Hey guys! Welcome back 😀 Pepper Jack Cheese Cheddar Cheese Gouda Cheese Gruyère Cheese Parsley Chives Oops Cook Elbow Macaroni and keep to side Flour Evaporate Milk Salt Pepper Cayenne Pepper Dried Mustard Bake at 325 for 45 minutes! LET’S EAT!! First bite is yours 🙂 Delicious!! Super cheesy!! Thanks for watching!!


  1. Zach Choi ASMR says:

    Late upload, but we made it fam!

  2. TypischJojo says:

    your vid is bad fucking delete you

  3. Roseyrose says:

    I went on a hike to a waterfall and worked up such an appetite now.

  4. Guilherme Antonio Rossi Bernardi says:

    Esse mlk vai mrore aos 30 anos comendo desse jeito kkkkk

  5. Estella Ibarra says:

    I feel like I gained 20 pounds just looking at this

  6. ዕድለኛ መኖር says:

    june was two months ago.. crazy

  7. amber isaac says:


  8. potaeto bwi says:

    4:45 my heartbeat stopped for a sec😂

  9. Sarah Wheatley says:

    Hey Zach do u want to share that Mac and cheese with us?????😂😉😉😉

  10. Unyiel Setiawan says:


  11. Esketit SKRT says:

    Chino vergaaa

  12. Florence Snyder says:

    Looks delicious

  13. Alone Shadow. says:

    Ya'll know when he says the first bite is yours?

    1. He is just lying and show us some mac N cheese.

    2. Randomly put mac N cheese in front of the camera to make us hungry.

    3. He IS letting us have a bite but we need to smash our screen to put our face in front of device so he can serve our mac N cheese to our mouths.

    1 2 or 3 which will you choose? :v

  14. Gohan TheInvincible says:

    No hate man but this shit fucking disgusting

  15. Radja Satrya says:

    Indonesiaaaa apa kabarrr

  16. a cat with 0 subs :] says:

    Asmr make me feel like I'm poor ;v ;c 😢

  17. Jikook_Confirmed says:

    Where was my first bite>:c

  18. Nct/StrayKids/Monsta x/Svt/Got7/Exo/Shinee, ect says:

    This hurts- I'm on the 2:5 diet and I hhhhhhhhhh I'm hungry T^T

  19. vani jr mk says:

    bahasa inggris semua aku aja nggak bisa aku hanya bilang ashiap

  20. Cx Frenzy says:

    Your eyes be red

  21. Karva says:

    you realize your hungry right after eating a whole protein bar

  22. Ć Ü T Ë / D Ê V I ł says:

    I bet his fridge is full of cheese! ÙwÚ

  23. Michelle Gallegos says:

    Zach- Homemade from scratch
    Me- eating mac N cheese from a cup

  24. Dianne Dazel says:

    Is it just me or Zach cooking is so attractive? 🌝

  25. bonnieisbae G. says:

    I needs me a man like Zach Choi to cook for me

  26. Zion B. says:

    My mans eating good 🙆🏾‍♂️🙆🏾‍♂️

  27. Yuno Gasai says:

    Asian Guys looks so cute💕

  28. Cesar Henrique says:


  29. Jackie Bartolome says:

    I would love the recipe…OMG made me so hungry. Bomb mac n cheese

  30. Dylan says:

    this is disgusting

  31. Eli Gilman says:

    This DUDE has the metabolism of a shrew, I swear to god

  32. FortniteMontages/ImCraqked says:

    Gordon Ramsay: I’m the best

    Zach: hold my earbuds


    Teri ma chit me dal ke khale lode

  34. Max Marshall says:


  35. Rosé Noire Rodriguez says:

    Considering the amount of cheese that went in I was expecting the mac n cheese to look waay creamier. Looked at a bit dry, but still fun watching the cooking portion.

  36. Kargič YouTube says:


  37. Falcon Clan says:

    This man is just filming all his meals i think 😂

  38. Riley McCallister says:

    How many of you look in the comment section and see the most liked comment and said to yourself "i could've commented that"

  39. Don Sellers says:

    He's going to have diabetes after he eats that

  40. Orson bull Smalls says:


  41. Saraya The Banana says:

    Please tell me where u got this recipe! This looks so good!

  42. Lina Lemon says:

    5:37 : first bite is yours:)
    5:42 : psych!

  43. STACKED_Studios says:

    How are you still a toothpick

  44. krishna priya says:

    What will you do with the left-overs??

  45. Raymond Capiña says:

    Zach choi you the best asmr ii the world dude

  46. ayden long says:

    Most unstisfying part of the video
    Didnt poor his sprite ☹

  47. Jimmie Love says:

    Love your show. Genous

  48. Devadrita Das says:

    These many people swiped the cooking part..

  49. 0w0_Izzy says:

    Now im craving Mac and cheese with extra cheese…

    My diet: Haha. Okay sure

  50. Kacchan de Apple says:

    Has a tattoo? No problem, chill guy, can cook, can make great food, generally awesome

  51. Adriana Gomes says:

    Só queria um homem desse que saibem cozinha, esses sem dente daqui do RJ sabe nem fazer um molho 😕

  52. Anime Queen says:

    Bruhhhh that joint look so gooddddd. I need it in my life😭😭

  53. Midnight Playz roblox says:

    I'm a spice fan but after I watched this video.. Cheese here I come!

  54. jeonginswiffey multifandom says:

    Gouda cheese is from the Netherlands 🥺

  55. alhbeye O. says:

    Waifu material

  56. Elisabeth Nguidjol says:

    Omg that looks so good

  57. #alina xu!! says:

    is Zach inspired by Sas or is Sas inspired by Zach? They are so alike!

  58. HotMama 23 says:

    this inspired me to walk to the store and buy cheez doodles

  59. comablac.k 13 says:

    But why does he take such big bites, it’s kinda uncomfortable to watch. But other than that I realized that I can’t watch other ppl eat because I get so angry 😂

  60. TheDerperPikachuVlogsAndGames says:

    Who else is cooking Mac and cheese right now
    Like this comment if u are

  61. TheDerperPikachuVlogsAndGames says:

    High School reunion
    People: so Zach what do u do for living
    Zach: I make youtube videos of me eating

  62. Caleb P. says:

    This is the only asmr channel i like cus of the recipes cus this looks awesome

  63. Miokommi says:

    The people who disliked are lactose intolerant

  64. aaron farrell says:

    U guy's see how asrm shake

  65. Breana Gill says:

    Idk how you could stomach all that food. I wouldnt be able to eat all that😂.

  66. Ashleigh Richter says:

    I love the cooking part so much

  67. Andres Aguirre says:

    4:50 I'm dying because a big ass chunk came out

  68. Jessica Diaz says:

    Zach 😘

  69. Sea22 Man says:

    Zack do you know Aloysius kok wei chang. The name father was Anthony kok

  70. ceyeria pringle says:

    U be making some good food 😋😋

  71. BluEyedMomma87 says:

    you cook with culinary skill I wish I COULD TRY YOUR COOKING. LOL

  72. Rwa ma says:

    Zach's girlfriend/ boyfriend must me lucky

  73. Japannigga _ says:

    He is a Chinese who lives in america…how does it feel to be an Amerinese ? 🙂

  74. Japannigga _ says:

    He is a Chinese who lives in america…how does it feel to be an Amerinese ? 🙂

  75. Xnemetrix Z says:

    I LOVE MAC&CHEESE!! 🤤🤤😍😍😍

  76. TSC Gaming says:

    Stomach: *sad growling*

  77. Elijah Jacob Sabale says:

    Nice food yummy mac and cheese

  78. Tenure says:

    I never see anyone mention this, but this channel's video editing is super on-point.

  79. XceccaX 42 says:

    wtf is this shit bro

  80. Icelink says:

    this is not a mukbang

  81. gotjoos says:

    my lactose intolerant ass is quaking

  82. Belle Green says:

    Is that really how cheddar cheese looks… I’ve never seen it like that. Help😭😭

  83. Ayumi1358 says:

    5:03 That macaroni was left behind :')

  84. zarqua barmawer says:

    Yummy 😋

  85. Gary Boals says:

    want some macaroni with that cheese

  86. MusicLover 01 says:

    I will pay u everyday to cook for me😍😍😍🔥we can dream

  87. Lucy the Fox*hablo español* says:

    That is a lot of cheese

  88. Katelyn Redinger says:

    I wish i could eat all of that food and not fat fat 😢😭☹️

  89. Αντώνης Φασόλης says:


  90. Peachy Sweetpea says:

    Must be damn noisy in your house!! YUCK!!!!!🤮🤮🤮👎👎👎💀💀

  91. Rainbow Hamster says:

    Do you ever look at bacon and think, oooh, that looks sooooooo good?

    But you don’t like bacon.

    Sounds like me.

  92. laura nieto fernandez says:

    El único comentario que verás en español😂

  93. Alex the soccer kind sir says:

    You know they make smaller spoons, right Zack?

  94. محمد الشهري says:

    Please put an Arabic translation😊❤

  95. Just a Frigin Artist says:

    God my eyes was gonna pop out at 4:45 I thought he was gonna waste it all ends up I was tricked lol

  96. S l o t h J u n i o r says:

    Zach sure loves cheese!

  97. John Thomas says:

    4 million subs? Apparently this is a thing!

  98. jayakrishnan sulabhan says:

    You are from Wich place

  99. • ᏢᎥᏁᏦ ᏞᎪᏒs • says:

    I think it doesn’t have enough cheese-

  100. 차갑다lace_ says:


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