Awesome Chili Recipe

Welcome back! I am Shawna Coronado and this is Ryan Hutmacher.
He is my Centered Chef and we are going to be cooking meals for ten dollars or less and
guess what? We are on site, this is so cool.
We are at the Aquascape water gardens and right next to us is a rain barrel.
And that is part of the story because these vegetables right here came from my garden
and I grew them with rain water. So a really good, sustainable idea.
So, what are we going to cook today Ryan? Well, we are celebrating your garden obviously.
Wo-hoo! So we are going to do a ground chicken and
white bean chili, using all these fresh veggies. So, first thing is first.
What we are going to start off with, a little bit of extra virgin olive oil in a hot pot
that we have going right here. About a medium high heat.
Okay. So, before we add that, I am going to go ahead
and we are going to add these beautiful onions and bell peppers.
Now are we sautéing this just until they are clear or until they are dark?
What we are going to do, we are looking for just a little bit of color and yes, these
onions are going to turn translucent. That is how we are going to know to go to
the next stage. We have let these go for about five minutes
or so, and you are right, they have turned translucent.
So they are soft enough and now we can go to the next stage.
So we have some ground chicken right here. Actually picked that up for two dollars and
fifty cents. Awesome.
For almost a pound of that. So I always thought that you had to add the
ground beef first or the ground turkey first and here you are doing it second.
How does that work? Well, the reason that I chose to do that is
that is because the ground chicken has about twenty-five percent less fat than the beef.
So without fat, it burns up quickly. So I wanted to make sure that we had more
moisture in the pan. Oh.
So that is why I started off with the onions and peppers first.
So I am the professional stirrer and this is going pretty well.
What is the next step? We waited about five minutes for that meat
to come around. It has a little bit of brown on it.
So I am going to have you go to your secret stash of zucchini and squash from the garden.
And the reason why we are going to add these at the end Shawna, is because they are really
soft already, they do not take that long to cook.
So that is why we wanted to add these at the very end.
Alright. And while you are working on stirring those
up, I am going to work on a tomato from your garden as well.
We are just going to add a roughly chopped tomato to this really hearty, light chili.
So what the tomatoes and the tomato paste are going to do, that is good right there
with what you got. Oh, it is stuck!
We love making a good mess. So what that is going to do, that is going
to add a nice tang to what we have going on in here.
So we have some nice, light, mellow, sweet flavors and that is going to add a bright
acidity to that. Wonderful.
So you are mixing that in and I am going to add a little bit of celery salt, some cumin,
some oregano, paprika. Wow, it smells so good!
We are actually going to go all in here. Go for it.
And then last, but not least, we have our garlic.
There we go. These are our white beans.
We are actually going to go with some garbanzo beans.
So when you are ready, I am going to have you throw those right inside.
I am also going to add some of these really cool bird chilies you have got from your garden.
Which are kind of a fruity, mildly spicy chili. This is a really lingering spice, so it is
very mild and mellow. It comes in at the very end of the flavors.
Another little secret element. Alright.
We are going to add a little beer. Just a little bit of beer.
And what that is going to do is, it is going to add just another element of acidity to
the dish and it is also going to pull the flavors that are stuck on the bottom of the
pan. It is going to clean those flavors right out.
We are just about ready to put the top on this guy.
We have a little bit of chicken broth. We are going to pour right inside here.
We are doing just enough to cover all of the vegetables and the meat.
And what is going to happen is, we will stir that up and get all those spices incorporated
and we cover this. And over time, some of the starch from the
chick peas, or those garbanzo beans, we put in are going to help to thicken this.
Okay Shawna, so we have cooked this for a little over an hour and we are going to unveil
our ground chicken and white bean chili. Wow!
I can not wait. It smells incredible. It looks like we have a lot of action going
on here in that pot. Mmmm.
Now when I am serving this up, we have to make sure you blow on this.
Because, not only is it spicy, but it is HOT. A little bit just like this, a little bit
of that broth. I can not wait!
And look at this. All of this food, way, way under ten dollars
for an entire family. Absolutely.
Because we used my own vegetables. That is good stuff.
I love it. Let us give it a try.
Wow! Spicy and hot, delicious.
Good stuff. Once again, genius in the kitchen.
So all of this came from my garden. This is way, way under ten dollars.
So we did a great job. Thank you, so delicious.
So you wanna come back and do this all over again?
Let us do it, absolutely. You gonna come with?
Alright, so we will see you next time.

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