Hey guys! Welcome back 😀 LET’S EAT!! First bite is all yours!! So good!! Korean Fried Chicken with Cheese Fondue is amazing! Thanks for watching!!


  1. alisson :D says:

    Dang the sound of the first crunch 🤩

  2. c.m.l.r says:

    Does Zach have a reusable straw??

  3. yShadow_ says:

    A carinha de felicidade dele é a melhor coisa

  4. earthlingkiwi says:

    Can u bite one at a time? 😅💓

  5. Lucy Rodríguez says:


  6. Lucy Rodríguez says:

    I love it so much

  7. Happy Maya says:

    I'm hungry now!

  8. roxy foxy :3 mangle maciel :3 says:

    can u share those hash browns with me couse i love hash browns😁

  9. Teacher SP says:

    Eat too brother

  10. mario estrada says:

    Cómo le hace para comer tanta porquería y no engordaaaar

  11. Original. Fun says:

    Zach if you ever pull out an

    Coke ima be shock

  12. random human says:

    Zach: first bite is all yours


  13. Martty Partty says:

    I'm veran❤️. You eat meet 😣😣😣😣🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤👿👿👿👿👿💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  14. Big Vowles says:

    Anybody else get mad when he picked up all those fries and just ate them instead of one at a time

  15. Anuar che mahmud says:


  16. xXAkira_PlayzXx :3 says:

    I always watch your vids and you make me hungryyy!

  17. NOGODPLZNO ! says:

    Dang I wish I knew Zach Choi’s name!

  18. Alicia Quilicot says:

    No one:

    When u enter the nether portal: 0:53

  19. Dēs Åeøvå says:

    ¿Soy el único p3nd3j0 c4g4nd0se de habré al ver este vídeo? :v ta riko la papas ♥

  20. A Nifty Kitty says:

    Zach is so slick, he can flip his cheese like nothing and continue eating. My ass would’ve tried to do the same and it’d end up hitting the camera 😩

  21. LIFE says:

    I only eat 1 per day sometimes 2 :V bc we're poor

  22. BobertDa Fish says:

    calories have entered the chat

  23. TheGaming Octopie says:

    Damn,im hungry

  24. ps3adik says:

    Why does he do such a big bite.. take it slow man kinda nasty.

  25. Eduardo Augusto says:

    It is stupid

  26. AyeAspectGaming says:

    In America KFC = kentucky fried chicken
    In Zach choir's channel KFC = Korean Fried Chicken

  27. moon head says:


  28. Beenubnu Bnu says:

    Biggest dream ever to meet Zach and have some fried chicken with cheese yummy

  29. Lil G says:

    Rose's r red violets r blue
    The thumbnails r getting gayer
    And so r youu

  30. Rama Galaxy says:

    Yg Indo Like

  31. Ahleah Valencia says:

    You’ll never run out of sauce with Zach.
    because he always dips it a little bit and takes big ass bites.

  32. Alarua Nohealani says:

    How can people do asker with lots of food and making us jealous and how do they not get fat?

  33. Tintin Lane says:

    It's 3 in the afternoon watching this craving for that amount of food

  34. Rose Valentine says:

    Omg Zack is this close to reaching 5M congrats Zack keep it up

  35. Anthony KATHEKLAKIS says:

    Fatty 🐖

  36. SHL Aussie YT says:


  37. Kim Soohyeok Kim says:

    Wow, Korean language😲😲😲

  38. Leonard Bruce says:

    Mate that food looks good

    Like if u agree
    Also love from England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 mate

  39. canyenn mcallaster says:

    He makes money eating and his money is how he eats.🤯

  40. Kelley Adams says:

    What is the cheese recipe

  41. Rahmah Nasriah says:


  42. kai e says:

    you have the most boring face in the world and the most boring asmr in youtube history…. i hate uuu

  43. Izy Carbillon says:

    His favorite is the stretchy cheese he like it more than other sauce

  44. Izy Carbillon says:

    I want to reaveal the voice of zach choi in his next vlog

  45. :3kitkat and unicorn XD says:

    No body:
    No one at all:
    Zack Choi: does the best cheese flip of 2019 (2:59)

  46. Edy Avram says:

    What the fuck can u enjoy about this

  47. gaby gabi says:

    I am hungry

  48. UrSM Bro says:

    You and UDT TV should collab asap cause both of u are my favorite mukbangers

  49. Blueberry 267 says:

    Who else mouth is watering seeing this? 😭

  50. Bluedragonplayz says:

    Sana olll!

  51. xKing Bachx Hi says:

    WTF Creeper

  52. Raffi Pross Jr jr says:


  53. فيصل الشمري says:

    يا ابو

  54. XY- MOBILE LEGENDS says:

    Patay gutom ka bobo

  55. in life you gotta yeet or get yeeted says:

    No one:

    Zach and his hash browns and fries: 📚

  56. Snow Burger111 says:

    This isn’t normal

  57. xNitro- Minter says:

    2:58 Lemme show you this Magic trick 😁👇🏽 Make this thumbs up blue

  58. maya wnda says:

    selamat hari sumpah pemuda SAYA DARI INDONESIA:)

  59. HetaTrash says:

    I don't like the amount of sauce left
    And how he dips his fries only once

  60. Sofia Madvali says:

    Why doesn't Zach like ketchup ;(

  61. Hasan Alp Bicer says:

    4:34 what is This sound????

  62. Hahaziqq Hishamm says:

    Why Zach choose food and it's look delicious

  63. enjoydLifeNov says:

    why mostly mukbang eat unhealthy food? don't they care about their healthy? those foods are very delicious, but is not healthy for ur body.

  64. Mads Craft says:

    He's not saving the turtles😬

  65. Fiki Murdhiyanto says:

    why do you eat Junkfood food ??

  66. Eleyla Thomas says:

    is lava

  67. Dandi Kusnandar says:


  68. E M says:

    Can you talk in one of your videos

  69. Yunju Lee says:

    이분은 볼때마다 궁금한게..한국사람인지 중국사람인지..ㅋㅋ정말 잘 드시네요^^항상 즐 감상하고 가요^^

  70. A- Z says:

    Wi you dint finish your food am gonna deslike this vedio

  71. _aliyah zahrah_ says:

    Sumpah guee ngilerr banget anjirrrr

  72. Patataaa :3 says:

    Im hungry now

  73. عنود حسن says:

    انا انصحك كثير مسلم و تشيل الوشم

  74. Callum Coope says:

    you might get fat for making all these food videos lol

  75. Kezia's videos says:

    I like how he arranges the food neatly and orderly

  76. vsco girl says:


  77. mimi covers says:

    Ça me donne mais tellement envie de manger ce qu’il mange 😭😭🤤

  78. rubenx02 gg says:

    Y yo acá hambriento y tu enseñándome eso :v

  79. Next Walker says:

    😭😭😭😭😭 I am not eat junk food I like vegetables 😎 but little junk food my favourite 😢😢😢😢😢

  80. 신승호 says:


  81. Dung Ho viet says:

    Gvruvhgv&&&&((((((((7599 ,&&%₫₫@

  82. Julija Nikolić says:

    3:00 damn that flip😱

  83. Christin Faith says:


  84. Maha Than says:

    I watch this at night

  85. Kamal Quliyev says:

    Bon apetit

  86. david Vujicic says:

    Imma make parody on song guess what song is this
    Parody:how can you eat that ohh ohh how can youuuu~ just give me som ohh GIVE ME SOME

  87. Yuvadey Kosal says:

    WoW he can do magic nice

  88. Jessica is a Vlog Fan says:

    Ohhhh. The strong and silent type. He is handsome, but Asian so I don't know if I could date him. Whatever.

  89. Ramesh Chandarana says:

    ASMR without headphone
    Zach without sprite is impossible

  90. 23 1 says:

    보면 볼수록 어느나라분이신지 모르겠단말이지…..

  91. Evaggelia Liogka says:


    Literally no soul:

    Not a breath:

    My stomach going crazy :💃🕺👯👯🗣️🔥🤪

  92. Nick Phoenix says:

    What is the stuff on the chicken is that just string cheese or whatb

  93. SLIMESHOP says:

    Мне одной хочется первое блюдо попробывать?

  94. cloudyy tears says:

    how does he stuff that much in one mouth full? hooowwww

  95. cloudyy tears says:

    what were those things on the chicken

  96. Thi Khuyen Pham says:

    Who is watching while scrolling down the comments?

    Me but i am alone ;c

  97. Serkan Yegin says:

    Türkler buradamıı

  98. Naruto says:

    How is he still not fat?

  99. Siir Ash says:

    Yo that was some bad ass shit when you twirled the cheese around the rice cake like that lmfao

  100. Maria Clara Paulino says:

    Guloso 😂

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