Hey guys! Welcome back 😀 Spicy Black Bean Fire Noodles today 😉 This is actually one of my favorite variations from Samyang It’s definitely not the spiciest noodle in their lineup, but the taste is so unique compared to all the others Plus, I really just love Black Bean Noodles in general 🙂 My new go-to place for the pull-iest mozzarella cheese sticks LET’S EAT!! First bite is all yours 🙂 Good every time 😉 Thanks for watching!!


  1. Josse Rama says:

    i like mozzarella

  2. #1 BEEK says:

    im now eating too

  3. Ally Warrior says:

    if you are hungry in your bed, get the fuck up and get some food. i'm tired of these comments saying "like this if you are in bed. like this if you are hungry. why is he making us suffer" IF YOU ARE SUFFERING BY HIS VIDEOS, WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU WATCHING SOME MAN EAT FOOD.

  4. Jaclyn Flores says:

    The way he poured that black bean sauce turned me on, js 😏

  5. Радостный Пельмешек says:

    Как он все это съел?!!!

  6. Baily— says:

    No realises it but his edits on his video are really nice and clean

  7. trainwreck says:

    i really love how he edits the cooking parts

  8. loona stan x says:

    i swear to god he eats fire noodles everyday haha

  9. Leona Pom says:

    Why do I enjoy watching people eat spicy noodles and big bites 🤷🏻‍♀️

  10. Vanessa B says:

    You know what would be fun? A behind the scene video, I know for one I would love to see how you film from all these different angles etc I just think it would make a great video seeing how much work you put in every one of them.

  11. Chicken Ninja says:

    Every time I see that spicy ramen I know shits about to go down

  12. Ky Nguyen says:

    Noodle , cheese, beef , shrimp…
    So boring

  13. AGIS GAMING says:


  14. SMG LaRa says:


  15. Hani Honey says:

    Cheers to all sprite lovers

  16. Clairo Grande says:

    Hey! zach can you eat filipino food?🎀

  17. william efraim says:

    Im recomended samyang for you mini samyang

  18. MysticNovaZ Gaming says:

    Zach’s tastebuds are crying

  19. Vinh Vlog NQV says:

    Việt xin chào cự thích coi những video ăn uống như này ❤️
    Thích anh zach choi ghê

  20. ติณณภพ เสาวคนธ์ says:


  21. marianne beatrice delos santos says:

    Fish Fillet mukbang please😊❤

  22. ND Junction says:

    unhappy september 11th…T_T sigh

  23. TRAN THI says:

    Xin chào có ai là người Việt Nam không

  24. ShLiuciFer says:

    Why always fire noodles

  25. Nimsy Palacios says:

    You Nailed that cheese pull 😂😂😂 See there is hope for you Zach Choi 😂😂

  26. Yeo Wei Cheng says:

    Zach got the mozzarella pull I got my belly pull 🙂🙂😭😭😭

  27. Willow says:

    Did any one notice the dog fur on the bottom of the Sprite can or is that just me assuming he has a fricken dog I rlly hope he does

  28. Cheryl Lyg says:

    I can’t survive even half the packet of the spicy sauce. I tried. I almost died. I can’t take spice but I added a tiny bit and was good enough for me. U can imagine how little spice I can take. Omg when the 2 packs of spice went in….lol!!!

  29. Arkin Timbol says:

    I wonder how mozzarella sticks taste like
    Because I never eat mozzarellasticks before.

  30. Afifa Mohammed says:

    I am fasting 😭

  31. Hame & Brogs says:

    This is my favourite food combination

  32. Frs Taajie says:

    Zach brings back sprite

  33. Stxn_dx_lxy says:

    Gibt es auch deutsche hier?😂

  34. celie SS says:

    Ok my question isn’t how is he not fat cause u can control that by working out. But why is no one asking how the heck his face is still clear with no pimples and no ulcers after eating so much junk food so often?? 😖

  35. fun and easy crafts says:

    Hi I love u soon much

  36. Redterribledude NANI says:


  37. T G P says:

    am i the only one who wants to those spicy noodles but is afraid bc you might end up running around the house and drinking all the milk and water?

  38. Asmr Lover says:

    Am I the only one havent tried these?

  39. Jenielyn Bartolome says:

    New subs hr. From. Phil

  40. Bobby 8 says:

    If zach choi made a song i bring it to my grave

  41. Lucas De lacerda says:


  42. Freya Gabbett says:

    Zach – Ahhh I have a sore stomach
    Goes to the doctors
    Doctor – Well Zach the cause of it is that u have a lot of cheese in ur stomach

  43. Gabriela Bohocky says:

    I hope that hair on his can didn't fall in his food.

  44. Muhammad WASIL says:

    Dimma melle cvk

  45. Kingkeylos says:

    I just ate now I’m hungry

  46. Alfin Official says:

    Kalo mukbang di abisin lah

  47. Tshfbku Go says:

    I almost died from suffocation because of asmr mukbangs

  48. 可愛いゼロツー says:


  49. Ohaib says:

    Can I get a pin for my birthday??

  50. Ali Kaya says:

    YouTube'de / Caner Zengin Abone Ol Ve Like At 👍

  51. Akeem Pearson says:

    The hair on the Sprite can drove me crazy……..and it looked blond does Zach have a blond gf

  52. Isabeau Garcia says:

    The way the ramen was added LOL

  53. gung adhi says:

    make a samyang cheese vidio

  54. Yo Man's Abe L. says:

    With how often he eat spicy noodles this mans asshole and toliet must have been destroyed

  55. Cool Kid says:

    Best ASMR!
    He will always be the best and he has a real talent for ASMR!
    Like if you agree

  56. Khushdeep Birdi says:

    Zach :first bite is yours
    Me:: you son of a***

  57. Indi lee says:

    yooo you should eat churros next omg it would be amazing

  58. 정민남 says:

    소스 존나 대충 넣네

  59. 유루나 says:


  60. MCPE x MNCI says:

    How many people that watch zach when you’re hungry

  61. Meng Yew See says:

    Where is he from ?
    I’ve been watching his video(and subscribing)but don’t know

  62. Avinon YT says:

    This is how many people want Sprite to sponsor Zach!

    👇 Great video by the way! 👍

  63. Nawwarah Rahman says:

    Youtube:ok zach how many sprite will u have

    Zach: yes

  64. Nguyên CFL says:

    Việt Nam điểm danh cái coi

  65. Antonina Piwkowska says:

    With every pack of noodles he eats his lips get even more luscious.

  66. Antonina Piwkowska says:

    Oh and btw
    I need to know his workout routine

  67. Rachel Utter says:

    Omg I wanted to eat all that food with him

  68. Satisfied Orange says:

    Cool video 🙂

  69. Village Food says:

    if you like ASMR village cooking then this is the best channel for you.. just take a second to look at my vdos hope you like it and if you do like it pls sub me as well

  70. Nam Vũ says:

    I love your edit ❤

  71. Natanael Vincentius says:

    Try samyang mala

  72. zuriani haslan says:

    What the reason that zach choi like to eats spicy food???😅😅
    who agree that zach choi like to eat spicy food? live a like pls👍👍👍👍👍

  73. M H says:

    Why do you only eat like three things lmao

  74. Nusrat Jahan says:

    Plz eat some cake

  75. Azam Vheyy says:

    bar bar

  76. Jhovin Marvello says:

    When you finally get a cheese pull

    Avengers theme song

  77. trashfortnitebot says:

    Can you stop using fire sauce nuclear fire sauce and hot sauces in general you put it on literally everything and its disgusting like of you agree

  78. Hashir Aziz says:

    Day 9 of requesting indian food asmr

  79. Ethan Tse says:

    How is he holding it together the noodles are so spicy

  80. 어진 says:

    Your sound is really good and wonderful

  81. Eat Food With EM says:

    I need some of those noodles 👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿

  82. Cynbloxy 24 says:

    This guy is getting rich by doing ridiculous videos (no offense)

  83. أسراء أستارز says:

    Winner how many mozzarella

  84. Hannin- Wa says:

    I think your health is in danger

  85. nurhaeni syamsuddin says:


  86. groot says:

    My man really likes putting all those noodles into his mouth like its impossible for me I would die

  87. ATxBenzy says:

    Soy el único español aki o ke reportense los españoles con un like :'D

  88. بطاطس بالزومبي says:

    Try arabic food

  89. Libby ASMR says:

    One of my favorites !!

  90. Selin Ç says:

    Just slow down sir

  91. Romualdo Panjaitan says:

    Zach, its not healthy if you always drink sprite. Drink water must

  92. shider shider says:

    It's pull-y when he buys corndogs outside unlike homemade

  93. Its Izz says:

    Good perfect video as always.

  94. ASMR triggers says:

    I m watching this while eating noodles 😉

  95. SoSyphix says:

    Only YouTuber I watch with subtitles on

  96. nafi rizkiya says:

    Semoga ada orang indonesia yang baca koment ini. Ada gak sih? Apa cuma aku? Berarti fa ada yg paham donk :(.

    Klo ada, aku cm mau bilang, mmapir yuk ke channel aku.. heheheh.. ada video ccp lho

  97. isaac cantu says:

    You know what….. ima say it….. you eat to many noodles😂😂

  98. Zaur Namazov says:

    Hayvan gibi yeme birdaha

  99. Omnia Mulla says:

    I tasted it before (the noodles ) you are right its delecious and soooo flavorful 😍😍😍😍😍

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