Hey guys! Welcome back 😀 LET’S EAT!! First bite is all yours! Delicious! But how can you go wrong with fried chicken? Thanks for watching!!


  1. Dylan & Nick says:

    Not you I need the chicken leg bis

  2. Gaizka 1 5 7 1 6 F says:

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  3. Heck Nah says:

    im a vegan and i still watched this video.
    those poor chickens and shrimps…MY BABIES😢

  4. Snake Head says:

    Sometimes I wonder… Is he smiling or just Asian?

  5. Fan Of me says:

    Zach’s Tats are sooo sick.

  6. picture reality says:


  7. Lu Xa says:

    This guy got 6 million subs in one year,mind blowing(hungry)

  8. Random Videos says:

    First bite is all your bites my phone all i taste is nothing…

  9. Дарья Абрамович says:

    Is English

  10. Moadh Hegazy says:

    Chicken leg biss

  11. Manuel thegamer says:

    I wish I was him like if you want it to

  12. Sajida Saghier says:

    This is how many times Zack has sprite😩😂


  13. Rehanna Sookoo says:

    In my opinion, I thought that this was better experience in headphones, the crunch sounds were so lit! 👌❤🔥🔥💯

  14. Mandela Marie says:

    unbothered king ily 💜

  15. mark vallen navarro says:

    Why am i just making myself hungry >:/

  16. Medina Čarković says:

    Brother, you've never eaten the last moron

  17. Calkio 17 says:

    Vie de rêve

  18. Magaly Rodriguez says:

    Makes me hungry

  19. Alex Chen 123 says:

    +1 sub dude

  20. Danya Awad says:

    He needs to add more sauce to his food….

  21. Mahir Alam says:

    I feel so so Hungry

  22. Julo Pulo says:


  23. Mahir Alam says:

    Can I have some

  24. Jefy Hardy says:

    Am i the only one who thinks that this is kinda gross , the sound he makes with his mouth?

  25. Rachelle says:

    Does anyone know what those sauces are?

  26. Billy Wacket says:

    The eating sounds make me crave this!!!!!

  27. XxxIronicPlaysXxx says:

    :Dog tries jumping through the phone

    Me:what do you meeean

  28. Charlie Lawton says:

    Who else thanks @zach choi should do a Christmas dinner asmr video let me know

  29. JazzPizzaz says:

    You are the luckiest man ever you make a crap ton of money FROM EATING FOOD

  30. hola amigo/as says:

    Like si hablas español y amas este canal

  31. Xeno Verse says:

    Hey bro, did u watch relaxingend, your hand gesture resamble him

  32. Kookie Jeon says:

    AnD sPriTe

  33. Uni Cupcake says:


    Me:eats 6 chicken legs me dies

  34. Kat AndMax says:

    It is so satisfying

  35. Life behind A mask says:

    Me:damm im hungry
    My brain:oh you want to remember the smell taste and texture
    Me:plz no thats torture
    My brain:its what i live for

  36. Life behind A mask says:

    Me when im hungry:i could eat every big mac and still be hungry
    Me when i see mcdonalds:eh i can wait

  37. Aaliyah Wakes says:

    I bet you he be wearing black air forces 😭

  38. HERAKLEZZ says:

    Whos watching while hungry?🙄

  39. Gloria Arroyo says:

    Ok i have a question
    hOw MaNy HoUrS wIlL hE bE iN tHe BaThRoOm AfTeR tHiS

  40. FaZe Snøw says:

    I only put this on because I ate chicken

  41. AHNAF INAN says:

    Why am I watching this while I'm hungry

  42. Midori Moon says:

    who else broke there screen trying to get the food, knowing that it's impossible


  43. Conor Golovkin says:

    This how many people watching ZACH CHOI 👇👇👇

  44. Gàcha Rön says:

    One reason why I can't do Mukbangs or Asmr's is because I don't eat the grissle of the chicken😪😪

  45. Nagham Alkhazzali says:

    I watch dis when I’m hungry.. is that right?

  46. Timeera Niles says:

    i think you should drink water, it’s better than spirt. 😂😭

  47. Nando Cell says:

    Makanannya enak

  48. danets says:

    Gente viendo huevadas, pero bueno… chino tarao…!!!

  49. nfurniture design says:

    What the hack is zach is stupid because he eat the chiken iuntil je mous

  50. Gacha fun UvU says:

    Lol chicken leg bis

  51. Destia Lailia says:


  52. Aswar Apandi says:

    Minta donk plis,🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  53. Yo Jayzzz says:

    Does anybody else wonder how many black T-shirts Zach has 😭

  54. Kaeden Chouinor says:

    He takes one damn bite per item 🤦🏻‍♂️

  55. Chernov Gaming says:

    Aesthetic Scrumptious Meal Review is what ASMR means to Zach

  56. chloe ree says:

    He was eating the first piece of chicken like that was his last one

  57. юра брос says:


  58. ゴンゾシシカバ says:

    so what!

  59. Itz Gacha Hannah says:

    If I ate that all…

    I can't walk anymore

  60. Nancy Abou Atmeh says:

    New vidéo with Stéphanie soo

  61. RUDEFOOT 113 says:

    We should name him the man with gloves

  62. Sadzy 2 says:

    I love waffle fries with cheddar cheese dip omg I literally feel like going out rn to buy some

  63. Carlo Jose Roque says:


    Your welcome :3

  64. mic huu says:

    I can't watch it because I'm hungry afterwards

  65. *ЗВЁЗДОЧКА* says:

    Кто русский?

  66. 힐링팩토리 says:


  67. José Costa says:

    Eu tô com água na boca

  68. Ramadhan Apiw says:

    Tatoan serem buat konten tentang makan wkwk

  69. Papia Dey says:

    We wanna see you in Bollywood

  70. Nadyaaa ag says:

    Nyeburin saos nya kurang banyak lah

  71. Vision_dark Kd says:

    Chicken leg piece

  72. Victoria Truluck says:

    That looks so good.

  73. Диана Плотникова says:

    Не знаю зачем я это смотрю, но мне нравится😹😹😹

  74. Armani The savage says:

    Bruh my stomach is crumbling

  75. Armani The savage says:

    Zach if there’s an auntie Annie’s in ur state u should try that for an asmr vid

  76. Mèo ARMY says:

    I look like I want to flirt on this guy's face too, eat that every chu chu mine is want to scatter jaw jaw r

  77. kalor547 legal says:

    I Love this

  78. Agita Wati says:

    I love the way u make the vidio🍕🍕

  79. Mahmad نعم Omara says:

    Pope. Sting

  80. Mahmad نعم Omara says:


  81. Twice PenguinPeach says:

    Great now I'm starving

  82. Mariam Othman says:

    Friss nt wie ein schwein

  83. EpicPony says:

    This is how many times there's been a comment made by thirteen year olds begging for likes and clout in a Zach video's comment section.

  84. Sajida Saghier says:

    This is how many people are also starving in bed right now with their stomach rumbling 😭


  85. chaos126 gaming says:

    How is it that this guy never becomes fat?

  86. mardy UwU says:

    U guys ever buy what he eating before u watch so u don't feel hungry

  87. gilbert gong says:


  88. Luisa Jorge says:

    Try making a spicy shrimp

  89. Kakashi Sensei says:

    No vids with nick anymore

  90. Sabina Musajev says:

    Watter in a normal humans body : 60%
    Sprite in zachs Body : 99%

  91. Dionna Carter says:

    Caption: First bite is all yours
    Me: Will the lies never stop??

  92. Alexandra J Escobedo says:

    Imagine the police come to his house because of a murder case then they find the black rubber gloves police look at each other k your under arrest..zack:*gasp* wait no there for my asmr…police: Your what..zach:My asmr look me up… Police:*police looks him up* huh wow this is weird but his story is checked out 😂😂😂

  93. jiminzinha chan says:


  94. Callum Averiss says:

    Chicken leg bis

  95. Muhammad Ilham says:

    Ngomong opo

  96. adventure pink tubby says:

    this is a lot of junk foods you eating with suace

    me:Σ( ° △ °|||)
    this took a while

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