Hey guys! Welcome back 😀 LET’S EAT!! First bite is all yours 🙂 Yummy! I haven’t had spicy rice cakes in so long! The place I got this from, Yuppduk is famous for how SPICY their rice cakes are. However, I didn’t go hard with the spice today bc I’m not trying to die on camera Also wishing this cheese would pull out of the bowl.. (Sausage) Delicious! Got the Soy Garlic flavor chicken wings today Gonna save the rest of this for later, nobody wants an hour long video 🙂 Thanks for watching!!


  1. ann page says:

    So glad you like Sprite and Almond milk….and eating……Ann from Georgia 💕 🙋

  2. Celica Tandiant says:

    Bc means Because

  3. valen cabrera says:


  4. Yuki Maree says:

    Loved this video!!!

  5. シcoco says:

    Yes a new video ❤ I am French

  6. Aliyudin Ali says:

    Dahar na manyun sia mh

  7. Trish trish says:

    That sprite can though 🤣

  8. Ioana Loves gacha says:

    Zach: However I didn’t go too hard on the spice,because I’m not trying to die on camera.

    No seriously I died of laughing

  9. ajhanae mohammed says:

    Usually I'm here for the asmr now I'm just hungry as hell

  10. Юлия Александровна says:

    Жрет и не толстеет 🤬🤬🤬🤬

  11. FoodLovaa Bihh says:

    Rice cakes deff wanna try so bad 😌😌😌 but once again good food 😌😌😌

  12. Lolipop Wiwikakachou says:

    I want him to eat african foood or mexicain things

  13. Alinne Launé says:

    Pra onde vai tanta comida?😥

  14. 「Cloudii Staru」 says:

    eats fake bite


  15. Steph Steph says:

    My god that looks good!!!!

  16. Delilah says:

    There’s a hair in my mouth

  17. CAMILA uwu says:


  18. ローラちゃんلورا _ تشان says:

    어떻게 지내😭😭

  19. Aranza Jimenez says:

    Y yo me pregunto no engorda!

  20. Gabrielle Fountaine-Anderson says:

    we’re do u get rice cake noodles from

  21. Sokari Arnold says:

    love you layla

  22. Life with Moll!e and Caleb says:

    Every video makes me hungry even when I already ate

  23. Roberto aguilar says:

    you should put the names of the foods you eat to know 🙂

  24. Ayusha Rai says:

    I feel so irritating looking at that cheese not coming out or he is not just biting or pulling it😂

  25. Jaslyn Plays says:

    Is it just me or no matter how much he eats, he'll never Gain weight? 😂 (Sorry I'm just curious, I don't mean to be rude.😅)

  26. Zsombor Harczi says:

    Bleh shit

  27. Mas Fin Arif says:

    Warga +62 nyasarr woee😂

  28. Sara Mdna says:

    Im italian…what is rice cake?

  29. Angelo Pham says:

    I just don't know why u don't talk much

  30. pookie moy says:

    loving his he ate the Cheese😂😂😂

  31. its_Am nation says:

    Wanna hear zach voice
    Just search ASMR with friend by zach choi bye2

  32. Su JingJing says:

    Looks so yummy

  33. Gilang Ramadan says:

    Give me pliss

  34. Bijeta Tinny says:

    Where do I find this food 🥘,TELL MEH

  35. sanbs Darling says:


  36. Ricia B says:

    It will make me so happy if y’all would watch my new ASMR video on my channel ❤️❤️I will truly appreciate it

  37. 그냥 says:

    잉?? 한국에 살아요??? 엽떡이라니?!?!

  38. 《DrikA oliver》 says:

    Alguuuum brasileiro
    Quem também tem vontade de comer

  39. Imastar _98 says:

    I'm hungry nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  40. Hamid Ayman says:


  41. Lilly Diase Andrade says:

    Qui uarste blun

  42. Phzinho brawl Stars says:

    Aprenda a comer direito

  43. Руслан Хохдов says:

    Good es am top 100

  44. Руслан Хохдов says:

    E bich wat is ?

  45. Cat H says:

    Why are you using a fork like that? It’s triggering me. It goes in horizontally not vertically

  46. jamilly Souza says:

    Vc pode me mandar essas comidas gostosa estou com água na boca

  47. Marco Hernandez says:

    Day#109 of seeing is he spills sprite

  48. Lucy’s Vlogs says:

    Haters jealous 🤤

  49. girl_boss 20 says:

    7:44 😂

  50. Sara Voggel says:

    How long he has not eting

  51. Nasnas Dz says:

    My mouth is watering..😂

  52. Гүлнұр жұбанышова супер says:

    HELLOOO!!!! my name is ?

  53. Гүлнұр жұбанышова супер says:


  54. Bimo Kurniawan says:

    Alay bangsat cara makannya kyk bancirr sumpahh dasar plastik tpi yg gobloknya suka aj ua nonton😂😂

  55. Kayla Fullpint says:

    The way this man eats chicken wings is insane!!

  56. Alyssa Kay123 says:

    At the beginning when he was using his fingers on the lid, I thought there was a lawn mower outside😂

  57. lanaanastasia long says:

    Du bist so DUMM

  58. Melina Gierlinger says:

    Zac: First bite is all yours
    he's taking the first bite
    Me: throwing my phone away

  59. IIMimi BushesII says:

    Wow literally half the video was him eating ONLY the rice cake……

    I understand because he never had rice cakes in while

  60. teez 07 says:

    Wer ist Deutscher der liked

  61. U WOT M8 says:

    i just dont know how you can eat all that in less than an hour
    you must have been starving for hours

  62. Terry Uzoma Ernest says:

    7:43: me when I’m trying to act like I can eat fast
    The Struggles

  63. chi hien nguyen says:

    you sweety

  64. Mary 101 says:

    Me watching this guy eat: where does all that food go???

  65. April and Camille says:

    You always say first bite is mine

    But yet, you eat it 😭✊😀

  66. نجوم السماء مريم احلى زوزو says:

    رجعت على نفس حالتك تأكل سريع نيالي😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔?-

  67. Play Girl says:

    First bite all mine..? Okay… Opens my mouth wide and bites the laptop

  68. Nazira Nazira says:

    Ngilir kuy

  69. Difai』 ๛WolFヅ says:

    Stop farting you son of a human

  70. 黃錦蓉JAT says:

    OMG so yummy right ?😂😂

  71. Gabriel Perillo says:

    You eat a lot

  72. Starr Penguin says:

    I just came here to look at the the food ._.

  73. Big Birdy says:

    Dis dude is sweating soooo hard

  74. Angela says:

    zach lives in los angeles cuz the place he got this from is in los angeles

  75. Arlene Duong says:

    Where do you get these delicious foods

  76. Usukh-Ider Enkhtuvshin says:

    He attacc
    He protecc

    I mostly get hungry when I see a cheese

  77. yoss ry says:

    too darty

  78. Jay G. says:

    The worlds largest cheese pull on Zach Choi Asmr XDDD

  79. Katherine Kaza says:

    all I see in your vids are orange >~<

  80. Mike Eustaquio says:

    Glad I'm not going to die eating spicy rice cakes

  81. Mohamed Khaled_محمد خالد says:

    Fady Adlaat is better than you in asmr

  82. Aesthetic Auto says:

    Zach: first bite is all yours!

    Zach: *Eats*


  83. Carine Pambe says:

    Okay LMAO these comments 😂
    Im liking them they are like memes

  84. Jariah Burt says:

    What is that he's eating

  85. puto puto says:

    When I was eating that the cheese was so sweet

  86. WORLD GAMES says:

    fuck your mather bich you are gandon

  87. Joseph Avena says:

    Sprite with lots of ice is the best 👌

  88. 김신 says:

    엽기 떡볶이 good

  89. IIMimi BushesII says:


    heres a gift from me to you..

    a nice heart to a nice person like you..

    so i hope you have a merry day..

    and a great old year..

    and dont forget god will always love you..

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I LOVE YOU ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  90. rloach067 says:

    what do you mean "no one wants an hour long video"!? i most definitely do! xD

  91. Lorinha Almeida says:

    Muito gostoso

  92. Mckenzie WWE says:


  93. Lucy_Lycan Gacha says:

    Zach: Eats everything he wants and doesn't gain weight

    Me: "I'd like to learn this ability"

  94. Allison Barnett says:

    Adult: What do you do for a living?

    Zach: I eat fried chicken and noodles on YouTube.

  95. Navya Rao says:

    Me: I WANT THAT!!!
    Zach after eating it: stays fit
    Me after I eat it(if I did): realizes that I should exercise
    Also me: nah

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