Banana Snack | നേന്ത്രപ്പഴം കൊണ്ട്‌ രുചികരമായ ഒരു പലഹാരം | Nedrapazham Snack

[music.,.] Today, I am going to make a variety snack using ripe banana So, lets see what all ingredients are needed for that Music,. Ingredients displayed To make this, lets heat a pan To the heated pan, add 2TBSP Ghee Let us add 2 big bananas cut to small pieces to the pan Banana needs to blend in and saute in the ghee the dish will taste better if fully ripen bananas are used This is a perfect healthy snack.. which can be made for kids Now add ½ cup powdered jaggery You can add jaggery as per your taste Now we have to add ½ cup .. .. rice flakes You can add any type of rice flakes I have added red rice flakes You can add rice flakes per your taste If needed you can add more The banana needs to blend in.. … with all the mix Now, lets add coconut flakes Add ¼ cup shredded coconut To get a good flavor, add ½ tsp cardamom powder also add some broken cashew nuts [music.,.] now the whole mix .. ..needs to sauté well This mix is ready now Now lets turn of the stove Leave it to cool down This banana mix is now cooled down Now lets make it to a shape of small balls don’t make is too big take some bread crumbs also we have to cover it in breadcrumbs and fry it is good to eat it as such also without frying We can roll all of them into small balls All the banana mix is now rolled to small balls Now, lets cover each one in breadcrumbs and fry them To fry it, lets heat a pan Add oil as needed for frying I’ve used vegetable oil for frying fry it till it becomes golden brown this looks perfectly fried lets remove them from oil one by one we can fry the remaining ones like this Please try todays snack We shall meet later with another new recipe

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    Very simple to cook….. and delicious also….. thank u Neethu…. expecting ur more videos

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    Delicious 👍

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