Hey guys! Welcome back 😀 LET’S EAT!! First bite is all yours 🙂 Jollibee Spicy Fried Chicken is the best! Thanks for watching!!


  1. Edgar meyer123 says:

    Calories 100000000000000000000000000

  2. Liam_Seasman_BTW says:

    You always have to get that sprite ITS MAGIC

  3. Liva og Alfred says:

    No one:
    My brain:🍔🌮🌭🍔🍟🥗🥟🍜🥮🎂🍮🍭🍔🍗🥞🥞🥨🍟🦴🧇

  4. BJ TearDrop says:

    Only jollibee fried chicken can really bring you joy in every bite. I SWEAR.

  5. Charmie Mirasol says:

    mom: why are you licking your phone’s screen?

    zach: “the first bite is all yours”

  6. Klarisse Calumba says:

    He never shares food😭

  7. Minie says:

    Duuuuude that 1. Chicken was red!! Don't eat thaaaaat

  8. zz我是你哥哥 says:


  9. SHARA ROSE says:

    Hi im 83 yaers

  10. Loving Pets says:


  11. liquddd says:

    his hands are just 🤰🏽

  12. 하더 says:

    Are you from Korea?

  13. Paige Brown says:

    That first chicken wasn’t cooked all the way red as hell

  14. pixel gun 3d says:

    ZC=zach Choi
    NC=Nickocado Avacado
    SS=Stephaine Soo

  15. -AslanKral- says:


  16. Phạm Đức Dương says:

    Can you eat beef combo :))

  17. Calvin Franklin says:

    Does not gain weight after eating all of this stuff…. what the hell lol

  18. CK says:

    WTF he is eating spaghetti with chopsticks?(said by a person that eats potato chips with chopsticks)

  19. Martin Zeman says:

    My stomach is vibrating

  20. Wendy Burtchaell says:

    Zach’s diet:
    Sprite and anything that sounds good for ASMR

  21. he ro says:


  22. Galbadrakh Dugarsuren says:

    I have an amazing superpower:
    I can slightly taste what people is eating.
    Best power there is.

  23. Nasri 78 says:

    next video: you eat an onion as if it were an apple😂

  24. i am fiore! says:


  25. Jillian Carter says:

    Zac got rid of that gf real quick! Good for you!

  26. يا علي مدد says:


  27. Lucas Andeweg says:

    Can you do healthy for the vegi people😂

  28. Clara Clara says:

    Euh il crève la dalle ou comment sa se passe ?

  29. Екатерина Алексеева says:

    Когда от нечего делать смотришь это… 😐
    Пойду хотя бы поем что ли 🤣😅

  30. Solemen Cao says:

    You have a ring

  31. Lutfhi Rizaldi says:


  32. Ilhankatt says:

    You’re hands are shaking sow badly … are u okay ?

  33. LEEDOE ASMR says:

    who watching zach eating in bed?

    be careful not to drop your cell phone on your face

  34. Emmanuel y Mell Del carmen says:

    Whats your favorite drink
    Comment down below

  35. Hello Bitches! says:

    Esses Mukbang me dá muita fome, mas ae eu fico triste por saber que não posso comprar nada disso pq eu sou POBRE

  36. hgnuyen says:

    Biết bao nhiêu kênh làm mà chỉ có ông này là t thấy hài lòng nhất thôi á =))

  37. Manuao Peni says:

    😂😂 Not the Eye contact with the camera when hes eating the spaghetti 🤣🤣

  38. Pablo Ayala Rivas says:

    Me: Stares at Zach chewing loudly during 12 minutes
    Also me: Goes nuts when somebody chews loudly in real life

  39. Jay says:

    Zach Choi: First bite is all yours.

    me: wears 3D Glasses

  40. The WolfPlayz69 says:

    Why does he squint his eyes when he looks at the camera?

  41. Sufiyan Afridi says:

    Where is his mic inside the mouth 😂 👀 or. Somewhere else 🙋‍♂️

  42. Isabel Valero says:

    Lo raro es q nunca engorda

  43. Rufus Aiken says:

    Do you ever talk

  44. XxRosesAre RedUwU says:

    Me:Zack told me to have the first bite….

  45. Ivan K says:

    really?spaghetti with chopsticks

  46. ✼  Dɑnilɑ Reis Costɑ ✼ says:

    Tem momentos que eu acho que ele queria muito um garfo

  47. felice caristo says:

    You are chainise

  48. KeepCalmAndStayGay says:

    He must’ve been really hungry, he ate really fast

  49. Taekook says:

    Who else is just in bed helpless watching Zach eat and craving fast food

  50. Gavri Lauri says:

    As soon as I saw Chicken and Spaghetti together on the thumbail….
    Mind:*it better be Jolibee

  51. 『Melad1590』〆 says:

    Looks like the mic is in his mouth or in his neck

  52. Dempsey Helfrick says:

    C'est dégueulasse tu ne ses pas manger

  53. 김형준 says:


  54. Elsad Novruzov says:

    When I look this channel I was hungry🤗🤗🤗😍😍😍😋😋😋😋😘🙂

  55. Daiane Vieira says:

    Que delicia fico só na vontade!! Algum BR aqui??😋

  56. Ashley G says:

    Be careful chirren that's a lot of sodium

  57. itz Sean says:

    “Take the first bite outta this!”
    “You guys got it…? … NICE!”

    “I’m super pumped for this 😛😛😛”

  58. bandod says:

    It’s so wierd to think he’s standing

  59. Dávid Magyar says:

    Brain: Are you hungry?
    Me: nope I ate before
    YouTube: hi
    Me: ok I'm hungry now.

  60. Timo Seidel says:

    I know you dont like your voice but pls talk your beutiful voice is so tingly

  61. Laconue Conwright says:

    I am looking at this video! You love Soul food👍🏽 ( I am trying to stop) But what have me so curious is how you are eating those noodles, I can see what you are good at. 😜😜 well satisfied 😅😅😅

  62. Paulo Santos says:

    Esse Cara Não Engorda Não?

  63. samuel gamer br says:

    👏👍 ???

  64. Oxydity says:

    And we don’t forget sprite

  65. VSzC GAMING says:

    his eating spaghetti with chopsticks…?? 😳😳

  66. Paulo Batista Salgado says:

    Que delícia

  67. Paulo Batista Salgado says:


  68. El Master says:

    Si sigues comiendo carne de perro te dara el colonavila

  69. HSooN 7RaQHm says:

    Me: you are hot and sexy
    You: ilove food

  70. Jordan Gregory says:

    Day 1 of asking zach to do a collab with lex

  71. K. N9ne says:


  72. Mürsel Mete says:


  73. Lexi Evans says:

    Your apig

  74. Alex - Let's Play Games. says:

    He is eating like 20 pounds and he ain’t fat.

  75. Yarik Izumskiy says:

    4:42 rip headphones

  76. In The Stars says:

    Who else watches these videos with the sound off or at like 1%…just me? 😂

  77. 오버게임 says:

    이 영상에 한글댓글 없어서 내가단다.

  78. Dora powdery asmr says:


  79. Srikar says:

    vegans have left the chat

  80. bryan mcghee says:

    Cheese: HES COMING


  81. lalalail82 says:

    I do asmr

  82. Lizbeth Castillo says:

    En vez de relajarme me da hambre☹😂

  83. Brandengames Video says:

    Do more vid so I could subscribe more

  84. Bombshell says:

    O comentário brasileiro que você procura.

    O Zach hoje está degustando do famoso macarrão com vina/salsicha.

  85. HinaTheDino ROBLOX says:

    It’s my bedtime but I just want to be sat there with him and eat that delicious looking food 😋

  86. AlimerksHD says:

    I'm still wondering how this mf got his chews to be so loud I'm here eating some crunchy fried chicken and produce any noise whilst my guy fr cant even let me think with hi chewing

  87. BARKINC says:

    Come com a boca fechada kkkk

  88. Denise Varela says:

    The only concern I have is that he is swallowing the spaghetti and its like unreal

  89. Jonathan Vega says:

    Como chinados le hace para comer tanto no engordar?

  90. Lynda Sousa says:

    Can you eat chapaguri that’s been popular from the movie parasite

  91. Anthony L says:

    still waiting for your parasite ram-don video

  92. moZ euh says:

    I can not sleep because I AM TO HUNGRY NOW

  93. Palwasha Gul says:

    Gimme tha fooood

  94. Amyachan says:

    i just learned if you turn on subtitles he has conversations with you

  95. Faria D. says:

    Oh my god, he is eating the spaghetti with chopstick!!!! 😦

  96. Rasputin says:

    Zach Choi or Black Hole Stomach

  97. Argüelles Cisneros movies says:

    who the hell watch this for relaxing?

  98. Lassana Gassama says:


  99. Rhona Mcguinness says:

    Chicken looks raw in some bits 🤢🤢

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