Hey guys! Welcome back 😀 ( Parmesan Cheese ) ( Parsley ) ( Heavy Cream ) ( Salt ) ( Cayenne Pepper ) LET’S EAT!! First bite is all yours! Delicious!! Thanks for watching!!


  1. GGjabari - says:

    I wish Zach was my house chef

  2. Jaden Beattie says:

    I was resurrected at that butter shot no 🧢

  3. Avery Villanueva says:

    Just me here torturing myself to be hungry to death

  4. Caleb Crumble ASMR says:

    Zach uploads, sas uploads
    Who would you pick?

  5. 1-800-YELLOW says:

    the part where you’re cooking was so soothing 😍

  6. Maria Lopez says:

    He looks like he’s forcing down the food 😩 he gotta slow down & breathe lol

  7. Shiro Ichigo says:

    Oh fuck

  8. Dawaa Chuluun says:

    Health food

  9. Who you says:

    Ur akways eating junkfood not hate but true anyways the food you eating is delicious hhahaha

  10. Trina M. Chhuon says:

    I’ve been waiting for a fettuccine Alfredo asmr for sooooo long!

  11. Amy Kenglang says:

    Bruh he breathes so loud😂

  12. hua chen says:

    How long did u scrap that chees in real life

  13. Sakina Khatun says:

    while eating he looks like he is serious and also it looks like he is not enjoining the food😕

  14. blaiir says:

    Holy sheet is he bresthing fast

  15. brandon Flores says:

    I like dog

  16. Trina M. Chhuon says:

    Lol I made a comment in my head abt how he was using a fork instead of chopsticks and then he switched to chopsticks the next second 😭

  17. Isaiah Min says:

    Chaz you want salad

  18. Duoxin Xu says:

    I’ve been craving fettuccine for so long!

  19. Renuka Darvekar says:

    Who noticed that he switched from fork to chopsticks???!

  20. Armando says:

    Ah nmms yo hize esa receta para mi examen en gastronomía :v

  21. Lolololpiuyt KZX says:

    Me: Yay feeling good let's watch some mukbang!!!! 5 mins later~ gAsPPPPpppp p.p..ppp…plastic fork!!! AHHHHHHHHH

  22. Lena Jonathas says:

    Your 🥢 game is 💯 ‼️

  23. Ale B says:

    Istg on one of his last videos one of the most liked comment was from someone that said he wants variety and i think zack saw that comment and he's giving us this content🤤

  24. Sara Thomas says:

    Colab with Matt stonie!!

  25. Sidra Abbas says:

    Yasss finally something new and fresh. We love it

  26. ashley santacruz says:

    Clearly does not know how to use a fork while eating pasta. Lol

  27. Thom Kerkhof says:

    How are u not fat

  28. CHarlie Ur boi says:

    Ok first bite is mine and u take it back and u eat it bruh

    Bruh look at this Dude 😂😂🤣😂😂

  29. Mohammad Rizki says:

    More noodles,More Noodles, I'm tired. Is there any other thing besides noodles, Kebab is like that

  30. abby catherine says:

    Bruh I made chicken alfredo tonight as well good decision

  31. ashley santacruz says:

    If you arnt in a happy mood to sit down and enjoy a meal, you shouldn't be filming. This was hard to watch

  32. prastuty singh says:

    Thank you for the variation!

  33. Joyce Linh says:

    please take your time eating and actually enjoy it. food is one of life's simple pleasures and seeing you excited and happy to eat is what i come for

  34. BMX % says:

    It’s cool if your a chief cause if you ever go on a date you don’t have to go to a restaurant you could just make it yourself

  35. Greasers Queen says:

    He seems different in this video.

  36. Mannuel Hutauruk says:

    Beberapa video terakhir gk habis mulu

  37. Songi Skyy says:

    I’m craving everything you’re eating 😭

  38. Eka yunika says:

    Open your hat😍

  39. romer danseco says:

    How many black shirt do you have???

  40. 김태형 says:

    If you are reading this

    Have a nice day or night 💜😄💜

  41. Ashley G says:

    Funny watching someone who can't use chop sticks the correct way.

  42. romylene lagrimas says:

    That deep breaths.. 🙁

  43. Lionel Mantong says:

    Penonton Orang indonesia kasih like

  44. Malek Tamer says:

    He didnt smile in this video

  45. Tekashi Haruma-chan says:

    Zach asmr mongolian horhog-Монгол хорхог

  46. faris zakwan says:

    Zach Choi do like: 2:40
    Also me do like: 2:53

  47. denissa alfora says:

    Look so yummy

  48. Lance Umipig says:

    Why am I always late????

  49. Santiago De Leon says:

    Ive been wanting chicken Alfredo 😩

  50. Safouane says:




  51. TfToP Q says:

    Who wants Zach Choi to drink bubble to on a video

  52. Anissa Hassan says:

    is it me or did i just realized that Zach changed the fork to a chopstick

    Me: bruhhhhhhh just why
    Zach: your so dumb i use editing skills in like u !!!!!!

    My life: true Zach

  53. Bacon Gaming says:

    Filipino Mang inasal pls

  54. FaTaL_Clan says:

    He is sweating

  55. Glynis Marthinussen says:

    Yes!!! Thank God no noodles

  56. Mike Milligan says:

    Heavy Cream wich percent?

  57. Beast gamerz says:

    Best video excellent

  58. kk says:

    The excessive heavy breathing is the ASMR in this video

  59. Toxic says:

    First Bite Is All Yours

    My Bite has been eaten

  60. TomboyVale says:

    I find the peaces of chicken still a bit too big to put on pasta..

  61. Angga Jaya says:

    Yang dari indo Mna Nih😆

  62. Trisha Aryaa says:

    How about a voice reveal?

  63. Itz_SlimeyCake 99 says:

    Who else is watching this with food?

  64. Jeanine James says:

    Beautiful man and fettuccine.

  65. Sxrixxz says:

    I’m craving this 🤩❤️

  66. La patroɴaت says:

    Hasta cocina este chico que ofertonn!

  67. When Your Pizza Rolls Are Done says:

    Hey Zach I can tell you aren't really enjoying this as much as you used to and others see it too.
    Please please PLEASE! If you want to take a break from doing this all the time or just reduce your upload schedule we understand.
    Your well being ALWAYS comes before us Zach so please don't hurt yourself or make yourself unhappy to make us happy.
    We're happy when you're happy and I think I speak for everyone when I say we all care about you and love you Zach!

  68. Jenny Jenny says:

    This recipe is amazing I will give it a try ❤️

  69. امي نور عيني says:

    اكو واحد هنا يتكلم عربي☺️☺️☺️☺️

  70. John Reynold Cauilan says:

    At last no hashbrowns , nuggets , spicy fire noodles ,fries, onion rings, and fucking fried chickens

  71. HeyIts Jade says:

    waw sana ol marunong mag luto😂😂

    kway kaway sa mga tagapilipinas

  72. Clutch 14 says:

    Take a vacation brah. You look stressed.

  73. Getsemani Jiménez says:

    Neta que asco

  74. Zoey Mrs says:

    Asmr is dead

  75. Marlon Marquez says:


  76. minecraft pw SwiftKey says:

    Карындарын тояды менин карнымды ашытып

  77. Matt Mulugeta says:

    Stop fucking eating pig!

  78. Ejaa Lee says:

    I love watching your channel

  79. iiKaseyii says:

    One day I will sue him for making me hungry

  80. ほのか says:


  81. mohamed fathy says:


  82. WiseSage15 says:


  83. Yoshi & yuki Dinner time MUKBANG ASMR says:

    Another amazing video Zach Choi hope to see more ❤️ it's so good that it makes me cry 😭😭😭😭😭😭😍😍😍👍👍👍👍

  84. iiKaseyii says:

    Mom: U cant just make money from eating
    Zach: HOLd mY SPriTe

  85. STORM GAMER says:

    I was doing diet ! When I see Zach ! I lost my diets and got cravings 🤤🤤

  86. Felicia Claye says:

    This was a hard watch, because it did not look like he enjoyed it at all. Which sucks it looked delicious. I still watched because I want to support him. I just don't like how unhappy he seemed in this video. Maybe he should take a break from it so it's not as tedious.

  87. Impress Nation says:

    Start eating at 5:38

    No thanks needed!

  88. kaili foo says:

    Zach said it didn't taste good

  89. Fernando Gunawan says:

    Let me guess

    You watched this video

    Your hungry

    Scrolling down the comments

    And saw my comment

  90. Ashok Dalpat says:

    I am jealous..My mom is not letting me eat that..😭😭😢😫😫😪😥

  91. Ashok Dalpat says:

    It was Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesy..🧀🧀

  92. g g says:


  93. abdulhakim mohammed says:

    zack:first bite for you
    me: licks the airs

  94. Smoothyesk says:

    Omg my favorite dish of all time 💓💓💓

  95. Adrion Castro says:

    It looks good is everyone else hurrgy 😋😋😋

  96. Lidwina Tanoko says:

    he drinks sodas all the time :/

  97. IB_Stephanie says:

    Why do you do this to yourself 😩 you look like you want to cry out as the video goes on.

  98. Rania Joan says:


  99. Zlyte says:

    You are breathing tooooooo much bro

  100. Dane Balderama says:

    Zach choi can you try filipino foods like halo-halo?

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