Hey guys! Welcome back 😀 Kyochon Rice Fried Chicken Wings Sweet Potato Fries And the key ingredient to todays video.. LET’S EAT!! Let’s not make a mess.. First bite is all yours 🙂 So good! Honey and Fried Chicken is one of my favorite combos! Thanks for watching!!


  1. Miguel De La Cruz says:

    I want to here your voice soooooooooooo bad inane in un subscribe. Ps not really

  2. AmandaGamingShow Chen says:


  3. geli Lucero says:

    oohh ..i ❤️ honey ..taste so good …and good for allergies ❤️❤️

  4. Rifat Dalgakiran says:

    Akşam tuvalet için üzülüyorum, ballı tavuk ne aq

  5. Piiaa Morales says:


  6. Jack Cuellar says:

    I love that smile, don't we all?

  7. RaeIssaGoat says:

    Imagine being at a restaurant with him eating😭 it’s a joke I like his asmr

  8. LGBT Com orgulho says:


  9. gigi says:

    🤤😳 hh….hi.

  10. sword tiger 2 says:

    If ur eating that with him gn i ate it too with him lol

  11. sword tiger 2 says:

    Damn that food was so fucking good

  12. anderson diaz says:


  13. vsp21 _gamer123 says:

    Idk if I suppose to be asleep or hungry… XD

  14. Carlos Peña says:

    How many black shirts does this guy have.?

  15. Vickie Starr says:

    So that’s how you open one of those take out boxes!! I’m always tearing the stupid thing.. I’ve been doing it wrong this whole time 😂😂😂😂❤️

  16. Raul Rivera says:

    Eat the cartilage too I do the same lol

  17. MUA RIYA says:

    So I wanted to hear your voice so bad I went all the way back to your old videos your so attractive and I really love your voice you should talk in some of your videos because something about the way you eat really turns me on ❤️❤️❤️

  18. Dimitriy Miretskiy says:

    This how many people are….no I cant say it…the amount hungry people and likes are unquantifiable

  19. Bựng Bùi says:


  20. Brahian Osorio says:

    Alguien hablando español?

  21. RNG-BLack Zero says:

    Dude how are you eating this thing men stop not good for you

  22. Santiago Mandracho says:

    Hay alguien que hable español aquí?

  23. DisKid Draw says:

    I love your vibes

  24. hyper 8s says:

    Ok this is just weird he's taking chicken and honny mix how is that make sense comment and let me now

  25. MFN SHI says:

    May I recommend sprite cranberry

  26. Jesse Garcia says:

    You should do a remake of you're first video like if you agree

  27. the invisible me says:

    Some other youtubers would have dunked the chicken in the honey

  28. Hayze Pyder says:

    Water company: why you no drink water!!!

    Sprite company: yyyeeesss keep drinking sprite!!!!

  29. cati landia says:

    Im hungry and i don't have dream or sleep😂😪

  30. DownTownEveryThing says:

    The reason he never uses plastic straws is because I'm the guy that eats all the plastic straws to keep these turtles alive

  31. LeylaGamingYT says:

    💖eating starts at 2:56💖

  32. carrot with a k says:

    Sprite needs to sponser this man

  33. Huy Nguyễn says:

    Thèm vãi 🤤🤤🤤🤤

  34. KAZE Yumi says:

    Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooow you eat chicken n honye😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲

  35. Elisa Simmons says:

    Who else just watches him because he’s cute?? Just me??😂😂😍😍😍

  36. Jace Staley says:

    Don’t watch this while high

  37. Dacardo Glasgow says:

    No one likes you vids

  38. AyePrincess says:

    im the only one thinking of the honey nut cheerios commercial because of the honey

  39. Arcadio P says:

    Stop eating god dawm I know your trying to gane weight but not junk food 😡😡🥵🥵

  40. Itz Crystal Fnaf Animation says:

    This is not an asmr this try not to get hungry challenge
    And I just ate now I’m hungry

  41. Valentina C F says:

    I am H U N G R Y

  42. JoestaR 15 says:

    Where can I get this top tier food?!🤤

  43. Eduardo Fabian Requena Quijano says:

    Come bonito oe

  44. Onion Productions says:

    I literally just watch this kind of stuff when I’m hungry and there’s no good food in the house

  45. Mae Love Abanoor says:

    Damn that sprite look good ❤️❤️

  46. Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA says:

    fans: ooooo
    me: stop it. it’s not funny at all zach.

  47. The Unexpected. says:

    who else is when he’s like first bite is all yours actually lead in to bite it 😂😂

  48. mari709 says:

    J hope: spriteee!!!

  49. Kam the fox says:

    Have ur parents ever to eat with ur mputh close cause they thought u were eating woth ur open

  50. Uzumaki says:

    I find the taste of honey repulsive but I love honey bbq sauce

  51. Ella Daniel says:

    10th time requesting candied fruit! Please like so he can see!🙏

  52. elly_ dorable says:

    Oi i forgot what honey taste like

  53. Raswen Debora says:

    Indonesia mana suara nya

  54. The best ARMY says:

    Why do you eat chicken with honey?

  55. crystal ANDAGAN says:

    Who else is watching and asking what does the fried chicken taste with honey?

  56. Monique says:

    Zach Choi marry me? s2

  57. XDNEVO says:

    Plzzz talk we already know how u sound

  58. Alexander M says:

    Total Carbs: 400%

  59. Pão Vida Loka says:


  60. Nigel Fosseneuve1 says:

    Zach: Eats food and gets skinnier

    Me: Eats a chocolate bar and gets fat

  61. Chaiyenne Smith says:

    i always wonder what he listens to with those earphones

  62. Art416 says:


  63. Tina Nosie says:


  64. Berenice Garza says:

    🤤 Me dio mucha hambre 💔

  65. Xemsa Xushou says:

    Fast food with honey dipping? O:

    Is it actually tasty?

    P.S. Zachs clean eating turns me on.

    Am I weird?

  66. Tina Nosie says:

    fat people be like

  67. Cabaas Jaamac says:

    He love sprite drink😂😂

  68. Poofy Vibes says:

    then there is me watching this drooling at 2 am…

  69. Persistent Panda says:

    Where’s your rice??

  70. Ismat Khan says:

    I love u

  71. Leah Basaya says:

    This asmr is making you hungry not like the other asmrs that make you sleepy

  72. Hài Tv says:

    From Vietnam with love

  73. Mr. Anderson says:


  74. Unknown roblox Player says:

    Wow I cant stop drooling 🤤 😲

  75. Даниил Боров says:

    Вас тоже заебал спрайт ?

  76. valted gaming says:

    Try some Indian food

  77. Asyraf Daffa says:


  78. ice cream lover1232 says:

    Am i the only one thinking how can he not get fat

  79. Lm Gg says:


  80. FaZeGame play says:

    Hey guys the guy looks very cute tho I’m not kidding 👍

  81. Grandanemone528 says:

    Holy that look so good!

  82. Cahyo Subechi says:

    Ada yang nonton dari Indonesia ???

  83. FrazZzy YT ツ says:

    Zach Choi I love out for eating

  84. Yt_Blaz-10 - says:

    Best channel to watch mukbangs

  85. ejcuze me i am born in Busan says:

    u always make me feel soooooo hungryyyy!!! Niceu job 💜💜

  86. حسين سالم says:


  87. Art with me says:

    Zach took my bite before I could make it to Los Angeles

  88. นริศรา ขันเงิน says:


  89. Vicente Mendoza says:

    What do you call that wooden thing honey comb wond

  90. Mike Is Here says:

    3:05 he dont look like he like it LMAO

  91. Andreiu24 says:

    Fuck you…eat my shit

  92. Moe 0987 says:

    4:32. Hold up a minute FRIES AND HONEY!!!!!!!!😡😤

  93. Muntean Tania says:

    😍😍😍😍OMG it would Be 🔥 If you do a collab with steph pappas

  94. Ragraz says:

    Queeee rico pollo con miel legal

  95. Grace Garcia says:

    4:15 hate that look it makes me hungry even more

  96. xMidnight_aestheticsx - says:

    zach: the first bite is all yours

    Also zach: nah . bites

  97. Эльмира Жумахметова says:


  98. Lantz Pantsy says:

    Fcswsxcbjioknvxs I love these ASMR Videos

  99. raj kumar says:

    Doesn't that taste weird to you????

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