ASMR MOST POPULAR FOOD at JACK IN THE BOX (Cheeseburger, Onion Rings, Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Fries)

Hey guys! Welcome back 😀 Continuing our Most Popular journey with Jack in the Box 😀 Double Jumbo Jack Onion Rings! How long has it been since I did these?! Spicy Chicken Sandwich And of course, delicious Curly Fries! First bite is all yours! This tomato.. Delicious!! It’s been a while since I ate Jack in the Box, I forgot how good it was! Thanks for watching!!

100 comments on “ASMR MOST POPULAR FOOD at JACK IN THE BOX (Cheeseburger, Onion Rings, Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Fries)”

  1. Reynden Kaya says:

    Zach : have the first bite….(leans in )
    Me : (try's to take)
    Zack : ( pulls away )
    Me : how dare you….

  2. NO NEYM says:


  3. imtiaz khanji says:

    Day 6 of lasagna pizza and hot wings

  4. Connor Roberts says:

    People don’t under stand it not what you eat it’s how much he can eat this and burn it of it’s numbers. My dad eats like this and is a boxing instructor he’s very lean and toned with muscle.

  5. _Kristina_ Cheshuinova says:

    Я 1 тут русская?😂

  6. Mustafa Avcı says:


  7. Diegofortnite _pro says:

    How about the napkin

  8. Govind Sahota says:

    Oh my God! He double dipped 😱

  9. Pario_Plays says:

    Oh my lord

  10. Pario_Plays says:

    Give me one

  11. Supreme_ Niyah says:

    Now I know u find tried away that bread and ate the chicken…u could of ate the bread

  12. LaYeZ_ Capital says:

    I hatte you mouth while you eatin 🤬

  13. celal bayar calışkan says:

    Ulan ordusu çocuğu ben senin o yarrağı somururkenki şeklini görmek istiyorum yarrak kafalı ana nı sikim

  14. argene alcantara says:

    I'd rather eat that than buying some cell phones

  15. Chérrýßløøsøm says:

    I just eat KFC today and there isnt sonunda like zach's….

  16. Su Maung says:



  17. Wanda Lopez says:

    Watches The Food While Is Hungry

    Slowly Drools

    Ends Up Biting The Screen


  18. ii Tiffxnyy says:

    What happens if you are already full but you watched ASMR videos?

    I never watch ASMR video while I’m full..

  19. Pan pancake says:

    ima order that tomarrow so i can try it yas

  20. kethelyn araujo says:

    ilovee,i'm from brazill💞

  21. Damon Sager says:

    Can I just say every time Zach Choi eats something you see he grows no wait

  22. Sandra Floroiu says:

    WoW!! This look delicious =D !!!

  23. ماجد العلي says:


  24. Mew Two says:

    Viewers: actually watching his asmr vids
    Me: waiting for a video where he reveals his voice
    But I still love zach hehe💜

  25. Winged Cheetah1247 says:

    People:I need more money for this gud fud

    Zach:eat for MONEY 💴 💴 💰

  26. michael Halliwell says:

    After this vid I bought every same thing he had

  27. Giselle gallardo cute panda girl love says:

    to me

  28. angelica c. says:

    it’s nearly 3 am ):

  29. ObsidianSushi says:

    Zach: You take the first bite.

    Me: Eats my phone

  30. Rocio Teodores says:

    I was watching this then my mom asked what are you hearing to

  31. Andin Dramendra says:

    I want🤧🤤🖤

  32. Spicy POTATO says:

    Zach: First bite is all yours!
    Me: Leans in to take bite
    Zach: Takes food away and takes first bite
    Me: Cries and dislikes video

  33. Komoliddin Islomjonov says:

    You camera it's good

  34. Hesen Abbasov says:

    Yezitsən ala?

  35. Arra Diola says:

    Sometimes you didnt finish the food

  36. Thúy Trần says:


  37. faris Ibr says:


  38. Juan Manuel Fiad says:

    Gordo hijo de puta

  39. Blu Rooster says:

    Is jack in the box only in the west coast or something? It looks so good but I don’t see any of them near me

  40. FIVE SIXTYSIX says:

    Bro looks like he smoked a fat joint then went to get food for the munchies and made a video to make up for getting so much food😂

  41. 임금 says:

    햄버거만 보던가 카메라만 보던가…정신없어여

  42. Doma_er says:

    How the heck are you so skinny ?!?!?! please tell me your secret, I want to eat like this every day as well !!!!
    Also! <3 absolutely love your channel!

  43. NotGoogle says:

    No, you were supposed to quadruple dip your last onion ring

  44. ღSilvi- UwUღ says:

    Me watching this at 3 AM

    Zach: first bite its all urs!

    Me: breaks phone

  45. Patrick Abouabdallah says:

    Is this guy a girl??

  46. Deepa Nandlal says:

    I took a bite but ended up biting my screen

  47. ggg devet says:

    neko mozda sa balkana

  48. Oxycillon says:


  49. Sofi138 Youtuber says:

    Este como come tanto?

  50. Adianna Jones says:

    u forgot your sprite

  51. WOLFS AFNAN says:

    Soo hagry

  52. paulis 22 tutorial says:

    I am hungry 🙁

  53. Anne Guevarra says:


  54. IanTEG2 says:

    That damn tomato issue i like eating bites of tomatoes not the whole thing

  55. MR ROBOT says:

    The only time its acceptible to let someone eat with their mouth open

  56. F A Z I CHALKK says:


  57. Soumen Roy says:

    You can eat big pizzas????

  58. Soumen Roy says:

    In dommino's pizza

  59. Rosenete Maria da Silva Rose says:

    Sou brasileira queria eu poder comer essas coisas deliciosas que vc está comendo !!!

  60. Rosenete Maria da Silva Rose says:

    Vc come tanto e não em gorda parabéns 😉😎

  61. Rosenete Maria da Silva Rose says:

    Meu aniversário vai ser sábado vou sonhar comendo essas golosemas 😊😊

  62. Rosenete Maria da Silva Rose says:

    Parabéns vc arrasa !! Não tenho paciência pra assistir outras pessoas, mas tenho paciência pra ver vc

  63. Josh Lucci :v says:

    At a Jack in the Box in Arizona and eating while watching this. Knowing I'm watching a mukbang without getting hungry feels so good. ❤

  64. Tamiyah Jenkins says:

    You fat in you eat everything

  65. Satthu meo says:

    Hình như trên cái đồ đựng bigia có ghi tên chữ jack jack đang là ca sĩ nỗi tiến đấy sao lại có trên cái đó nhỉ😂😂😅😅😕😕😑😑😒😒😒

  66. Satthu meo says:

    Ở đây đâu có người VIỆN NAM đâu ta

  67. Marcelle Rm says:

    Why tf does he do duck face while chewing its annoying as fuck tht he bucks his lips

  68. Pink Princess Ruby Fox/Wolf says:

    1:10 I loved how you ate the tomato 😂🤣

  69. Z i z o says:

    If i were eating this i would literally just eat this in combinations in my mouth rn. Because idk how this guy doesnt

  70. Karma Karışık says:


  71. Ognjen Grkovic says:

    Fuck you

  72. Jokke W says:


  73. Ramona Rammy says:

    Soo annoying when he shows you the left over buns and doesn’t eat it, like are you that percent of people who don’t like bread?? Finish it

  74. Emad ZAHID says:

    Looking yummy mr zach choi

  75. vicky arts says:

    Jack in the box is my favorite fast food place and the curly fries are so good

  76. Storm Lakers says:

    Enfia o microfone no cu pra faser menos barulho

  77. Elisa Campos says:

    Chini manda mucho

  78. Ash Erz says:

    How can you stay so hot after eating all that >_<

  79. BUMBELLBEE BEE says:

    I’m eating jack in the box while watching

    I have a fish Hamburger or whatever it’s called


  80. Hxppy Vxxbes ッ says:

    I need to stop watching these videos at night 😞

  81. Cedomir Radovanovic says:


  82. Rain Ip says:

    Lmao Jack in the box

  83. Jay Hwang says:

    Zach in the box

  84. Itz_the_ queen says:

    Its weird how he eats. No hate!!! My opinion ok. Dont come at me! He eats like if he was going to kiss someone.

  85. Lorpores says:

    Am i the only one that thinks the sauces in the vid tastes like fart?

  86. luffy ggs says:


  87. Georgia Christian says:

    I have earphones in and I turned my phone up to the highest volume but I can still hear my stomach grumbling😔🤦‍♀️

  88. sofi y sus aventuras con cristo says:

    Aprende a comer

  89. ThugLifeİsOurLife says:

    herkez bizden iyi yaşıyo aq biz fakfakir

  90. Corina Tamez says:

    He always makes me want to try new things

  91. Amora Lima says:

    Quem ama asmr curte

  92. Rhian Jennica says:

    I'm soooooooooo hungry

  93. F P says:

    Alguien que esté mirando esto por qué tiene hambre?✌🏻

  94. sera hernandez says:

    que asco

  95. Best FullMovies says:

    I looove u

  96. Mmm Alhrbe says:

    اصوت يععععععععع 😫😫🤢🤢

  97. Bella Uy says:

    the crisp on the onion rings got me❤

  98. allie vsco says:

    Reasons why Zach Choi is the best Mukbanh youtuber:

    1. He does amazing ASMR
    2. He doesn’t talk a lot like every other mukbanger
    3. He chews with his mouth closed
    4. He doesn’t breathe annoyingly
    5. He never gets into drama

    I would just like to mention in this comment how that Zach is so awesome that Nickocado Avocado is trying to be like him all of a sudden😂

  99. Janiqua Jackson says:

    Don't mind me just binge watching

  100. Mian Farooq Ahmad says:

    No sprite?

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