Hey guys! Welcome back 😀 LET’S EAT!! First bite is all yours! Jollibee Spicy Chicken is so good! What is your favorite thing to dip fried chicken in? Thanks for watching!!


  1. Hamad Oc says:

    Spicy garlic sauce

  2. DSS BRUTO says:

    Parabens por comet tudo ✅isso e nao ficar gordo😒VIVA OS BRASILEIROS.😆

  3. Lei Anne Llamelo says:

    wiw i'm early today

  4. catgamcyan _ says:

    Zach choi: firts bite is all yours 🙂 me: AAAAAAAA I DIDN'T EAT FRIES FOR 4 MONTHS

  5. TheFlamingCookie says:

    I dont dip in the gravy i chug the gravy

  6. Mr.Swifty says:


  7. abiey victor says:

    Im watching while im on water fast… i dont know why but i imagine that im the one who eating hahaha …so delicious

  8. ピロパロ says:


  9. Ashton Phoenix says:

    day 107 of me asking to have a collab with sas

  10. Delavita Lamia says:

    Very nice🤎

  11. 1000 subscribers without any videos says:

    Him: Eating asmr
    Me: trying to eat my phone

  12. az iya says:

    Guys, Start eating at 2:34

  13. Twink Twink says:

    He protecc
    He attac
    But most importantly…
    he doesn’t get fat as fucc

  14. leona jean asmr says:

    god i love jollibee

  15. Serik Bishimbai says:

    You Buh

  16. Yuniz Tañala says:

    unhealthy food,,

  17. Samyy Dxn says:

    Man, u just eating the same food every video

  18. Just J says:

    Please talk in your videos your old ones were 10x better when you talked don’t be insecure about your voice

  19. สุมลฑา หวังโส๊ says:

    I'm so hungry………..

  20. Darkmoon Light says:

    This is how many people hungry rn


  21. Theo O Flynn says:

    Do cheesy onion rings and fried chicken with garlic fries

  22. Jackie Hwang says:

    This is going to get 5 mill views probs, such a classic mukbang

  23. Aysen quliyeva says:

    Acıktım aq

  24. ASMR ROD says:

    You make fat ppl jealous because of all you can eat without getting fat

  25. Kanokwan Napho says:

    เม้นไทยจร้าาาา เป็นตาแซ่บ

  26. Laurence Eligio says:

    gravey and i want a bite

  27. WATA ch says:


  28. James Cruz says:

    Watching while Eating is so dammn yummy

  29. Majd Alrahmah says:

    Hey dickhead whats up

  30. ryan pinongpong says:


  31. sadia noor says:

    My favourite is ketchup

  32. Gabi 15 says:

    Chicken leg bis

  33. Mika zora says:

    weird face

  34. SPY : GAMER says:

    Zach: first bite is all yours
    Me: how all the viewers eat 1 fried chicken

  35. Kyro Toisuta says:

    Hou didnt eat it all very dissapointing very big stupid 😡

  36. Cutie bear 47 says:

    Who else is hungry??😜


  37. ゴロ太郎 says:


  38. Danny says:

    All that junk getting to him now lol he looks a bit old

  39. Tarif Ahmed says:

    Ami I the only one who loves Zach choi!

  40. Not_OpG Dragon says:

    Zach you should try and do a voice reveal at 3M subs❤️

  41. Just for YouTube mate says:

    Finally a video with GRAVY!!

  42. Ali Barakat says:

    I love cheese on dipped fried chicken

  43. Samantha Chhun says:

    It's so late at noght

  44. Jeninixs JN says:

    Naa diay jollibee sa inyoha yot?

  45. C Y says:

    That’s a THICC chicken sandWICCH

  46. [HtB] 12 says:

    I can't bear all of this unfunny comments

  47. Mohamed Jalloh says:

    He so spilt

  48. fouglous Douglas_YT says:

    Has anyone ever had KFC popcorn chicken and it be nothing but breading. Like nothing but crunchy bread

  49. Aigerim Turatova says:

    Кто не американец?

  50. Craig Basten says:

    This is fake sounds guys

  51. про и нубик says:

    Крутой асмр

  52. Doreen Vatau says:

    Zach can you do a smores or honeycomb eating asmr video.

  53. BPB Chazzle says:

    That chicken drumstick was raw

  54. kim asuncion says:

    Omg there is a jollibe in youre country??!! I thought jollibee only exist in our country Philippines i was shook, but its all good hhahaha

  55. силный бо says:


  56. Babe B says:

    Yummy 😋…

  57. Josiah Malicdem says:

    Who else is laying down on their couches and watching Zach Choi’s ASMR’s vids

  58. lmao lmao says:

    sees Jollibee

    All Filipinos R I S E

  59. Meri Beth says:

    Chicken sandwich looks yummy 😋

  60. Oitsuka _ says:

    How much?

  61. Zombiefire says:

    That buurgerrrr 😋😍

  62. Dimitrije mali mrav says:

    He is amaizing

  63. 闇夜ノ八咫鴉 says:


  64. SongByrd ASMR says:

    Zach will always be my idol 😊

  65. Long Nguyễn says:

    Khi bóc đồ ăn đừng có gõ đm

  66. toxic edits says:

    chicken leg bis

  67. Beatrice Marcovici says:

    I'm so hungry right now…I'm in bed waiting for my mum to make me food

  68. Charlies Lalchhandama Chhunthang says:

    i in tithei si ka ngei tlat che

  69. 추임다 최go says:

    Crazy sound ^^

  70. FAZE SOULS says:

    tu no engordas o que

  71. CRAZE productions says:

    No offence but why aren't u dead

  72. Green Broccoli says:

    Im filipino who wants jollibee

  73. Darius Vazquez says:

    Man this guy has some good ass content… I mean his editing skills are amazing just look at his subscriber's that's the proof lol this man is amazing I love his channel and his videos awesome man we love you ❤️❤️❤️

  74. Free fire Gamer says:

    مين عربي هون؟؟

  75. NUMBANINE Epicymaboo says:

    I think zach has long accepted that his audience is not ASMR based but actually just hungry

  76. ma bm says:

    Aaaayyyyeeee Jollibee!!!!!!!

  77. Natália Janoková says:

    He pig🐷🐖

  78. jibson gaviola says:

    nah Nicole Phalm i in the philippines and i am having this for dinner

  79. Pepper Validol says:

    Слава России!!!

  80. Isabel Mary says:

    Presentation goes to this guy !! The way those chips are arranged is so cool it must have taken ages 😍

  81. DaddyFinger _ says:

    Doctor: What kind of blood type do you have?

    Zach: sprite

  82. geavon schmerber says:

    Do you love sprite

  83. Ara Yusuf says:

    He ate every food in the world

  84. Lee robin says:

    Cno no taga philipines

  85. DANA STW says:

    Sweet and sour sauce

  86. The Herbzter says:

    2:51 (put subtitles on) AHHH CHEERS M8, LEMME JUST…..errrrrrrr

  87. michellé says:

    why do you take so much sauce when you can’t even eat 1 whole BOWL of sauce? and you have a mukbang channel and still don’t know the “rules” of eating, eat your goddamn burger first then the fries. + i hope you didn’t throw that food away

  88. Ja’i Ngawaka says:

    Every thing he eats that he has to wait for he always looks at it then looks away until he takes another bite😂

  89. lisy04 says:

    Hope you are ok after this.Chicken looks raw

  90. กร'ร แสน'ดี says:


  91. Bushanne Rio says:

    Jollibee 🤤🤤

  92. Tiana xD says:

    Only one question is Zach Korean guy ?🤔

  93. Christian Valencia says:

    Bruh that meat red

  94. Christian Valencia says:

    Chicken leg bis

  95. fabrice robert says:


  96. باسل الخليفة says:

    Zach Choi : First bite is all yours!

    Me : omg I love this kind of air

  97. clqsy says:

    Me: watching some mukbangs video

    My stomach: are you kidding me?

  98. dreaded_YT says:

    Fun fact: your not watching in full screen

  99. David Gandaho says:


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