Hey guys! Welcome back 😀 LET’S EAT!! First bite is all yours 🙂 Still waiting on McDonald’s to release their own cheese dipping sauce Thanks for watching!!


  1. Ayrox says:

    A 5m3 une frite tombe repose en paix

  2. Nochka TV says:


  3. Ace in the hole says:

    I think when he was a kid he got a microphone stuck in his throat

  4. Maxime Clairembourg says:

    I like McDonalds

  5. Oof Sis salad says:

    I wish I could eat like this but I gain ten pounds from breathing so 😒

  6. J and J says:

    Okay can someone please send me some hash browns to germany I'm starving 😂 and we don't have them in Germany 😭

  7. Seren Yates says:

    So no one going to talk about the following chip RIP you will be missed you could’ve been tasty but unfortunately you’ve got for in the bin it’s your own fault for falling off the table

  8. karen gonzalez says:

    A try fell

  9. karen gonzalez says:


  10. Naomi Bosman says:

    Me: *Watching this at 2:30 am*


  11. Poppy Richards says:

    Please get a reusable straw I

  12. Simeon UnBoxing says:

    I'am so hungry now i want to eat every wideos ho he ites that food and so

  13. Joe Music says:

    1960: in the future we’re gonna have flying cars.

    2020: watching a dude eat McDonald’s on the internet.

    1960: 😑

  14. _ Velarty says:

    Im on diet……. no comment

  15. Flower Izzy says:

    You are so much

  16. Flower Izzy says:

    You ate so much

  17. Maya H says:

    Can u even talk?

  18. the potter family says:

    3 hasbrowns omg

  19. Cloak Nate says:

    Take me to your house

  20. Filip Soltys says:

    Rip frie at 5:07

  21. PhilJam Production says:

    Zach; First nite is all yours

    Me: starts eating phone Mm Delicious!

  22. Nivea love says:

    5:06 RIP batata

  23. kiva dennis says:

    Who orders your food for you in drive through 😂😂😂

  24. Nevaeh Dumphord says:

    can he not eat one hashbrown at a time

  25. Antoni G says:

    caloric work

  26. Savior . says:

    Since when are McDonald’s fries so organized in the box like that

  27. •JUJU• says:

    J'ai juste envie de me taper la tête au sol omggggg

  28. ღ La Beliu ღ says:

    F por la papita :"v 5:06

  29. Melted Dawn says:

    this video just make me angry i need to eat fast food

  30. Random Potato says:

    Me: waiting for him to dip stuff into cheese 😤😯

  31. ꜰᴜʟʟ ᴍᴏᴏɴ says:

    Omg this makes me hungry….

  32. Cheyanne says:

    I was worried that you were going to accidentally bite your fingers with how fast you were eating & the big bites. lol

  33. Gato Buenrostro says:

    I wish it was all mine

  34. Guren Guren says:

    5:06 a big F to our fallen fry

  35. Cave Ultra says:

    Can you let us have your cheese sauce recipe please

  36. TommyBagS says:

    I should beat tf outta u for rubbing food like that

  37. Naval RSK says:

    Guy literally gets paid for eating.

  38. Marco Henriquez says:

    You don’t know that your eating concentrated food. Sad. 🙁

  39. Yuridia Tovar says:

    That one fry said bye bye😂

  40. Lacuna_ Chan says:

    That looks really good lol

  41. Jakori Hodges says:

    One of your fries dropped 😛

  42. lattoy2386 says:

    He got some fire tats

  43. lattoy2386 says:


  44. Takeshi Man says:

    I literally cried watching this video ..
    Bruh how long Do u Stay without no food so u can eat all this in This Way

  45. G S says:

    his gloves half way through are so messy

  46. red dead gaming says:

    Easiest job ever

  47. Edison Lin says:

    5:06 RIP fry

  48. Callum Roche says:

    5:05 anyone else see it fall?

  49. Trillion Rylou says:

    Begind a 3:43 don’t need to say thank you

  50. Skuller says:

    Isso é satisfatório?

  51. LA Mondesir says:

    Greedy face

  52. why are you so salty says:

    I have a few questions
    One: what kind of cheese do you use
    Two : they have mustard at McDonald's?
    Three: why are your videos so satisfying

  53. Daisy Draws says:

    I came here because of McDonald’s and the hash browns

  54. PatriciaxPartoza says:

    You don't know how much I'm craving for sm Mcnuggets 😩

  55. Ruth Miranda says:

    Aqui esta el comentario que estabas buscando

  56. Master Yoda says:

    Next video- How I got a heart attack

  57. Tin Speedy says:


  58. JimmyCash Nasty says:

    Did u see that one fry that just fell off the table and said, “Imma gettin the hell outta here!”

  59. You ugly says:

    middle finger. 6:10

  60. BIGDOGG7044 17 says:

    I dont think Choi does it for the subscribers. He only does it becuz he likes to do it

  61. jae lee says:

    I wonder if the McDonald employees know him by now

    Also I'm watching on my dad's account, can't wait for him to get a whole bunch of ASMR videos in his recommended

  62. Cain Mac says:

    This guy gets paid large amounts of money for looking into a camera, eating his food and making some mouth sounds. What has this world come to?

  63. DEMON SLAYER says:

    A french frie fell

  64. Anna Blain says:

    I work at a McDonald’s and you should try our BBQ bacon burger thears a single and the double. It has onion rings and barbecue sauce

  65. Onion says:

    Zach: hand over the cheese

  66. Sakura_ Okamoto says:

    I'm feeling hungry

  67. nightmare studio says:

    Did anyone see the fry fall

  68. Sinead Yellow says:


  69. Mason Kiser says:

    5:06 that fry committed toaster bath

  70. Occxurred says:

    I like how he put the food in order

  71. Moble Gamer says:

    Did anyone else see those fries fall

  72. Prodigy Prodigy says:

    You look like you are in a rush to go somewhere

  73. Edith Avila says:

    In the thumbnail i thought the hashbrowns were giant chicken nuggets🤣

  74. Princess _Naiya says:

    his arteries 😍😍

  75. Shahbaz Raza says:

    Who else is hungry 😛

  76. Nairatooextra _lov says:

    I wonder how long it took to stack those fries

  77. Cry Baby says:

    Zach face ^)*(^

  78. 西施小狗Ling Ling says:

    yummy 😋

  79. 西施小狗Ling Ling says:


  80. 西施小狗Ling Ling says:


  81. Nguyễn Châu says:

    nice to meet you. Give me a sub. Thank you very much

  82. Err0r 404 User Not Found says:



  83. Kyle Monge says:

    How do you not have diabetes

  84. TheSpinning TopHat says:

    can we just take a moment to realize one of the fries fell off the table at the beginning (F)

  85. XxValen150xX says:

    Tengo un hambre weon TnT

  86. daniella rosalie says:

    Sprite just sponsor him already🙄

  87. Me Nguyen says:


  88. 》JORGEYT《13 》JORGEYT《13 says:

    Aprende a comer

  89. Lalu Bintang says:

    Sundel Ndak mentie entan mangan ubex

  90. Sonia Deisy Chona Lauro says:

    Love your asmr videos zach choi 😋🍟 🍱🍣

  91. DevilofWar84 says:

    بيموت من الفرحه كأنه اول مره يشوف اكل 💖😂😂

  92. Golden Gaming says:

    How is he not fat

  93. Cheng M says:

    i want to marry zach so that i can what he eats

  94. Noe Andrades says:

    Do u ever get full

  95. breee barrera says:

    i want to gorge on food like this 🙂

  96. Ms. Shekinah Gayle Amparo says:

    lol in 5:06 a french fry fell XD

  97. Anto Naciff says:

    I'm hungry and I have gastritis so I'm here tormenting my self

  98. Lee Marshall says:

    10+10=20 but at McDonald’s they sell a box of 20 chicken nuggets

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