Hey guys! Welcome back 😀 LET’S EAT!! First bite is all yours 🙂 Let’s bring the cheesy trend back 😉 The best part about Kyochon Wings is that they stay crunchy! Thanks for watching!!


  1. ɐlәᴉuɐp says:

    Tu siempre me das hambre chico! JAJAJAJA

  2. Olivia Troncoso says:

    Sedf sed😛😀 😲

  3. Nerdy Artist says:

    McDonald’s chicken nuggets never looked so good

  4. wise waaiz says:

    4:12 y'all know the dorito meme where the girl ate the chip and her eyes looked strange

    That's the same fricking thing that this man made

  5. VERNA INTACTO says:

    you making me hungry at night

  6. Youhei Hamaji says:

    this didn't made me fall asleep, it made me go out and eat.

  7. Yolanda Hankston says:

    How did are you

  8. Tuto Super Gamer says:

    فيك اجووووووووووووووووع اصاحبي😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  9. Molly Nicole says:

    I would throw up

  10. Catface says:


  11. Carrington ‘Bbbby says:

    Me trying to stay quiet while I eat at 3AM💀

  12. Diego Lopez says:

    Hola perroooooo like si eres ispano

  13. Itz Sherry says:

    mmmm so yummy you and hynee are the best!

  14. doggette2 says:

    Wish I could get those wings,but I live in Florida.

  15. Eda Güngör says:

    Oğlum çok iyi lağn

  16. ッUnicorn says:

    Why i alway watch you i am alway hungry;(

  17. يحي ذللم says:

    يا شيخ كيف تجيب ذي الصوات

  18. Jah Jah's WRLD! says:

    I mean why dose Zach have to eat so loud?!!!😡💢💥🔥👀👊✌👋👄

  19. Nova Wallinder says:


  20. Layla Layla says:

    Yoo I need the recipe named

    how to eat fast food everyday without getting fat & fatter

  21. poochie27 says:

    He’s weird with it. Can’t watch.

  22. suwatta says:

    I love (.) And fap to big (.)(.)

  23. Philipp Dziurka says:

    Du siehst so hässlich aus Asiate

  24. CALL OF DUTY GAMER says:

    Zach choi:First Bite Is All Yours
    Me:Mmmm Tasty Hand Held Device And Call Mom This Food Is Weird

  25. hidden says:

    There's no reason of making asmr sounds just skip to eating

  26. Erik Rozak says:

    Soow mooocj

  27. Worried Potato says:

    I want fried chicken 🙁

  28. HARUNA Gaming Official says:

    Why sprite dew

  29. Tiana McPhee says:

    Mmmmm looks good I like your videos

  30. kimix says:

    me eating my boo : 2:58

  31. Priest Jim says:

    2:36 doritos

  32. Talan Romak says:

    How does my man stay so shredded

  33. lalalalisa_ says:

    im closing my eyes, opening my eyes- wth

  34. Isabella Ujan says:

    I'm so hungry I wanna cry

  35. Sophia Bartolata says:

    The sauce😭😭

  36. Limson Gaming says:

    Im watching this cause i dont have food in my house.

  37. Huy Gia says:


  38. Kiwi Mystiic says:

    Didnt even realise I was muttering while watching till I heard myself say "idek what sauce that is ima pretend that shits ranch" 😂😂

  39. Lydia Collopy says:

    You make me hungry 😮

  40. dang thanh Thanh says:

    Iove zach

  41. Nuray Akın says:


  42. Rao Hamza Ali Khan says:


  43. Ethan says:

    Imagine getting paid to eat food

  44. Tatyana Nunez says:

    You can get a heart disease from eating to many fried food

  45. Tatyana Nunez says:

    Dam he’s feening fo the food

  46. Gabriela Junqueira says:

    Que desespero, se eu comer assim o povo vai achar q eu tô passando fome… kkkkkkkk

  47. ITX-새마을 says:

    아우 기름져

  48. angel girl says:


  49. Kitplay Icesnow says:

    You ate bone, I feel sorry for your stomach.

  50. ピンクマ says:


  51. You can’t have Tae without kook says:

    My stomach: I-

  52. Diego Benitez says:

    I am hungry now

  53. Katherine L says:

    is the mission cheddar cheese dip good? kinda wanna try it from always seeing it LOL

  54. Lay2 Temp says:

    I want food

  55. Tuna Ekinci says:

    Lan orspu cocu canim cekiyo pic

  56. ALBIN CHEK says:

    Интересно,сколько у него аппендицитов было?!😹😹😹

  57. Daiana p says:

    Si ma che famee

  58. Victoria Hutchinson says:

    How is he so skinny when he is always eating junk food 🥩🥓🍔🍟🥞🍕🌭🍖🍗🥪🌮🌯🥙🥘🍲🍱🍙🍝🍜🍛🍢🍣🥡

  59. Saad Faik says:

    Give me some please

  60. hAnGi says:

    I’m still waiting for the big collab 😀 Zach Choi x sas asmr

  61. Sheilazulu1 says:


  62. Nullexporlorgamer01 Roblox says:

    I wanna kill all people who makes ASMR for making me hungry and wanting to digest myself.

  63. Pan Con Queso says:

    Is incomoded

  64. Theresa Marriott says:

    So he never talks?

  65. Alex says:

    Whenever someone goes to Zach Choi’s house ( We eating good!!)

  66. itsyourboi donmoantor says:

    I became fat because of this stupid me said I wonts to do the same thing and I threw up
    Man I don't get how this guy doesn't throw up everyday like you're eating a lot of food and you're skinny I just wish I was him right now

  67. Andrea Day says:

    I’m jealous. Like I want chicken wings like don’t do me like that my dude

  68. Eye-Eet-Waffles! No says:

    If that was in front of me rn, I would've ate it faster than him.

  69. Dr Quail says:

    How is he not obese like 10 chicken wings and 20 chicken nuggets from Macdonalds of all places

  70. Mr Swag says:

    Isn’t it rude to watch someone while they are eating?

  71. Southern Barbarian says:

    I’d have to be stoned and drunk to be able to do this

  72. Eric B. says:

    All this food and I can only imagine what his kitchen smells like…

  73. Lavender Asmr Wonderland says:

    THE FLOOR IS LAVA oh …..” wait you’re already on ur bed 😔

  74. comacazie says:


    Not one soul:

    Not even oxygen:

    Me: watching food asmr at 3 am

  75. Uhuk Uhukkk says:

    Pasukan nelen ludah🇲🇨

  76. Brandyn Cook says:

    YUM 😋

  77. killer B3ast Official says:

    My ears hurt when he slides the McDonald's bag across the wooden table at 0:36

  78. Connie Salvador says:

    We like you to go to hell becouse you are selfish!!!!!

  79. hahahahabang buhay kang magmukhang tanga says:

    Y the fuck am i torturing myself😭 eating cheese and chicken together should be illegal😫

  80. 빗아라Bitara says:

    You are beeeeeeeeeebp

  81. TotalMenteLoko says:

    Tá com o buxin cheio

  82. TotalMenteLoko says:

    Depois dessa, nem fome passa mais

  83. hhhk20 says:

    I guess this is how you stay busy when you have a small penis.

  84. Daniella Samuels says:

    The amount of sauce Zach takes: .

  85. Qadir Rasoli says:

    Zachchoi AKA The silence Matt stonie

  86. I I I I I I I I I I I I I says:

    It's 4 pm and I'm a vegetarian
    I think I'm lost

  87. Ninja xasan says:

    It’s gotten to the point where Zach can just use a finger to open a can of sprite

  88. Jessica Lee says:

    is the cheese cold straight from the jar or you heat it?

  89. not xuan says:

    Anyone else think that Burger King chicken nuggets aren’t as crunchy as McDonald’s chicken nuggets?

  90. dark. frags says:

    this man eats all the food he wants but never gets fat. I eat a chocolate bar and I get jelly rolls

  91. nem se atreva says:

    Deu fome;-;

  92. Maxim Potts says:

    Zach: u get the first bite
    Me: eating my iPad

  93. Biswajeet Panda says:

    Zach Starts Eating

    His Digestive System:- Speed Up, Speed Up Boiz we need to do faster

  94. natural Hateful says:

    McDonald's nuggets have so many different types of sauces!
    I didn't know because I don't ask for nuggets at McDonald's!
    The source I know is about BBQ sauce.

  95. Marjorie Segui says:

    Your gloves dirty

  96. Hanna Villamil says:

    Im really starving right now, wish i can earn money by eating

  97. Saida Bachtour says:

    Why u not fat 😂😂

  98. Mike Kline says:

    So you get to eat all of this tasty food and not gain weight? And you make thousand of dollars doing it? Well fuck me in the ass

  99. Powerofthecommunity Fan says:

    Zach: first bite is all yours 😀
    Me: bites screen

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