Hey guys! Welcome back 😀 I’m only going to cut this once, here. The rest of it, I will leave on and eat off of the bone 🙂 I didn’t make the BBQ Chicken 😛 but it looks good! LET’S EAT!! First bite is all yours 😀 Delicious, so tender and the steak rub is on point today Thanks for watching!!


  1. Komang Trani says:

    Ap cuma gw yg indo di sini

  2. Полина Котик says:

    Ля так бесит его лицо,но стараюсь на него не смотреть

  3. Nidhi Ahuja says:


  4. femarie chicote says:

    Bring backkkk to stretchy cheeseeeee!!!!

  5. Wendy Ramos says:

    That meat is still mooing.

  6. Tanjina Akther says:

    you eat so mush
    now I am hungry

  7. J Cobz says:

    Y la pimienta re100 molida?

  8. Siseni M says:

    This video is making me so Hungry

  9. Sean McNeal says:

    Bro! That food looks so good, I wish I can have one of these!

  10. ReelHookCast says:

    Gets paid to be a fat ass what a life

  11. its michigan says:

    Y do people watch this

  12. dilo 1260 says:

    This is better than cat and dog

  13. Kurt Platt says:

    👀👀👀 i thought the bbq was for the 🐔, u fucked up fam😕

  14. Dion Dion says:

    Yeaa. That's what i call a job. Earning money just by eating 😆

  15. Twixxxily says:

    Broooo that looks good fam

  16. ERLAN DESU says:

    Alayna anying kuaat dikikitu,nyatu mah nyatu we

  17. Đạt Trần văn says:


  18. いもけんぴ says:


  19. Minnie Miralles says:

    I call the baste “Gordon Ramsey thing”

  20. Apil Dausart says:

    Gordon Ramsay: RAW!!!

  21. Muthulakshmi Muthulakshmi says:

    that sound makes me more hungry

  22. ojan ojan says:

    kontol bapak kalian pecah ok nice

  23. Aryan Mishra says:

    5:30..then 16:43

  24. عبدالعزيز محمود says:

    Am hangry😍😍

  25. YakZ Movie says:

    Tenang di surga lbih enak dri pada itu

  26. Johnanthony Abejoro says:

    I don't like the sound when Zach sliding the tomahawk on the table

  27. anisking Omerovich says:

    11:24 aww that smile😆😆

  28. 王姿穎 says:

    I am doing my homework now
    But I can't move my eyes off the screen.

  29. Conor McGregor says:

    Thats not a chicken,,?

  30. Nicolas Yango says:

    He is the worst asmrist ever

  31. Nicolas Yango says:

    I would rather watch sas asmr

  32. Nicolas Yango says:

    And He always has to drag the bowl on the table and thinks it makes the asmr better you make hurt ears and he has to deep throat the soda and again he thinks it's makes the asmr better but you just make look dumb

  33. Nicolas Yango says:

    Youtube should kick this stupid looking ass

  34. Mariya Idris says:


  35. all bbab says:


  36. jhon edison ramirez says:

    Si asi como come caga o por dios

  37. Israel 7 loera says:

    Soy el único de Mexico

  38. Fahmi Tamami says:

    Lebih rame tanbou kun😂😂

  39. lolman123xD yoloman123xD says:

    Its soo delicious,I hate you

    Auto like for not I dont feel soo good

  40. Felps Lopes says:

    Shot da caju ne irmao

  41. حسن حسن says:

    اللحم مامستوي

  42. Nick Politz says:

    looks up tomahawk steak in search bar

    7:53 Gets this shit

  43. Joshua Garcia says:

    was that blood in the meat 🥩

  44. Ashlyjane Lopez says:

    patay gutom

  45. Her Doy says:

    Indonesia like

  46. Christina Win says:


  47. Sun Ytube says:

    Sepertinya enak nih 😋

  48. Zipporia Murrell says:

    This how many people are watching this in bed hungry

  49. Linda Rizkytama says:


  50. Novan Devian says:

    Eat it very thick😷

  51. terry gaming185 says:


  52. Novira Vera says:

    Mukbang burger

  53. abdul aziz says:

    Makan gakpake

  54. Ammar Wise says:


  55. Fgg Kgf says:


  56. Abdul Rahman says:

    ko suaranya besar

  57. radit alfi says:

    Mna ni yg dari indonesia

  58. SIMPLE CH. says:

    Can i kick your face.

  59. Petra Suchankova says:

    Jsem asi jediná ale spíš mně uajima to vaření než to ochutnávání 😄 jinak kdo z Česka?❤️💁

  60. B Hlutei says:

    He is surely a good chef

  61. きるあキルア says:


  62. real nigga says:

    so good

  63. __s_a_l_ a_h_o_v__ says:

    Русские ставьте лайк типо чтото умное написал

  64. morgana marimoi says:

    WOW sayang kamu yang suka cowok suka cowok dari dulu deh sama siapa ya

  65. SimWiz 7u7 Juegos says:

    Que rico yo quiero😑

  66. james merriweather says:

    You should make taki tomahawk stakes

  67. Camille says:

    U make it sound and look so gd lol I'm hungry

  68. Ami 29 says:

    Njalok ee

  69. Lucy Thestar says:

    5:48 who's farting? 😂

  70. Alvin Basco says:

    Gordon Ramsay sees the video

    Gordon:can i join?

  71. Mathias Knirsch says:

    Die Schmatzgeräusche gehen garnich…. eher Ekelhaft abgesehen vom Fleisch was echt toll aussieht

  72. Ungku Jalil says:

    His Gums and Teeth are probably screaming after this.

  73. Flavio Apuhc says:

    alguien que hable español? xdd

  74. Mutiara Kirana says:


  75. Mutiara Kirana says:

    Hi guys walcome to my chanell

  76. Muhadi Rini says:

    Doyan tah ngeleh

  77. Fahed odeh says:

    ستغفرل الله

  78. João Gamer says:

    I poupou nil bity fock mamm nijentyyy

  79. محمد اشرف says:


  80. Gabriel Barreto says:

    Esse japonês deve gravar esses vídeos com uma fome da por.ra kk

  81. Vibesxx_YT says:

    he finna be like nicko when he reach 10 mil, you looking fat buddy…. Crys

  82. SITI NURKHOLIS says:


  83. đat sóc says:

    Hốc như chó í

  84. Nik Hensley says:

    Bbq sauce with a tomahawk. Not me but I find it kinda disrespectful lol

  85. OrionColossal YT says:

    I wanna eat that but my food is just regular steak

  86. Ika Octavia says:

    Digiginya tuh ada item2nya wkwkwk

  87. Ananda Bimo says:

    Muka lu jangan di jelek jelekin kalo lahi makan


    You are greedy to waste money if you are tabed, it's good

  89. cằc h says:

    vietnam was like 👍👍👍👍

  90. Chris Byrley says:

    Double fisting steak and bbq chicken ! That’s living life at its best

  91. Bayu GAMING says:


  92. Blitz Time says:

    Я тоже хочу жрать и зарабатывать бабло…

  93. 1356 3531 says:


  94. johnny bravo says:

    Visit the doctor soon as possible

  95. Gracie's Awesome Videos !! says:

    i am soooooooo hungry!! The sweet, salty, tangy, juiciness of the delicious succulent meat!!

  96. Gracie's Awesome Videos !! says:

    that pieve of meat on your finger was really bugging me. No offense I just have OCD

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