Hey guys! Welcome back 😀 If you haven’t subscribed to Nick or Stephanie, their channel information is in the description box! LET’S EAT!! First bite is all yours 😀 Delicious! So glad I could share this meal with two of my favorite mukbangers! Thanks for watching!!


  1. Zach Choi ASMR says:

    Thanks to Nick and Stephanie for joining me on this epic meal!

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  2. Ovx3 says:

    Nick makes the food unappetizing 🤢🤮

  3. haelow says:

    7:15 is truely creepy. im just saying-

  4. mcxjoe says:

    Yo nik gives me bad vibes

  5. Dance K Life says:

    Just realized that nik is the only one without gloves😷

  6. Forever Tebu D says:

    Nik looks so scary…. that smile he has looking straight at the camera 😖

  7. Pürplëシ Böbä says:

    I reaalllyyyy want one video only u and stephanie cz nik…is…DISGUSTING
    Bro listen stop eating with him or he will threat u like he did to stephanie…I think your his next target…good luck with that fool…

  8. Shane Allan says:

    Nick the prick what a nasty bully

  9. Angela Nguyen says:

    I freaking hate they dude nick !!!

  10. cami s. says:

    no one:
    me every time before they take a bite: cHiCkEn LeG BiS

  11. bbyelis ! says:

    i can finally not b worried while whatching this, only the people who knows about KATE YUP will understand😫😞

  12. Kayla Lindo says:

    who's here after stephanie's video?

  13. Kayla Lindo says:

    just block and delete.

  14. Kayla Lindo says:

    congrats on 6 mil

  15. DeAd Games says:

    This is what I see:

    To my right is the queen herself STEPHANIE SOO, in the middle is the amazing Zach Choi and to the right… Oh sorry that’s just a trashcan

  16. Shallow Echos says:

    Zach eats a lot of food and stays skinny and me eats 1 piece of rice and gains 1000 pounds

  17. Angie Queen says:

    Please don’t involve Zach in this drama he did not know what was happening at the time, plus Stephanie said in her video she did not tell anyone about the situation, as it was happening (not even her fiancé, she told him after). So ZACH did NOT know. Nickocado is a bully and we all can agree on this, but Zach did not know about the situation, he doesn’t even talk.

  18. Sofia Garcia says:

    How Nikocado Avocadk looks at stephanie 11:35–11:45

  19. Anny_Magic_Fan says:

  20. Eden Miller says:

    I like how in the end their taking forever to eat their chicken cause theirs three of them and only two chicken wings left

  21. Santuy Gaming says:

    gw gak bisa bahasa inggris..
    Yang sama like lah

  22. It’s Ling Ling bxtch says:

    All I hear is Nick breathing 😂

  23. xXNicoXx says:

    Taking a look at nick fat ass face make me wanna barf 🤮

  24. Roblox girl baby Bay says:

    Well well well the fat boy again

  25. Crystal U says:

    Must be hard for Stephanie to not talk lol love her so much though!

  26. Zaga Bjoork says:

    I love when nick smiling😍😍🥺

  27. Namjoon’s World says:

    Only here to support Zach and my biss Stephanie!!

    Edit: Damn that chicken looks so good.

  28. Delia Dlcx says:

    This would have been so much better is nick wasn’t there. He breaths so fucking loud.

  29. Duck Ngbee says:

    U know this really tells a lot about Stephanie personality. She is willing enough to put other before her, knowing that she was uncomfortable she still put on happy expression just so she doesn’t make nick feel awkward and mad. But compared to nick seeing the text messages it truly depicts his over all selfish personality, in my opinion

  30. Anastasia 826 says:

    Nick stop looking at Stephanie like that:

  31. Chain ;; says:

    I love the way Zach looks at Stephanie and how she looks back at him, I’m soft

  32. AxxaRxse says:

    11:45. The look he gave her. Creeps me out

  33. Marisol Nuñez says:

    one hundred

  34. nevaeh says:

    towards the end why was nick looking at steph like that😳 creepy…

  35. jadePurpleU ARMY says:

    I hate nikocado more than myself smh.

  36. Jungshook And me says:

    What a good video

  37. Jungshook And me says:

    What a good video

  38. zahedah ali says:

    ew just looking at that rat makes me SICK🤢🤢

  39. ୨୧ polar6id ୨୧ says:

    Nobody :
    Dickocado Avocado : Manipulating breathing noises.

  40. May Lee says:

    Nick avacado
    I love cheese yum yum yum I love cheese in his head

  41. zahedah ali says:

    imagine being nic-🤢🤢
    imagine being nicko-🤢🤮🤢
    imagine being nickoca-🤮🤮🤮
    omg i cant even say it🤮

  42. Eugenie Pearl says:

    SKENSJEJS NICK'S breathings is soo louddd but overall the video is amazing!

  43. pwa eamphong says:

    seeing nick’s face makes me disgusted

  44. pwa eamphong says:

    nick eats like a pig ew. he’s acting like he have never eaten before

  45. A.I. Malek says:

    At around 9:18 it looks like she is going to cry🙁

  46. That Pretty Hippie says:

    I think nick is time and again looking at her thru the viewfinder so creepy

  47. Leslie Gomez says:

    Nick is so awkward

  48. Neilarthurz 12 says:

    Like to support Stephanie xxx

  49. Infinity8_ killer says:

    4:42 look at how this fat pig is staring at Stephanie.

  50. anselmo campbell says:

    U can just see how glassy her eyes are its not ok im so sorry for her, nick needs to get his self together like all this drama is not okkkk.

  51. Khine Myae Aung says:

    Anyways is it just me or does every video that nick is in disgusting

  52. JBF says:

    1 like= how many hate nik

  53. asian jesus says:

    Half way through steph looks like she’s gonna cry but she was strong

  54. siwon_cat _ says:

    Someone was breathing hella hard I couldn't finish the video

  55. Sammi Norris says:

    Zach and Stephanie are so cute together -I wish they’d date lol

  56. Luz Peralta says:

    ¿Alguien más aquí habla español?🤪

  57. Fowzia Fariha says:

    11:59 guys just look at Nick. He is looking at Staphanie and he looked stressed out and was thinking how to put her in a tough spot 😂lol.

  58. Abby. E! says:

    Nick's breathing is so annoying

  59. ASMR ANGEL:3 says:


  60. DaRKxLeZia yt says:

    Big pig

  61. Hope tuyisenge says:

    Iam team Stephanie scrue nick he a big fat bully and don’t expect for zack to get involved n one more thing why does nick keep on staring at stephanie

  62. Letterof says:

    I'm so hungry now.

  63. Magical Chicken says:

    Nick is trying to be cute but he’s just a fatty

  64. xersace nightmares says:

    Omg she so cute

  65. Andy Panda says:

    Omg you are crazy 😂☆☆☆☆☆

  66. Muhammad Ahmed says:

    Nicoavacado he is so over acter he just overeact dosnt what he's doing he want to see other what they are doing really nick is disgusting person

  67. White Night says:

    11: 50 look how Sickado is watching Stephanie.

  68. X Ichiban says:

    Dickocado Avocado

  69. matikx. says:


    Srsly anyone:

    Nick: Eating without gloves and he is smiling all time

  70. Gabrielle Evans says:

    At 2:15 when the crumb fell I was like "lemme have ittt" then it got snatched away😂

  71. Cherrymariah says:

    08:05 Look at the way she looks at Nick and bites her lip, hahah

  72. Hot wheel Role play and default says:

    Zach is better

  73. Oof Ers says:

    The way- he eats and does that weird creepy smile is just DISTURBING

  74. Gael Cordoba says:

    Jajajaja like si eres de México y te ríes del de la derecha v:

  75. ääpö says:

    Who else just watches this and thinks they're laughing at you

  76. Jocelynn Conway says:

    And the fact the he keeps casually looking over at her constantly and putting a thumbs up just pisses me off, acting like he's some nice person.

  77. Glitchee says:

    How much cheese would you like?
    Mukbangers: Yes

  78. The Gacha Girl says:


  79. jezebel williams says:

    Awesome video just need to cut out the whole right side👍

  80. Jessie Waddington says:

    Can someone fill me in on the supposed drama? I don't have instagram or whatever

  81. Little Burfie says:

    Nick's always smiling😀

  82. Kedora Dalencour says:

    The most awkward video I’ve ever watched

  83. gameplays chidos says:

    How MaNy chesse you want

  84. Fruit Labs says:

    Yummy 😋

  85. EL1JB says:

    Can y’all just leave the issue off this page. I understand Zach’s innocent but don’t remind the comment section of his vids, just enjoy the video.

  86. Rayan_ T says:

    Le gros bouge son verre et souri à la cam comme si c un gamin et quand il mange on dirait qu'il va jouir

  87. Adriana Lopez says:

    I’m sorry I’m late but did anyone else realize how nick was looking at Stephanie at the end when Zach and her were having their last wing

  88. Anthony Sanchez says:

    Is it me or just that Zach Choi is the fastest and quiettter as required person like if agree

  89. Qwerty Pants says:

    the way nuck stares at stephanie like ewww 🤢🤮

  90. AK - 07ZP - Fallingbrook MS (1547) says:

    I don’t know why people hate you guys.. with the dislike. I love watching you guys and I support you all!!!

  91. ASMR ANONYMOUS says:

    Nicakado cancellado

  92. Fortnit A says:

    Never do a collab with that disgusting big ass pig

  93. SKYLAR LUNA says:


  94. Aisha Tayyab says:


  95. Sorrow Bird says:

    Why didn’t he use gloves like ew

  96. jaseh onfroy says:

    why Nik keep glancing at Stephanie that shit making me uncomfy after knowing what she was going through

  97. lxnasparkly says:

    nick: breathes
    everyone hated that including me.

  98. Jay Sharings ._._. says:

    When they are putting the cheese on the chicken, nik is the only one not using a glove.🙁

  99. Dim Sung says:

    And Im zack at this point. Unproblematic queeN

  100. Jaynie Shepherd says:

    Is it just me, or does nick try to be the star of the show? Idk

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