Hey guys! Welcome back 😀 LET’S EAT!! First bite is all yours! Delicious!! Start with the crust for the CRUNCH 🙂 Thank you guys so much for a great first merch launch! We had wayy more orders than I expected!! If you haven’t gotten yours yet, the link is in the description! Thanks for watching!!


  1. Randi Snowbarger says:

    I think the only thing in his fridge is sprite

  2. Maggie Ramos says:

    I’m going healthy please someone pray for me 😩🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  3. King Labossiere says:

    How come you eat that much and never get fat😁

  4. Blankiizz Hernandez says:

    mugre bocon osicon

  5. Amanda F says:

    He is so fat his face is so fat

  6. Jewelz Nicks says:

    who is hungy for that

  7. LUKA king says:

    mex food iding 🍟+🍕=?

  8. stub ur toe says:

    Please stop making me hubgry

  9. ۵օɮʟɨʋɨօռ ɬʂųŋɖɛཞɛ says:

    Zach you were a model right

  10. Cherry Milk says:

    I’ve never been so hungry in my life but I’m too lazy to go down stares and eat

  11. ผม ผม says:


  12. chelsea shin says:

    zach : “first bite is all yours”

    me : eats whole phone

  13. Heather Scheer says:

    Is it just me or does Zachs face on the top kinda look like… THE ONION RING?!?!

  14. yeet haw says:


  15. Silvio Suarez says:

    Good asmr

  16. Yellow Kush says:

    Why dose he make me so hungry?!?

  17. Kenza Hatim says:

    I really feel the tease when he says the first bite is all yours

  18. Medumbest says:

    Did the pepper flakes get stuck in between your teeth?

  19. Minty Games says:

    Zach : eats pizza from the side

    [Insert halo meme here]

  20. Fireball Gamer says:

    Do You Exercise For 100,000,000 Hours When Your Done With One Of Those EATING ASMR VIDS. Your Still In Good Shape??

  21. Aaliyah Mitchell says:

    Can you do the exotic food from craftsman row

  22. queen hillo says:

    I like your tattoos. They look cool.

  23. Amanda Prado says:

    MDS eu gosto MT dos seus vídeos sério mas tem hora que eu fico com agonia pq vc como MT rápido

  24. pedro gamer says:

    Free fire

  25. dodaeng precious says:


  26. Lala The Mage says:

    Ew pizza hut? Onion rings are always yummy tho!

  27. Marlin Segura says:

    How ever much likes I get is how many black shirts he has

  28. ninjaa22 says:

    Thanks for making me get out of bed to eat food

  29. XGd Jack says:

    Bro’s hip to the red crushed peppers I’ve been doing that for so long

  30. SebasEdits says:

    Like si se te antojo

  31. jimin's lachimolala says:

    lol I ordered pizza right away

  32. Charles sheppard says:

    Can we hear ur real voice?? 1000 likes on this comment? And we can hear ur real voice

  33. Dyan Arcap says:


  34. Frankie Correia says:

    Just by watching I get so hungry

  35. SmoshGrindXV says:

    Lucky I'm poor

  36. Apple Chan says:

    Had this at full volume and then accidentally clicked on Stephanie's video-

  37. MT Physics says:

    Normal People:I want a pizza
    (Gets fat and diabetes just thinking about it)
    (Doesnt get fat or diabetes)

    Me: Suprised Pikachu Face

  38. m says:

    Am I the only one who got a Sprite ad before the video started? HAHAH

  39. Jason Grey says:

    Be Honest!!!
    Are you a serial Killer??

  40. Cold Flame says:

    This dude showing more emotion than me while he eats. dang

  41. Karla CARAT says:

    Con estos videos me dan ganas de comer eso pero me acuerdo que no hay plata :"v

  42. Mizu Miuz says:

    Wow it's so delicious I crave it so much

  43. Perla Martinez_Morales says:

    Why do I torture myself like this😭
    I M L I T E R A L L Y G O I N G T O
    D I E

  44. Perla Martinez_Morales says:

    How does he not gain any weight 😭

  45. Caroline Eubanks says:

    If I ever went on his Chanel I could not be so quiet I would have to talk 😔😔😔🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️💁💁💁✌️😁🤭🤭🤭

  46. Date Mike says:

    Which is better???🧐

    Like: Pizza🍕

    Comment: Onion Rings

  47. Ysha Dela cruz says:

    Sprite is back

  48. Mr vloger 31 says:

    He makes a huge bowl of cheese and wastes basically all of it at least drink it my dude

  49. Victoria Pedroni says:

    Vcs só bebê isso

  50. Victoria Pedroni says:

    Você ama comer eu adorei o seu vídeo

  51. Pizzalover542 1 says:

    Zach I’m sorry… but you went to jack in the box and didn’t get their ranch like???!!! How could you not?!

  52. Daryl Grande says:

    “911, what’s your emergency?”

    “Yea, uhm.. saw this guy on youtube eating tOns of food buT not getting fat at all, i think there’s something wrong wth him.. probably an alien or so.. go check him out”

  53. 菊池美智 says:


  54. QT muoschi says:

    That pizza does not look good imo

  55. The gOod One says:

    I'm your big fan ZaCh..

    Every videoS are sO cool..
    Two thumbS up. .

  56. Mixhellemochi says:

    Who else is craving pizza and onion rings now, cause I know I am🙋🏻‍♀️

  57. Diana and Kathy's life says:

    Did anyone else notice the pizza at 1:51 is different from the one at 2:15 😭😭

  58. Give it hope says:

    Literally getting a job just so I can buy the silence shirt

  59. Mr. Eightube says:

    OK u eat in front of your camera putting a HD microphone then u continue to eat but what is meaning of that huh?. Useless yes completely useless bro is just as***le asmr video bro

  60. Rihui He says:

    I had a power ball and was watching this video, I almost ate my power ball

  61. Katie Jenkins says:

    Why does he wear gloves while eating ???

  62. cutie cupcake says:

    Him with pizza and onion rings
    Me with cornflakes

  63. God Domino says:

    The new trend is telling people to like your comment so may as well be a part of it. PLEASE LIKE I WORKED REALLY HARD ON THIS

  64. CoolWhip2017 He says:

    Mans living the life eating a bunch of food

  65. Randomness Corner says:

    maybe one day sprite will sponsor you haha

  66. Arely Torres says:

    4:29 so sexy

  67. stretch rez says:

    Zach Choi:mmmm it’s soo good vs us:man don’t brag we’re hungry too 😭😭

  68. MadzPlays p. says:

    You have big bite😂

  69. Ghita Bissoon says:

    i unsubscribed bc all he eats is onion rings,pizza,burgers and corndogs

  70. Uzumaki Boi says:

    I honestly only watch do the box sounds and prep sounds

  71. Tonia Morrow says:

    Looks Delicious 😋

  72. Mocca friends says:

    I love the merch design

  73. Stephanie R. says:

    Love those lil mini pizzas their so good tho!

  74. MrNeko says:

    First time i seen u eat that all

  75. MR Ürmös Karcsika says:

    Like aki Magyar 😀

  76. Jesse’s Vlogs and random videos says:

    Zach:eats a whole family combo from Pizza Hut and gains 0.1 pounds
    Me:has one chip and gains 1928738283729299283774636388282 pounds

  77. อัมพร พาป้อ says:


  78. Jamessenteja Jameseeteja says:

    Zach who is your gf do q n a

  79. ღ_DarkQueen_ ღ says:

    Nmms tengo hambre :'u

  80. Princess Jinerella says:

    zach's eyes always go ^^ when he eats lol

  81. Kelsey Wesley says:

    I’m weird, this is the only asmr I like from a person eating and it’s zach

  82. M&S Tv says:

    Мал екенсин барго

  83. ASMR Konney 고니 says:

    Wow onion ring looks soooooooo tasty😭😭

  84. michelle carter says:

    Man those first crunches

  85. Geraldine Romero says:


  86. sarynaa says:

    I wish i could eat everything i want without gaining weight or having any health problems

  87. Aya Sabrina Salonga says:

    Sana all

  88. Card game noob player says:

    The way Zach eats the pizza got my OCD acting up

  89. Zulma Espinoza says:

    Im, delicious🤤🤤🤤😳

  90. Sania Dahri says:

    this mf eats so good (if that makes sense????)
    def my fav ASMR chanel

  91. Lil G says:

    If you wear gloves while u eat, that's how u know ur really Asian 😂😂

  92. Denzel Djomo says:

    Lol I have never seen anyone take their first bite of pizza from the side.

  93. Diamond Chaney says:

    Hashtag 🍕

  94. Ken Christian S.Tomas says:

    The sound is not tro

  95. LoveableGirl_15 says:

    Can someone please explain to me how Zach is still a skinny legend eating all this crap, but when I eat it I gain like 2000 pounds??!!!?

    Answer: Black magic

    Jkjkjk, lol. Love ur vids Zach!!

  96. baekhyun hates cucumber says:

    حلقات البصل المقرمش عشققق😍

  97. GeneralAsintado says:

    Goodbye food, hello Heart Attack.

  98. Donatello Ala Carte says:

    I love sprite

  99. dualbanz says:

    He not only ate the pizza from the crust first, but he also at it at one of the ends of the crust

  100. Lovely Sangalang says:

    Kain ng kain, pero di nataba

    Sana all

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