:

    Is the red sauce ketchup?

  85. Alexis Bailey says:

    How has no one questioned how he cleans that bone…. joints and all…

  86. Jessica McClamroch says:

    2:45 go back 10 secs and listen closely It sounds like someone sneezing 🤧 it’s 4:00 am for me right now lol

  87. Minh Lam says:

    I wonder what he does on days where he actually doesn't do the eating and filming?

  88. Scarlet Gray says:

    How is he so skinny?

  89. Erpan_ 1140 says:

    you dont like chilih ?

  90. ximena Posada says:

    Like si te diste cuenta que tenia el diente lleno de comida en el minuto 3:05 😲😲😊

  91. Jose Antonio Campos Chumpitaz says:


  92. DJ DIGITAL says:

    That sure looks good and sounds good.

    Krunch Krunch…..Munch Munch

  93. Glory Joy says:


  94. Aaliyah Mati says:

    why do you not talk anymore

  95. Ocean Mangat says:

    Teacher: no eating in class

    Kids at the back of the class:

  96. Richel Digo says:

    Pig pig pig

  97. Rasa Nepal says:

    Ew hearing people chewing is just disgusting

  98. Its Ella says:

    Does anyone else feel like he was in a rush in this video?

  99. alexa meier says:

    Dieses geschmatze regt so auf widerlich

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