Hey guys! Welcome back 😀 Garlic Korean Fried Chicken & Rice Cakes Mozzarella Cheese Sticks Cheese Fondue Corn Cheese Water today 🙂 LET’S EAT!! First bite is all yours 🙂 So good! I haven’t had this in FOREVER! Thanks for watching!!


  1. Bird Pink says:

    Why were watching a man only is eating ?
    👇 if ur with me

  2. 鈴木氏 says:


  3. Celestine Maureese says:

    It's already 12:00 am and im starving. omg- let me eat cheeseeeee and gArLic fLavOrEd chiCken pLeaSeee-

  4. Hell Oliver says:

    Почему ты так много кушаешь и такой стройный????

  5. Zaruhi Avetisyan says:


  6. Айзада Нурланбек кызы says:

    … Курсак ачты!

  7. Dkd dododo says:

    He eats like a pig

  8. Lousia Fathy says:

    انا كنت لسه واكله اول ما شفت المقطع ده جوعت

  9. Lousia Fathy says:


  10. Maria Luiss says:

    Hi,l'm i's Brazil 🇧🇷, l'm new to your channel (l'm no speak i's inglish)sorry if i made a mistake

  11. •Purple lilac• says:

    Wow the crunching makes it look 10 times better than it actually tastes

  12. pavani sree says:

    What should I do watching your face while eating

  13. Ваня Комеко says:

    Фу скинь

  14. Daisy Santisteban says:

    Zach: water today

    Me: sees him mix water 30 times

  15. Lovely 129009 says:

    He eating good make me some never had it

  16. ______ says:

    i dont stand it why do asmr people eat slowly

  17. Xx violet xX says:

    Ppl: I'd d8 zach for his food!

    Me: bruh I'd date the food.

  18. Maria Magpantay says:

    11:49 he said sike to those cheese sticks

  19. fav city baby says:

    He’s gonna be on the toilet for a long time

  20. Med_ Gaming says:

    Yummy can i hava some

  21. Cynthia Estrada says:

    I need to get on this mukbang gig! I love food!

  22. savage gamer says:


  23. Francesca Jamolo says:

    I'm torturing my self

  24. cookies'n kawii says:

    Ur sooo lucky who else is in their bed watching this and STARVING TO DEATH my mouth is watering so hard 🤤

  25. Laurie Yoneda says:

    Mom: honey what are you watching? Me:nothing

  26. Travis Cabungcal says:

    Zach Choi: Let me do another cheese Asmr
    Toilet:Ahhh shit here we go again

  27. Tawny Frog says:

    Cut to me sitting in San Diego California wondering where he gets all this amazing food from .

  28. mahou says:

    I am french

  29. Jacob Flores says:

    Zach :First bite is all yours:)
    Me:am i joke to you

  30. rafi akbar wijaya says:

    DoNT tAKe my AlL cHEESe I nEed THat CheeSe THAt cHEESe So deleciOuS

  31. HAKAN DENİZ says:


  32. Aishah Lynn says:

    Tell me were u looking at the boy or the cheese well I was looking at the cheese🤗

    I should delete did but I don't wanna😑

  33. Malika channel says:

    الله يخربيتكو جوعتوني 😭🍟🍟🌭🌭🌭🥘🌭🌭🌯🥙🌭🥘🍟🥘🍟🥘🍟🍕🍕🍕🥘🌭🍝🍛🍱🍥🍥🍚🥘🍗🌭🥘🌭🥘🍲🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔

  34. Ibrahim Abdi says:

    It looks good

  35. ビルダーです says:


  36. Aafreen Mohammed says:

    The shape of the ice cubes really triggers me

  37. Elsa Öykü says:

    Öküz onların çıkışı nası

  38. Althea Lopez says:

    There is no fondue

  39. Sofia Joy says:

    Try to put your playback speed to 1.75x. It's fun to watch!

  40. Yolanda Flores says:

    si buscas un comentario en español este es el unico y si lo les hola

  41. Yolanda Flores says:

    hello the eat mucho

  42. Yolanda Flores says:

    dame de tu comida

  43. Maria Yanez says:

    Only good food 😌😛😋😋😋

  44. alicia vazquez says:

    I wish I could do this but I'm lactose intolerant . :'(

  45. GucciHase! says:

    im from germany und ich liebe deine videos 😍

  46. Paige Menard says:

    All the cheese in this video has lactose intolerant people quaking 😂🧀

  47. Tia the twat says:

    I just realized his right eye is placed higher than the left

  48. Sude Temel says:

    Canım çekti

  49. Fingerlikingood says:

    Now I’m hungry >:0

  50. Duhh.its.Caity says:

    Zach: Water today!

    Sprite: You chose the wrong twin..!

  51. Emari Tate says:

    Man all that cheese looks good but the way my stomach is set up 🙃

  52. Gaurav Deswal says:

    My fav vedio on youtube

  53. Kevin Pickford says:

    Mom didn't cook dinner and in to lazy to cook and this is killing me

  54. Katherine Castro says:

    Adicta a ver estos videos
    Aunque a veces me pregunto cómo puede comer tanto, o que pasa con su salud?🤔

  55. Rumaysa Bint says:

    You very much fake

  56. Rumaysa Bint says:


  57. MemeGacha Foever says:

    Cheese 🧀🧀🧀

  58. K Beato's Vlogs says:

    Uhhhh!Im drooling!like if your drooling too😫😫

  59. NinjightNationCorp says:

    Tell me why you watch him eat??? Seriously, why??????? Anyone?

  60. NinjightNationCorp says:

    I legit have had a disgusted look on my face the entire time. Greasy food, sound of his chewing, food hanging out if his mouth ew ick yuck

  61. lamya canada says:

    this is weird

  62. H Y says:

    2:27 ここから本編

  63. Cjay PH says:

    Mom : All you do is eat you wont make money out of that

    This guy makes money by eating

  64. Misa Hello says:

    Có ai VN hơm

  65. angeee10 says:

    I'm obsessed 🤗

  66. Habiba, Saleha and Asiya says:

    can you like stop looking at me while your eating?? loll

  67. am k says:

    why is he so skinny??

  68. Min Genius Yoongi's Bae says:

    My boyfriend is Food

  69. tack ch 555 says:


  70. tack ch 555 says:


  71. Poonam Yadav says:

    Muh me paani aah raha hai

  72. quincy vadil says:

    cheese is my most favorite ❤️!!!!!

  73. XL ArtThou says:

    Am i the only one wondering how much he spends on his meals?

  74. Kunsik TV ASMR says:

    It looks so delicious~!!! wow eating sounds are so good!!! I'm drooling!!!!👍👍👍

  75. Grace Madixx 2 says:

    Does anybody else watch him eat this food for them when they have to scoff down a salad

    Just me ok

  76. TSC Gaming says:

    Food’s lookin’ good, the guy’s lookin’ good, I-

  77. 陳泯汝 says:


  78. jihyo is my religion says:

    I'm guessing Zach likes cheese. But it's just a feeling

  79. lizard says:

    I wonder if he ever throws up after doing these videos

  80. ᴊᴏรᴛᴋɪʏ [σƒƒเ૮αl] says:

    Very tasty!! I really want to eat like he's got food! How's it not going to get fat? He eats a lot of food! I'd eat the same.

  81. Rita Baria says:

    Zach choi:finish half food
    Me:dont waste food

  82. Niels Verlee says:


  83. Hana Arts says:

    I wish I could get into the video and eat with you 😋😮

  84. OGnot Aden says:

    I’m just watching the video AND eating chick’a’flia

  85. M.W 24828 says:

    Where are the minute guy!!?

  86. ภัทรธิดา ลาเต๊ะ says:


  87. jeffa energy sarawak says:


  88. กนกวรรณ zbyng says:


  89. MLG meme machine Ultimate says:

    I love asmr

  90. Quik story says:

    Qui est la parce qu'il a faim

  91. max su says:

    Sub to pewdiepie!!

  92. К-ПОПЕРША !!! says:

    Что за белая еда 🧐🧐🧐🤔🤔🤔

  93. Gabriel Sibarani says:

    Apa cuman gue orang indonesia Di si

    Btw aku nonton ini ngiler cuk

  94. Han says:

    Dasar anjeng lo 😁 makan dapet duit bangsat ☺️ bikin orang ngiler lagi bangsat lu tai 😆 salam dari INDONESIA 🇲🇨

  95. Rakhi Ṭhakur says:

    No sprite 😎 I only wanna know. How you stay super fit…????

  96. PUBG- RORO says:

    اجاني مغص ويييع

  97. Jose Ovalle X says:

    Never seen him eat so messy😂

  98. まぐろのたたき says:


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