Welcome back guys 😀 Today, Trisha Paytas dropped in to join me on a cheesy adventure! She also recently started an ASMR channel! After the video, go check it out! The link is in the description 🙂 LET’S EAT!! First bite is all yours! The cheese pulls are not strong today 🙁 Good news is that these are delicious pull or no pull! Thanks for watching!!


  1. Zach Choi ASMR says:

    I think Trisha might be the only person whos love for Mozzarella Corn Dogs matches my own

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  2. you says:

    Wow, no one is posting Mukbang videos!! Since that drama video S.S made for something she could of taken care of privately. 😭😭😭 Where are my Mukbangers 😭😭😭????

  3. only.dxniel.z zzz says:

    I'm just hoping he makes no plan with dickacado avocado .

  4. No Face says:

    Go honeycomb!!!

  5. Zena J says:

    Trisha looks high

  6. DragonsTheYoutuber 963 says:

    Chillax People, Zach Is Innocent, He doesn’t know all about Stephanie’s situation with Nick, Stop Being so mean to Zach just because he didn’t support Stephanie, so leave him alone, It’s his choice to be friends with nick, and it’s his choice to collab with him. Zach Doesn’t care about their situation because he doesn’t want to be involved in it, it’s his choice to be involved on it or not so Next time Zach, please turn off the comments so that people won’t have a fight over Stephanie’s situation with Nick,

  7. Suga Kookies says:

    Stay happy Zach! Spend your holidays happily!

  8. The Qoen says:


  9. Autumn Davis says:


  10. julieta travis says:

    ok guys, I wanna take a minute to say


  11. RodrigoYT Fortnite says:

    Are you 36 and born on 198 something

  12. Sham Oğlo says:


  13. mike oxsmaul says:

    YAY! Zach hit 6 millllll!!!!!

  14. Jessica Torres says:

    Trisha is really looking like a hag 🤢

  15. Sofia B. says:

    I know it’s your decision whether or not to stop being friends with Nik but I personally wanted to tell you that I think it’s best if you do. Nik is undeserving of a friend like you and seeing how he could hurt Stephanie he could hurt you too.

  16. Anton Crnić says:


  17. Hammad Rehman says:

    Trisha paytas
    More like
    trisha paid ass

  18. Hanboyy SZN says:

    They’re banging I know it

  19. samantha n’drihin says:

    this is what eating with my family is like smh

  20. Envied Doll says:

    I still fw you Zach 😏 no matter what they talking about 🌚

  21. 1k Subs Without Any Video Challenge says:

    Look who’s back! (Trisha)

  22. NZfrequencies says:

    I SHIP!!!
    I ship you 2 doing more mukbangs together lol

  23. XxxIronicPlaysXxx says:

    Hey pssss over here i got a joke for you

  24. Pennie says:

    This is the only AMSR i've ever been able to handle hearing, and the editing and making of these videos is amazing, awesome job!

  25. Halima Talib says:

    Look a little dry,lol but overall it looked really good.However the choice of more cheese ….oh nooo should be had some ranch or something

  26. iram latif says:

    He gives me butterflies whenever I c him 😍💙

  27. ItsPau_ Sung says:

    6 MILL SUBS!!!

  28. ItsPau_ Sung says:

    CONGRATS ZACH!!!!!!!

  29. senpai645 fortnite says:

    i know where you watched all the time 🙂

  30. Victoria xo says:

    I love itttttt

  31. Victoria xo says:


  32. Mayank Singh says:

    OMG I saw the video where you eat pickles and you said you hate them and I heard your voice

  33. Boo o says:

    I love trisha 😭😭😭

  34. LittleBlack_Ałîèn Xxx says:

    I feel like trish changed she seems more healthy her skin is flawless by the way anyways trish I wish u the best and what Ever made u change into a better person I support

  35. Kate says:

    I hate cheese pulls

  36. Kim Gross says:

    Contrats to 6 Million 😍😍

  37. TikTok News says:

    Yeesss you finally got 6 million subscribers good job! Keep up the good work and merry Christmas😄🎄🎁❄🎅

  38. alycia anadia says:

    So like.. where can I get one of these corn dogs 🤔

  39. kurdish boy says:

    Chicken leg bis

  40. Francesca Cosio says:

    trisha paytas will you help pay for my lip injections

  41. Minareta Zakrieva says:

    can she please wear something normal?

  42. gilly willy says:

    all hell comes loose with nik
    zach and trish:

  43. tevita tautahi says:

    Put a thumbs up if you want to try MOZZARELLA 👍

  44. Howard the Alien says:

  45. PLAKATA XDXD says:

    That relaxing is these

  46. EL1TE says:

    They definitely had sex after this

  47. siti imroatun says:

    Congrats for 6 m subs hope u can fast get 10 m subs

  48. Jonathan Byrd says:

    Zach Choi is the creater of Sprite

  49. Malgorzata Lakomska says:

    Well done for six mil

  50. Clanging_Carlos ! says:

    Why is she starring at the damn camera the whole time

  51. Elilah Reyes says:

    trisha taking small bites when i know dam well that woman can fit the whole thing in her mouth🤣

  52. Kim Hernandez says:

    You should date ssoyoung

  53. Bowie says:

    Why is everyone saying to stop dragging Zach into this? I literally see no comments on the drama about him doing anything wrong. It’s all just people saying not to.

  54. Zakia A. says:

    WAIT HE DOUBLE DIPED OMG GUYZ TRISHA IS DEAD. (Not hating on him.Just the truth)

  55. Habiba Sultana says:

    Dang Trisha has big lips no hate

  56. Payton show Payton thomas says:

    How dare she come on the show use more ice than him and a different soda and drink slower

  57. anonymus 1234 says:


  58. Orange Swirl says:

    He losing way to many subs over an shit problem that he shouldnt be involve in…

  59. Bonnie Lin says:

    Who’s here because Zach stopped posting😭🤧🤧he’s innocent in this situation😔

  60. Nihal Ramaraju says:

    Congratulations on 6 mill subscribers

  61. Sheela Kaur says:

    I have YET to try one of these

  62. Kritachica says:

    I'm sure Zach isn't post everyday since the drama because he is afraid to get bad comments and hate – he did nothing wrong guys, be friendly in his next video! ❣️❣️

  63. Tasnim Pineapple says:


  64. cantando e se divertindo maryana says:

    Hello in love

  65. Weird _vib3Z says:

    Isn’t she a porn star…

  66. Crispy Chips3,000 says:

    Trisha looks absolutely stunning 😍🤩

  67. WaRy Or says:

    It's the first time I have seen her shutting her mouth 😂😂😂 (I'm talking about speaking of course)

  68. 8 Subscribers Without Videos says:

    Congrats on 6 million subs Zach Choi ⊂((・▽・))⊃

  69. ASMR-SENSEI says:

    Zach taking a break? We need ya!

  70. Tom The gamer says:

    What is a corn dog?

  71. MultiFandomInTheBuilding says:

    MERRY CHRISTMAS ZACH, I hope you start posting soon, if you start getting comments about the situation, we will help don’t worry about them. Have a nice day 😁😁

  72. the j family says:

    dont u hate it when you take one bite of things with chesse inside and all the chesse comes out

  73. Laura — says:

    How’d you get Trisha Paytas to be quiet for 10 minutes

  74. SilverNea says:

    Stop annoying Zach, he did absolutely nothing.

  75. Samantha Easton says:

    I knowwwww they not DOUBLE DIPPING they finna get mono

  76. Ñÿrï_ööf Oof says:

    U got Zach over here like some:🔁🔃🔄⬅️➡️↗️↖️↗️ Trisha is like: u Gud Man U keep turning ur head in different ways dang

  77. Meme life says:

    Nobody is talking about how he just got 6 million subs all yall talking about is this drama 😔👊

  78. Ana laura González says:

    Yo soy mexicana viendo videos shinos :v .pero lo que me preguntó que chingados es lo que comen?

  79. Sky Lee says:

    Ive been out for a week and wtf is happening?!

  80. Night Land says:

    Zach I know you voice it good

  81. garnet moon says:

    Congrats on 6 mil!!!! 🙂 ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  82. Daniel Ford Covers says:

    Trisha was dying with the last corn dog lolz

  83. bal karki says:

    Don't blink lady I think u will fly😅😅

  84. 义・Lucid says:

    mus protec zac

  85. Fikri Azhar says:

    Zach is the best, we need Zach 🙁
    Please make a more video 🙁

  86. WildHairedGirl says:

    Ok, but like where can I get those corndogs? THEY LOOK SO BOMB.

  87. Snuggle Muggle says:

    What is that white powdery stuff on the corn dog? Sorry I sound stupid

  88. MAMAMOO & ATEEZ says:

    Omg zach is a good at cooking ❤️

  89. kianoosh babaei says:

    at first i thought he is a chef something right now i just see he just buy the food and eat it that's it what a bullshit content

  90. Muhammad ilham says:


  91. uwuteddybear says:

    Have we not been told in elementary to not bystand in bullying. Its not even bout clout its bout good morals 🛎🛎🛎

  92. Kaylaine Foxx says:

    Hot cheetos hot cheetos!!!!!!!!

  93. vanessa n says:

    Zach choi!!! Doing it again. You give me philosopher vibes, youve mastered this dimension. Have everything you want and dont ever ✋

  94. Maria Martinez de Ramos says:

    Merry cristmas zach choi

  95. dId I gEt yOu?.? .? says:

    Zach hasn't uploaded in 4 days……l I'm scared

  96. L N says:

    trisha eats soo fast🤣

  97. Legend Of Gaming says:

    Congrats for 6M subs

  98. 파파파우지 says:

    어디 최씨여?

  99. XxMasterIbsxX says:

    Probably one of my favourite collabs 😍

  100. Yasin Abosneina says:

    Zach do chicken leg bis

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