Hey guys! Welcome back 😀 Ranch Honey Mustard Hot Sauce LET’S EAT!! First bite is all yours 🙂 These wings are called “Gangnam Wings” Eating them in celebration of my new place in Korea! From there I’ll be able to bring you guys a whole new menu of food 🙂 Stay tuned for some brand new sounds in late January 😉 Thanks for watching!!


  1. Nicole Seadorf says:

    I love your videos so much they are awesome 😀😀😀😀😀😀❄💒

  2. Hellen Cris says:

    Tem que passar quantos dias sem comer pra conseguir comer esses tanto?

  3. Nidia Nuñe says:

    Qué hambre tengo

  4. Sandra Hernandez says:

    Love you

  5. Brayan Rodriguez says:

    Uy pa que hpta pa comer, es mejor darle de vestir que de comer ome

  6. I’m Zero Two says:

    Day 10000000 of someone requesting Zach’s voice reveal

  7. Xxlgs shookXx says:

    Mom:how did YoU break your phone??

    Me:first bite is all yours…

    (Not Original)

  8. Пенелопа Жамэ says:

    Why he always wears a cap???? Whyyyy????

  9. Deeana Tarver says:

    7:20. Why you smiling

  10. Опасный ворон says:

    Я один русский

  11. Brittany Calhoun says:

    My anxiety kinda takes my appetite. Watching you relaxes me and also makes me crave food so thank you 💕

  12. Sharona Lockett says:

    Please give me an iPhone 11

  13. Diosa Dodi says:

    Zach Choi :and hot sauce

    Me : put some hot sauce on my burrito baby

    P.s go watch Friday people

  14. Iva Hoiland says:

    This is Nice

  15. Kim Brownlee says:

    Ok so I think Zach has a pair of the most sexiest hands I have seen on a man… is it just me that thinks that? One Love

  16. Mohd. Haider Khalid says:

    2:21 how did he do that transition without moving the sauces or he just like did that but acted like its removed

  17. oddie kunthar says:

    Me after watching: "Mom, do we have anything crunchy?"

    The notorious health guru she is: "fRoZeN pEaS!"

  18. John Huang says:

    He’s basically tormenting the chickens

  19. No Nut says:

    Chicken leg bis 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  20. chase cantin says:

    2019: “:”
    2020: Can we just leave behind these types of comments and come up with something new

  21. Амирхан Айбынов says:

    One like fries mugbank

  22. Meow Meow says:

    You really look like Eunhyuk of Superjunior 😊

  23. Christopher Arias says:

    If you are wearing headphones it sounds like he's in your ear 👂

  24. JDen_040 says:

    Put volume at max and get head phones this is the best thing I’ve heard

  25. -Blake’s Life- says:

    Dose anyone wonder how he dose not gain weight

  26. bendy gaming says:

    Yang dari indonesia silahkan koment di bawah gw yahh😂

  27. Fahaad Yawari says:

    Who else is hungry and still watching the video? Lol

  28. Chit097light Yet says:

    That wing u gave. Me wus good no homo thx bro

  29. Tre says:

    Don’t know why I was waiting for “chicken leg bis”

  30. Марина Ким says:

    Oooooo my got. Tasty…..🥴

  31. Guilherme Costa says:

    ASMR's agonizants hahaha + i like

  32. Amina Iztaeva says:


  33. bek0ne yusuf says:

    Hayvan oğlu hayvan

  34. mathilde thai says:

    I love the sound but eating like that almost every day , is it okay for him ? He's gonna die from a disease

  35. Renat Davletshin says:

    Кто из России?

  36. Юлия Николаева says:


  37. Юлия Николаева says:

    Обожаю это слушать🍍🍸🍢🍕🔥😇🤤😋😛😍😘👌

  38. Rio Baker says:

    Who can whatch with out getting hungry

  39. Locked #keeptixustive says:

    mmmmmmm…. chicken

  40. Idontneedaname : says:

    Chicken leg bis

  41. Anantharajah Ariakuddy says:

    So good asmr

  42. Топчег says:

    Он наверно такой минет может сделать или в фильме глубокая глотка сняться

  43. Keisha T says:

    I feel to start an eating channel after watching this

  44. H A says:

    I swear Zach loves sprite

    Like if you thing so aswell


  45. Chynita Morales says:

    He is sooooo cute😍

  46. Kiera Elise says:

    why did I think those were hot fries (the chips) in the thumbnail😂

  47. DragonsTheYoutuber 963 says:

    Me: So, What are you addicted to?

    Zach: Eating

  48. João Marlos says:

    porque estou vendo isso em 2020??

  49. Samuel d Torres says:

    Tenes que pesar 300 kilos

  50. Elisabeth Bant says:

    Not a single soul:
    Me: watching this at 2AM day before school cause can’t sleep

  51. Yazzie Gomes says:

    The way he sucks the chicken off that chicken bone 🦴 🤤🤤

  52. Moiz Khan says:

    Did he farted at 8:45 ???

  53. Luxurious says:

    I wonder how much pounds do mukbangers gain

    It depends on the food I assume

  54. Uno reverse No u says:

    You need to stop eating behind the camera at the start of videos

  55. 1k Subs With No Videos? says:

    Zach needs merch saying 'first bite is all yours' !

  56. Peanut plays says:

    Hi zach

  57. P J says:

    Congrats on your new place!

  58. T Daniels says:

    This man cleans chicken like a janitor. Holy smokes

  59. James Mealing says:

    I see soda sparks when he pours it in

  60. Tic Tak says:

    I thought the first bite was mine 🙁

  61. Il Luna lI Pinner says:

    Zach Choi : eats fried chicken

    Me : trying to eat my whole phone

  62. Jonalyn Tablada says:

    Im starvingggg🤤🤤🤤

  63. TombStone TV says:

    Hey zach do you do fasting before you make a video??

  64. Alex says:

    Where did you get the chicken from

  65. kate says:

    My g you gotta share😭😭

  66. Aaron Ramen says:

    God damn I finally found an asmr Chanel that works

  67. johnliviag xx games says:

    0:48 0:56 fresh cut clean cut

  68. alexDrOiD GAMER4LIFE says:

    2020:Zach: I don’t care about my health

    2030:Diabetes has entered the chat

  69. Made Swadarma says:

    The sauce isn't finished?

  70. Sille Perrild says:

    A person: So what do u do for living?

    Zach: Eat

  71. Sebasツ says:

    Who thinks that zach should open a restaurant

  72. Aaliyah Greene says:

    Who else just be like skip skip skip skip skip skip skip skip

  73. Lola The Kamen Rider Exaid says:


  74. RADIK Sitdikov says:

    Захотелось кушац

  75. sofia nail's says:

    I love vidéos

  76. FortBeast says:

    These videos be hitting different in Ramadan.

  77. Braedyn Harris says:

    The only thing that this triggers is my stomach

  78. Danyella M. says:

    Am I the only one whose happy when he buys food cuz I'm either to lazy to or don't have the stuff

  79. No one Important says:



  80. Shay C. says:

    Anybody else see where the wing went at 4:15😂😂

  81. Jeff Sevil says:


  82. IDarkRynx says:

    Who else heard the weird sound at 8:45

  83. Yulianny noelis Noesis paulino says:

    Alguien k hable español??😁

  84. Jizz Lord says:

    I have several tabs going at once. They are mostly videos from this guy and gay porn. My seat is black leather with fresh translucent highlights.

  85. Michelle Roy says:


  86. richy ofc says:

    use me as the “im hungry asf at 3am so imma watch this for some reason” button

  87. skinteastanktoes says:

    Zach: 😐👍🏻 lEtS eAt

  88. Goldz says:

    Are those sweet potato fries?

  89. H 2Loose says:

    Clean the bones.. dude think he slick by hiding them under the table lmao

  90. Slimes Satisfatoria says:


  91. Santiago says:

    Veo los vídeos no por el asmr si no por la comida weon ya e hecho varias de las recetas

  92. Allison Penick says:

    He be tearing them wings up😂💀

  93. Miracle rojes says:

    Huh that eating sound killing me god🥴🥴🥴😠😠😠😠

  94. Budgie says:

    Zach: puts chips like jenga

  95. Legends Never Die says:

    Im hungry😛

  96. Lutfi Syarif says:

    Goblok ora nganggo sego

  97. 고갱 says:

    편집안하구 묵네 먹을만큼만 드시옹 보기좋소

  98. Angela Pina says:

    I looooove yaaaa

  99. Jillian Joaquin says:

    is it just me or at 8:40 – 8:47 u will hear an “oh” ??? enlighten me ?

  100. Grace Bohanan says:

    ASMRer only exist to make us hungery

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