– Hello everyone welcome
to sunny Portugal. This is a bit random isn’t it? But don’t worry we have been
sent here for good reason. Today we are making a phenomenal Portuguese style Piri-Piri chicken. But before we dive into this recipe let me show you around this amazing villa. Got that inflatable flamingo
myself, I call it Fred really, really cool. The villa has so many
bathrooms and toilets. My friends and family are here. If you’re interested in
seeing the full video it’s on my vlog channel called The Barrys. There’s a link up here for that and down below in the description. We are here in the lovely Algarve. A huge, huge, huge thank you to Villa Plus and we have had the most
amazing, relaxed time in a beautiful villa here. We’ve felt so at home. It’s been the perfect combination of food, fun, family and friends, I’ve brought some with me, and we’ve just has the best time ever. If you’re interested in
booking a villa with them there’s a link in the
description down below. I highly recommend it, we
are definitely coming back. So while I’m about to make some
barbecued Piri-Piri chicken, my friends and family are just enjoying some sandwiches right there. I’ve got a little director
follow me helping me out this is one of Mark’s sons Jack. Hi mate. – Hello. – He’s going for the
topless look, that’s fine. I opted for not doin’ that one. Table, tennis table. Pool table. There’s also even a tennis court right down in the corner there but, but it’s a bit hot for that today. Right, so let’s come on inside. This is one of the,
one of the living areas and there’s like about seven bedrooms and bathrooms in here. We might see a familiar face in here. Hey. (both laugh) Alright mate?
– Yeah, good. – Yeah, nice.
– Quality wear. – Yeah, we’re just showin’ people around. Yeah, we always wear
street vests, don’t we? (laughs) So yeah, I’m not gonna show you everything so if you catch the vlog channel, that is where you’ll see the full tour and what we’ve got up to here. But upstairs is a barbecue. Right, so we’ve come outside
to the quieter area of the brick barbecue, which is
actually a nice suntrap as well so I need to get some cream back on again. I’ve put cream on like five times today, it’s so hot here. And look, the barbecue is ready. We’re gonna get this lit so
we get some nice white coals and we’re gonna cook up our chicken. But first of all, let’s get it marinated. So, we’ll go back inside to our kitchen. Alrighty then, folks. So, since being here in Portugal, there’s been different
types of Piri-Piri chicken. There’s been a dry rub one
which I absolutely love, but it was a little bit
too strong for some people. So, this one, we can tweak it a bit more and it’s a little bit
more of a wetter marinade. We’ve got a chicken here in this dish. We’ve got a very similar dish up there which we’ll see right at the end and a bowl to mix our baste together. So this has actually been
spachcocked in the supermarket that I got it from formerly already. So basically it means it’s lyin’ down flat and it’ll cook quicker and generally, in all the Portuguese
places I’ve seen so far, they like to serve it
spachcocked, flat, yes. So let’s get that to one side and bring in this bowl. First thing that’s goin’
in is some olive oil. Vinegar, nice bit of tang. In goes the lemon juice. Chilli flakes, cayenne
pepper, nice bit of heat. Some sweet paprika, good stuff this. Pinch of salt, boom. And this is a tablespoon of
chopped garlic right in there. So it’s quite a wet mix
and we’re just gonna go re, re, re. Lovin’ the colour. And that is gonna stain
our chicken beautifully. So, we’ll bring the chicken back in. In you come. Now the villa came with
this handy pasty brush which was amazing because it’s gonna make this step much easier. We are just gonna paint. We actually are gonna
paint the chicken, okay? I’m not gonna hide it any other way. We can pour it on, right, and just, like, bring it all up, or you can sort of caress it with the brush
in between all of the nooks and crannies and that
is exactly what I’m gonna do. We’re also gonna baste it
during the cooking as well. So, obviously when handling
raw meat you need to wash your hands but do make
the most of gettin’ it into every little gap that you can. It’s really gonna drive
that flavour in there, really maximise it. So, we’re stainin’ the inside of it too, that’s not the most attractive bit but it’s gotta be done folks. It’s smellin’ amazing already
and it’s just the marinade but once you get the smell of
the charcoal in there as well, I’m very excited about this. Right, I reckon I’ve stained that enough. What do you reckon, Jack? – [Jack] Yeah. – Nice one. Alright, let’s get this on the barbecue. Alright, here we go to the barbecue. Kindly helped by Jamie, he’s
makin’ this together here, he’s found some, he’s foraged for wood. (both laugh) Alright. So, we’re gonna hope
this, oh wow it’s hot, I need my flip-flops on. Let’s get a little bit
of flame going there. There you go. Let’s see if it’s gonna catch. It’s goin’. Oh it’s pickin’ up, oh yes. Alright, so we’re gonna
let this go, do it’s thing. When the coals are white, it’s time to put our chicken on, baby. While we’re gettin’ the barbecue ready the chicken is in there marinating. Minimum of an hour. Ideally overnight if you like. The coals are nice and white finally, the chicken is marinated
in the fridge chillin’ out, that is one cool chicken about to hit a hot grill, let’s do it. Be very careful. (chicken sizzling) Oh, you hear that sizzle? Cookin’ away baby. So it’s been on there a
couple of minutes now. Top off with some of that
marinade, folks, oh yeah. All the nooks and crannies. This is smellin’ amazing. Alright, let’s turn that over. Oh my gosh. Check out the colour on that. That is awesome, whoo. So I baste it again and let
it cook away the bottom side. That’s gonna take a little longer ’cause that’s where
the fattier pieces are. But I think it’s lovin’ it, really. It’s like I’m brushing in suntan lotion. Alrighty, I am over the moon with that. I don’t get to barbecue that often ’cause of the weather in England but all we’re gonna do
now is turn it over, and this is actually gettin’
direct heat at the moment ’cause the coals are right underneath it, so I’m gonna push the coals back away and pull the chicken to the front so it’s gettin’ indirect heat. The alternative to that
is shovin’ it in the oven but we’re gonna make
the most of our barbecue by flippin’ it over now. It’s very weird, I’m barbecuing and just to the right of me
here, you might just see it start to move in a minute, there it goes, it’s our own little private entrance. So we’re feeling very, very safe. Alrighty, the chicken is now turned over, it is lookin’ phenomenal, so just the residual heat from the
coals that are over there, you can see the smoke is just gonna warm that through. I’m gonna give that a good 20, 25 minutes. Just a little tip, if you are uncertain if the chicken
is cooked through, one, make sure that the juices
run clear from the chicken and also, the part between the
chicken thigh and the breast, slice through there and
if it’s white cooked meat, you’re all good. So then put it back in with your marinade, get a similar lookin’ dish or a board, cover it up straight away,
but put your chicken in it. Ta-da, chicken. So, we’ve got ourselves a nice salad to serve along side this. It’s quite popular to
have chips here with the Piri-Piri chicken but I am going for just a good old salad. But there it is, boom. Our, look it’s like someone
just lyin’ down sunbathing. Absolutely gorgeous, charred,
cooked through, lovin’ it. Let’s have a taste. And what a lovely settin’ to do that. Whoa. So just like when you cook other meats, it’s really good to let it rest and relax after cooking for about 10 minutes and that’s exactly what we’ve done here so it should be super tender. We’ve got a lovely
cooked-through meat there. The lovely charred edges
with the marinade on there. Mmm. And I mean, this is the
perks for me, right? Everyone now is just out
by the pool, playin’ pool, playin’ table tennis,
playin’ tennis, yeah. That is absolutely phenomenal. The really cool thing about
that marinade as well, that’s got a little bit of heat, so if you wanted a little less, take some of that cayenne pepper out, add a bit more olive oil,
mix it up, personalise it, make it your own. But if you do try this recipe, don’t forget to send me a picture. I’d love to see your attempts @myvirginkitchen. Please check out the
rest of the video diary. Our whole experience with
the Villa Plus Villa. We’ve absolutely loved our week here and this recipe is stunk in. So do please give it a go. Subscribe for all of
the rest of our videos and I’ll see you again next time. I’m gonna get in the pool now.


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