Hey guys! Welcome back 😀 LET’S EAT!! First bite is all yours 🙂 So good! BBQ Chicken Gangnam Wings are my favorite! Thanks for watching!!


  1. rip silenced says:

    He makes people so hungry that even a vegan would be hungry for prawns and chicken

  2. JO JO says:

    Bro you have the best ASMR out of anyone on YouTube

  3. Tobytheboss Look says:

    Zach PLEASE talk in your video again

  4. Nagisa shioto — says:

    Why do I have a feeling people who do the eating asmr just to have an excuse to eat

  5. Reiner Gomes says:

    alguém br ??? se tiver me responde ai pfv kkkkkk

  6. Malaya Meike says:

    Me: puts shrimp back in fridge
    Zach:eats shrimp
    Me:runs back to get my shrimp

  7. Summers Blum says:

    Does this guy ever wear different clothes besides black?

  8. Anjelina Pettigrew says:

    What’s with the super fast eating?! Wtf wrs that quick?! I love asmr and ASMR eating videos but come on, wtf needs to eat like that!? Not even starving ppl eat that fast 🤦🏼‍♀️ made me irritated as fuck!

  9. Ìzuku Mïdoriya •Female, Sick AU• says:

    I Wish I Was Paid To Eat. My Fattass Would Be Happy.

  10. oppa stoppa says:

    2:04 chicken leg bis

  11. DJ vixboy says:

    I need to stop…

  12. Eat with Mocha says:

    Who love this food like me?
    My heart also in.

  13. Nguyễn Khánh says:

    Uồi địt mẹ ngon nhờ đồ ăn như tinh trùng tao ế

  14. Luqman Ridhwan says:

    Love you

  15. The Potato says:

    This dude deserves so much he’s the best asmr youtuber like the sounds he makes are just perfect and what I like is that he doesn’t make weird sounds so like he deserves so much support and love

  16. Potato- Lover Man says:

    One Reason Zach Choi ASMR is one of my fav Mukbang and ASMR channel is because he keeps his table clean and no sauce like falling out of his mouth. I have OCD so like Zach being neat about his food and keeping it clean I like that a lot unlike SOME NOT ALL ASMR channels. I’m not dissing any other Mukbang channels like Kate Yup or people like her they are all amazing it’s just that Zach is very clean and I like that. Keep it up Zach and other channels. 🙂🥳

  17. Kasundi Meegama says:

    You have gained weight lose plzz

  18. Angelix_Gacha Gamer says:

    Kakagutoooommm!!! S#!!!!!+

  19. Persius Sasha Cisse says:

    Is it just me or if I watch him I have to be eating something

  20. allskaar says:

    Friend: What is this
    Me; ASMR

  21. sammy bouda says:

    Zach:First bites all yours 🙂


  22. zaid agha says:

    you ate my bite LOL

  23. Zack - RBLX says:

    My stomach is grumbling after watching this…

  24. Geisel Diaz says:


  25. Jay Boogie says:

    Anybody notice his upload schedule. That mean he eats like this everyday. Must be nice

  26. y es says:

    Meanwhile im over here with some shredded cheese…

  27. Mario Flórez says:

    Where did you bought the shrimps?

  28. Glenny Nunez says:

    U make me hungry lol

  29. Eli Adrana says:

    me: :O ima get hungry again

    stomach: YAS MORE FOOD UvU

  30. Nashrullah Modin says:

    Dude you are eating so many food and post it on youtube but you dont realize the people who suffer from not eating

  31. Alliyah Francisco says:

    And this againnnn. Gosh I can't stop myself from watching

  32. YooJung Hyun says:

    Imagine is Zach did duck lips 👄 🦆

  33. S H U T U P B O O M E R says:

    H I

  34. Alexei Versace says:

    viewers; how many shrimp are you gonna put in your mouth all at once?

    Zach; yes

  35. INGRID Baez says:

    Me dio hambre a la verga :v

  36. Stormy_Skies says:

    Me: falls asleep to this vid on my asmr playlist

    A vid I misplaced on my playlists: ThEy CaN't HeRe Me BeCaUsE ThEy'Re LiStEnInG To KiDs BOP

    Me: KaReN KiDz BoP?!??

  37. Fabmatthew says:

    You are Squidward and the food is aKrabby Patty

  38. Natalia Perdomo says:

    Mmm chicken leg bis

  39. Natalia Perdomo says:

    My Lucifer is lonely

  40. فيديوهات يوتيوب منوعه says:

    العربي يلي نازل يقرأ التعليقات يحط لايك

  41. Eric Montealegre says:

    Dude imagine how smelly his farts are after the video😵

  42. Eric Montealegre says:

    Zach is a beast how can he eat so much food and still be in shape😮

  43. K1NG Z says:

    Zach: The first bite is all yours
    (Viewers realising they can’t eat becuz they instead will bite the screen)
    Viewers: Am I a joke to you

  44. The Neighborhood. says:

    0:37 THE VEINS

  45. samir Khan says:

    This is not asmr because I can't sleep when I see his asmr because I became hungry😭

  46. Joaquin Rolos says:

    This video realy make me soooo hungry

  47. Talha Muntaquim says:

    never thought i would be asking why meat SOUNDS good

  48. في قلبي ابداً لم أعد أهتم says:

    My favorite chicken part is wing

  49. Вики ники привет says:

    А чё я только одна русская

  50. Frolic 7-70 says:

    I hate be poor, bro

  51. Syntax says:

    Zach is killing me

  52. Hazel Adlawan says:

    I really want to eat those!!😁😁

  53. ASMR RABBIT says:

    Good jobs. I like u

  54. Mustafa Ali says:

    Me: * searches this up *
    Also me: wHy wOuLD aSMr ExiSt?! iT mAkEs Me hUnGRy!
    Asmr people:


  55. iiGalaxyKoala 54321 says:

    Africa has entered the chat

  56. Alessia Renzi says:

    Stai calmo che a momenti ti stafoghi🙃

  57. Cali Uhutr says:

    I like when he acc cooks the food better 😆

  58. Qe ru says:

    Change your menu bro…., you have nothing to eat exoect these?? Like seriously????? All time every video is SAME….👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  59. Bianca Isabelly says:


  60. Gimlet says:

    how come you don’t get acidic by drinking sprite almost everyday?

  61. gamer girl says:

    it's so satisfying but gives me shivers on my back ugh

  62. can_gamingsry can_gamingsry says:


  63. Sejmet says:

    No me gusta oír la respiración. 😔

  64. Galactic Furie says:

    The way the chicken is being eating is vicious yet troubling and unsettling lol I’m not a hater though do you !

  65. Chase Cabahug says:

    No one:
    Zach: chicken leg pisc

  66. Shir says:

    To be honest.. i cant stand this sound.. i think i have misophonia..

  67. trippiemsd says:

    im actually fucking starving

  68. Ooi Si Lin says:

    Hi zach, if u are running out of idea of what to eat, pls take time to reconsider your choices of cuisine and menu. There isn’t a need to upload video daily on literally the same food. It feels like I m watching the old videos…there isn’t anybody out there who reuse and recycle their content again and again..

  69. Kayah Dawg says:

    No one:

    Tik Tok: ChIcKeN LeG PiEcE

  70. Upside Down says:


  71. haide ortiz says:

    No one:


  72. Alanah Keddell-Tuckey says:

    This is the closest I can get to shrimp cause I’m allergic UwU

  73. Kulsoom Rahman says:

    Is it just me or all these mukabangers/ ASMR foodies fall under Gluttony which is one of the 7 deadly sins!!

  74. Roblox Gamer says:

    Zuka blyat

  75. Алексей Eagle says:

    Скажите ему , что Чревоугодие это грех

  76. Eterniti C. says:

    My addiction ….it has begun again…

  77. Aldo Apolinar says:

    If you don't stop the asmr I'ma have to knock some sense into you

  78. Javier Arias says:

    Esta chingon tu tatuaje

  79. crazy philly says:

    Dude…Whats that on your upper lip?🤯

  80. Rachel Davis says:

    Am I the only one who noticed the plastic wrapped shrimp in a plastic container? Who needs that much plastic?

  81. Ran dumb person says:

    omg l haven’t even had breakfast yet and I’m looking at this 😭

  82. Vallian Sugiarto says:

    Yg ngira bala-bala


  83. Zero Two says:

    Chicken leg bis

  84. Jay Daily says:


  85. Isaurus Gaming says:

    Burger and sandwich please

  86. Georgia Ferris says:

    We watched this asmr in class and my friend suggested to watch asmr eating than my other friend through up…

  87. Liluziburt69 says:

    That is jones barbecue foot massage quality wings

  88. E. T. O. 2007 says:

    Usame como botón de tengo hambre.

  89. Kaylane Pessanha says:

    Não é possível que eu seja a única BR aqui kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

  90. I Yvng Jayy I says:

    I love how the captions just automatically turn on yea

  91. musty lusty says:

    His channel is like a stripping club but for food

  92. R K J S says:

    ”you get to have the first bite.”

    Why must you torture a poor soul

  93. Rodolfo Romo says:

    Why did I do this to myself?!! 😳😳😳

  94. Dragonslayer 69ASMR says:

    My life story on a nutshell

  95. Veronica Hart says:

    Ah shit, I'm REALLY hungry before bed now

  96. Sáng Phan says:


  97. 緒方りこ says:

    Coquito because it’s cooked it a good kid what are solaceSevere muscle

  98. Bassel Homaidan says:


  99. Hisyam Zuki says:

    Why???😫😥I so happy🤤

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