Hey guys! Welcome back 😀 LET’S EAT!! First bite is all yours 🙂 This cheddar cheese and steak hits differently… Thanks for watching!!


  1. PH Gallery Busana says:

    Isn't it just cute that zach be smiling with his eyes everytime he takes a bite…😅

  2. Alexisjazz Jordan says:

    I like your cheese

  3. Majo Y Viviana :v says:

    Is it good? Xdxd

  4. Esther Lin says:

    Is it just me or do any of you get a bit jealous just looking at him eat!

  5. Jailson Santana says:

    Omg im hungry :/

  6. RyGuyzWorld says:

    Not to be rude but wouldnt that much chese a bite over power the steak?

  7. Johnmiguel28 says:

    support from PH!

  8. Yo Boi says:

    Hope Zach sees this🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  9. ZenonXYZ- FN BTW says:

    Who thinks loads of cheese is a little disgusting

  10. Stélian Graphics says:

    Subtitle : "first bite is all yours"

    Me : mmm phone tastes so good

  11. Gaming_Dan08 says:

    How do people get 1k or so likes on there comment it’s impossible -_-

  12. khiel vlog says:

    Zach can you show your real lifi voice in the next video

  13. TheJohnny- FCL says:

    Tienes canal de cocina?

  14. Osha Official Gacha says:

    6:14 dia baru makan..dan saat masak durasinya benar benar panjang:v

  15. Anggi Anggi says:

    Plis subbtema indonesia i komprom indonesia

  16. —Coca-Cola Subs;; says:

    ¿Por que no engorda? , yo como pan y subo 5kg ;-;

  17. jacqueline gutierrez says:

    a personal question? but is your digestive system okay? thats so much red meat.. looks amazing tho! love ur vids!!

  18. jacqueline gutierrez says:

    and no im not vegan but eating red meat fucks w ur blood system and intestines, meat protein is some heavy ass stuff lol

  19. xXArctic WolfXx says:

    Can you do a grilled cheese sandwich one but like MASSIVE! AND LOTS OF STRETCHY CHEESY!!!!

  20. Justin Lee says:

    Zach: First bite is all yours!

    Me: Mmm… Carbon dioxide tastes nice.

  21. DuvalinRJ 2.0 says:

    Relajación totaal

  22. DuvalinRJ 2.0 says:

    Me encantaaa

  23. DuvalinRJ 2.0 says:

    I loveee

  24. Troy aj 4 life says:

    Why do I tortcher my self watching this when I'm hungry😭😭😭

  25. Cristian Meneses says:

    Zach found a easier way to make stretchy cheese!!!😮

  26. Abby Jones says:

    I HONESTLY Do not see how ppl sit and listen to this shit. It's so disgusting and disturbing. And to think he makes money from this? Oh lord!

  27. Legend Never die says:

    Zach’s video is becoming a cooking asmr video

  28. Stephanni Muñoz says:

    Omg!!!!! Love it

  29. Eric B says:

    zach, please eat something healthy! i would love to see a salad mukbang or anything with vegetables instead of cheese honestly haha

  30. NaSe Xenon says:

    He’s just eating a cheeseburger with no bread

  31. Thu Huyền says:


  32. afika rahmadani says:

    So hungry OMG

  33. Sm9rt Flohr says:

    There is the blood of the filet mignon in the cheese

  34. Te'kayah Dawkins says:

    His thumbs scare me

  35. Gregori Ferreira says:

    Estas fallando no te comes todo 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬

  36. aka gonzo says:


  37. Hat dau nho says:

    pretty bad when you've finished and still have food stuck in your mouth, it looks terrible

  38. Morgan Wade says:

    I love your food that you make it look so nice oh my goodness. 🤤🤤

  39. kyla sta ana says:

    I like the new cheese ing.
    Its not stretchy so its not hard to dip

    Filipino fan out here
    Subscribe to: it'z me kriztel

  40. Hannah Billingsly says:

    Just sitting here with my triscuits pretending they’re steak and cheese 😂😭

  41. ひめほのチャンネル says:


  42. EpicNoodles says:


  43. Paint V.S.D zoo says:


  44. Thiều Nhung says:


  45. Patrick Star says:

    mubazir keju cok!

  46. ルチルチャンネル says:


  47. Goated says:

    He almost got 6 million subs just off eating

  48. R.H.M ALL ALL says:


  49. human blood says:

    RIP stomach
    Drinking to much soda each day

  50. abc太郎 says:


  51. Aud rey says:

    is it me or is it a bit unnerving to have him keep checking the camera everyone 2 seconds even during biting ://

  52. Arjuna Satria says:

    Masa gua sendiri yang orang Indonesia?

  53. ws s says:

    이새끼도 끝났네
    졸 재미없네

  54. Rizky Agung says:

    Would you Collab with African child..

  55. Visperas Family says:


  56. ironicallymin_ says:

    Me: Eomma I'm hungry
    My Asian mom: eat rICe

  57. Хитрожопый Леон says:

    Мясо не прожарено

  58. aishah alwi says:

    Only me can feel hobie vibe here~

  59. ฟี โน่ครับ says:


  60. Luxurious World says:

    me putting on headphones
    Me also melting

  61. Mp Lpb says:


  62. Chico Espino says:

    In California we grow these things called fruit and vegetables

  63. vr lifestyle says:

    Wtf YouTube recommended

  64. 光音 says:


  65. Rose Tawan says:

    I think you should + salad

  66. khanh le says:

    Fucking Zach Choi.

  67. [Living Coconut아미] says:

    ASMRists are so savage
    They say “first bite is all yours” buts ends up eating it anyway

  68. kang Trần says:

    Why he don't fat ??

  69. ben nikoro says:

    He is insecure about his voice .. If u didn't know

  70. xXSony_ZeroXx The op gamer says:

    Eat some pho

  71. Iced Out says:

    Bro why ure shaking?

  72. Fran Joshy says:

    So much cheese

  73. ヴェノムひげ says:


  74. pubg gamer says:

    So delicious

  75. Kanyapak Romphochee says:


  76. njl rmdn says:

    Inget om,Kolestrol:(

  77. Fiyaz 40 41 35 says:

    It's So Good.😉

  78. Tizian Scheffner says:

    Hurensohn verpiss dich

  79. Jaylen Gilchrist says:

    They got mad diabetes

  80. R.S. G says:

    Shouldnt be worried about your voice. Should be worried about how ur face looks

  81. E-BITE FOOD TV says:

    As always it look delicious 😊

  82. Zacky Uyy says:

    Kalean semua pantek

  83. HIBO ranss says:

    Fuck you

  84. GamingHour Online says:

    The food looks good

  85. Sara Queen says:


  86. GamingHour Online says:

    I Think your a really good cook

  87. : says:

    답답하게 먹는데 매력있어 ㅋㅋㅋ

  88. Mari - Chan says:

    I noticed this since I watched him for the first time. His hand/s is shaking a little… ಥ‿ಥ

  89. INFO SUBMITTED says:

    Be honest! Do you vomit after eating such a food?

  90. ziad games says:


  91. pIyApAt Poomlamnao says:

    zach:first bite is all yo–
    me:*dying goat scream*

  92. Ji Milallos says:

    Gall stone is near😷

  93. 김진원 says:

    이새끼 밴쯔네

  94. Night Gaming says:

    That look pretty good

  95. Zoum Curry says:

    Where do he live please I want eat with he

  96. Sandrina De Castro says:

    I love how saucy it is. Looking for more saucy vids zach ❤️

  97. KTZ Chanel says:


  98. Yara Waled says:

    اى الفيديو المستفز دة

  99. Luffy Uzumaki says:

    Gordon ramsey be like
    Nice tips

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