BBQ Ribs In Pressure Cooker

all right so what we want to do we need
to heat these suckers up to saute because I want to sear my meat on all
sides before we send it to cook that’s right so I’m heat these up boom we’re a
nice of oil from a little bit of oil in the bottom of both of these while they heat up once they’re hot these suckers will say
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for your bundle of joy all right so these say hot so they’re ready for me to
see the news so I have my boneless pork boneless ribs right here kind of weird
that we would call these ribs when there are no bones I don’t come up with this
stuff folks I just cook it yeah I just cook it I got me some seasoning this is
complete mix seasoning all we’re gonna do is season this sucker and sear it I’m
gonna seize it like that all right we’re gonna go ahead and put
this in and we’ll season the other side after is in the insta-buck as you notice I have paper towel down to
suck up the water you have to notice water makes it real difficult to brown
any type of meat so I want to make sure I got the water out or as much water out
as I could as possible so when I put it in here it doesn’t take forever to sear
a little bit more seasoning on these three look like they got gypped a little
bit and when you cook it in your house you can put as much or as less of
seasoning on your meat as you want why because it’s your kitchen and your
meal it looks like we are done Siri on Oh sod so we got to take that out to take it out of the input we’re on our baking sheet have a couple
bigger put your body on both of our I’m gonna put them on 20 minutes it’s a
manual make sure it’s high-pressure get up 20 now we just gonna let that do its thing
it looks like we are done okay so these don’t have any sauce on you wanna put sauce folks if you have not subscribed you don’t get your thumbs up but it’s
just crazy so subscribe thumbs up comment feel free
to share it you know what I recommend this year okay
all right

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