BBQ Ribs, tasty and simple Instant Pot Recipe

tasty tasty barbecue ribs in the insta
pot coming up right now alright let’s get started so we have here ribs I
already cut them up actually soak these for a couple hours and some vinegar you
can use apple cider vinegar if you use white vinegar rice vinegar whatever you
want to use I just chose to use a white vinegar and sauce and some more
well a little bit of the wise in academic that’s something in I’m gonna
put in here cooking so real this is real quick real simple real easy
I’m gonna take my barbecue sauce I’m gonna dump it into my spot my vinegar in there a little bit I’m gonna put some
water here my barbecue sauce potater trying to make sure I use all of it yeah
I want to use there a little bit of piece like this I’d say don’t we start
to heat up a little bit now I’m using memphis-style barbecue season because I
like it that’s why I’m using it you can use whatever you want you can use just
salt and pepper whatever the case may be but I’m gonna put a nice coating on
these suckers like that so we got it nice and seasoned we got our liquid in
the está pot take our meat smells really good it this sniff it’s
really good so just put it in so it in the liquid but not submerge the put our
top that going so if you’re still watching I’d like to know what you like
best about this video what you didn’t like about the video hopefully you liked
everything about the video and if you’re thinking about clicking away why are you
thinking about clicking away from the video anyway I’m so glad you guys came
we’re gonna take this and we’re gonna put it on high pressure at 25 minutes
all right we’re gonna let that the work is magic do its thing see we’re 25
minutes you know I was thinking what not roast some veggies why were you waiting
for the ribs to be done okay so what others have to do is I got some frozen
vegetables from my freezer now you can buy some fresh frozen veggies or excuse
me fresh veggies or whatever you decide to do but this is what I had in the
freezer so that’s what I’m going to use I have a garlic seasoning mix here but
I’m going to sprinkle on that sucker now we’re going to go and preheat the
oven to 450 degrees bring that up to 450 degrees it’s starting we’re gonna let that
preheat we’ll come back to it so once your oven is preheated to 450
degrees we’re gonna put our broccoli cauliflower there’s carrots in here some
nice wash mix among this we’re gonna put the oven for about 30 minutes but we
will check on her some time to time but it takes about 30 minutes to roast that
in there pretty soon I get the ribs I’m just get
out of here they’re not doing anything but they’re gonna be tasty so we have
allowed this to natural release nice and tender that’s engineer it would taste nope yes sorry so much
think she likes it she means she loves it
yes you will be eating this later this was for dinner

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