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  1. tiffanyismify says:

    thats a fukn downlike from me

  2. BigEdSays says:

    I smoked a brisket last night on my new grill, first time ever and using Franklin's methods, it came out pretty much perfect. I'm a believer, this guy is the master.

  3. Azmikecarrasco says:

    I’m here cause of CHEF

  4. TK Kirkland says:

    Best thing about BBQ’n is the waiting and drinking ‼️good vibes man

  5. Paul Hyde says:

    Haters gonna hate. Bet the fucks moaning couldn’t smoke sausage. Send me your video of you doing a brisket bet it’s fucking hilarious

  6. awwwyeaboyeeee says:

    I had the privilege of visiting Franklin's once. Now I know.

  7. Skunky Le Pew says:

    Lol too long of a video just so you can say chop some fat off and add salt and pepper

  8. A. Dubuis says:

    This guy saying that beef is the only meat you can bring to room temperature before cooking – WHAT A JOKE! All meat benefits from this practice.

  9. Joe H says:

    What temperature do you cook at and how long?

  10. Junior17 says:

    Blah Blah Blah and no cooking, what a waste of time.

  11. Big Ray says:


  12. cpi23 says:

    my advice would be "learn to edit". This video could have been 5 min long and not lost anything

  13. James VR4G63 Silby says:

    In New zealand we would cook that whole thing fat an all….

  14. Chistyn Sc says:

    Idiot, Cut Off Burnt End Part because it “would burn”… lol

  15. Vincentius Wendy says:


  16. Antisocial Gamer says:

    When cooked right ohhh May lord what yummy melty flavor!!!

  17. 95Eg6SoCal says:

    I’ll try this next.

  18. cranky old teenager says:

    I hope you get cardiovascular disease

  19. Galleria Store says:

    Hey….You started off with a white handled knife.

  20. Colin Napitupulu says:

    thrown many parts,…😭

  21. The One says:

    If he wants to elevate the taste of this – don’t use petrified salt, use pink Himalayan salt.

  22. WeLoveGoProHD says:

    I live up north, I only ever do pork shoulders and ribs, but when I attempt a brisket, I am using Texas style 100%.

  23. LauraNYC says:

    I was planing move to Dallas I guess now I'm moving to Austin 😋😃😍

  24. steveirwins says:

    A pocket of rub is not a good thing.. bye

  25. Denny Tidwell says:

    I've smoked only two briskets for "neighbors". Corned beef. Terrible. Tasted like mushy HAM.

  26. denbronco44 says:

    This guy is a fuckin moron

  27. Joséphine Kérézit says:

    I surely hope you did NOT throw away all the beautiful fat you trimmed off. Considering ALL the cost that is involved in generating this amount of fat, both life and money wise 🥺😮

  28. AlphaDawg says:

    Man im a 40 year old man just had my birthday and wanted to go get in your line as a birthday trip, but wife was ot so keen hahaha…. I have always loved bbq and lately really got into doing my own barbecue… Mr. Franklin you seem like a cool dude and from one Texan to another congrats on your success..I would love to taste your barbecue one day… If you ever need a friend from South Texas to have a beer with and eat some barbecue let me know hahaha

  29. Victor Mendoza says:

    He said he took off the burnt ends part cause it would burn lmfao no shit. Sherlock it’s called burnt ends

  30. mcopeland says:

    I am pretty sure that you can let pork warm to room temp.

  31. Fan Made Videos says:


  32. Champagne Sylvie says:

    🍾🍷🍇 Hello Franklin I'am from la France in Europe, and I loved this video! I have make a video with French BBq with vine yards branches ? do you know that way of doing ?
    Best regards from a frenchie channel in vine yard region 🍾🍷🍇

  33. Joshua Fernandez says:

    I almost shed a tear watching this guy toss all that tasty fat to the thrash what a waste of fat he could have use it for a bone broth or just render it for frying …no hating i actually enjoy his video and sub

  34. Austin Green says:

    the Dr. is in.

  35. Lol5on says:

    I didn't know Seth MacFarlane has a bbq show.

  36. Lee Thurston says:

    Great video, but what makes the difference of the fats, to me they all looked the same.

  37. Rick Abrams says:

    Is this the condensed version of his master class?

  38. mister8765 says:

    He reminds me of seth macfarlane

  39. Anthony Luke says:

    The caption blocks the shoot!!!!

  40. Cheeky Nham says:

    Vegans disapprove of this show. And one head of steer was hurt in the making of this video.

  41. Clint williams says:

    G'day from Melbourne Australia Aaron, just want to say thanks for the tutorial, cooked my first brisket yesterday using your guidelines and it came out beautifully.

  42. Gabrielle Tidmore says:

    That brisket probably has a good texture but taste is very simple and wack . McDonald’s is also a success company with wack ass food .

  43. aldof hister says:

    Ain't no sissy hipster going to tell me how to make barbecue brisket

  44. Jovert Millano says:

    Fuck this channel

  45. R k says:

    shut the fuck up bitch

  46. David Fournier says:

    Who else has seen this more then 5 times?

  47. Jack Bo says:

    Shame on you 🙁 what a food waste is happening here!!!!! You go for the easy way, not thinking of hungry people! 😥

  48. Joseph Dowden says:

    Awesome video, but I was shocked he incorrectly referred to the purge proteins from the bottom of the bag as blood.

  49. Klaus Zungler says:

    Your subtitles really fucked up this vidio

  50. Jaded Cynic says:

    The fat you do not like is visceral fat. The most healthy kind.

  51. GoatRoper911 says:

    My dogs want to eat your trash..

  52. Sanjeev Vadaketh says:

    look at the pieces of meat between 6:18 and 6:25 completely different !!!! The connecting fat at 6:18 is way less than at 6:25

  53. FOOD TURISTIK says:

    indonesia smoke beef

  54. Hamberder King says:

    This is called the chest where I live and that's what it is chest. Better leave the fat. that's what's giving the meat lots of taste. You can always cut it off when the meat is ready to eat.

  55. Texas CAT Manuals says:

    A few simple facts here for the Naysayers about this being Franklin’s recipe… it is his recipe. If he is to be as successful as he is day in and day out…. week after week… month after month… year after year… the secret is to CONSISTENTLY SERVE THE SAME PRODUCT every time someone waits in line several hours to get it. If you get really complicated… it only takes one mistake to seriously screw up a very hard fought for reputation in a VERY COMPETITIVE world.

    His recipe really is just this simple. Salt, Pepper, a good good trim on the different meats to make a much more uniform product and time…… LOTS & LOTS & LOTS of it. Franklin saw his window in time and ran as hard as he could towards it….. and dove head first through it… followed by the love and loyalty of a great wife who is devoted to him.

    The secret ingredients most often overlooked when examining his success? A partner who is as devoted to him being a success as he is devoted to being a success for her. This is the secret ingredient not spelled out for most of you who follow his cooking recipes and suggestions. It cant be purchased, poured on, injected, marinated, trimmed for, rubbed into, smoked into… but it is the most critical part of the recipe. That and time…. lots and lots and lots of time tending fires everyday from rise to sleep, studying the physics of thermodynamics, listening to others and “…cooking bad BBQ” Lol! Gotta understand what

    Is he the very best? Guaranteed he does NOT think so and seeks to improve his base methods everyday… not his recipe… just how he makes everything else happen. Him changing the “recipe” would be kinda like Blue Bell messing with the Homemade Vanilla recipe…..

  56. Jame Cehn says:

    Great information! Loved the video!

  57. Edgar Reyes says:

    Took off to much fat.

  58. Kingkhon 187 says:

    Wow, you throw away those pieces?? Fucking baller. Here we save it and grill it

  59. S. Hassanian says:

    Have you met gordan ramsy, he also loves salt and pepper.

  60. Mohamad Tahesh says:

    who is the idiot camera man

  61. TheRerunn says:

    Don’t cut that FAT frat boy. You cook it down low and slow. I live in Central Texas and had his brisket. It’s JUST OK mediocre. He stole the recipe and marketed it. Go to Stubs, Blacks or Salt Lick for REAL Texas Brisket.

  62. Easy Go says:

    Do you throw all the cuts of meat/fat in the trash ?

  63. Thomas Koons says:

    Central Texas BBQ Group

  64. Rogelio Chavez says:

    I live in Tucson AZ and there is plenty of mesquite. Can I smoke brisket or ribs with it or is it too hot?

  65. mark anonimus says:

    thats alot of trimming! not wasting?

  66. the dandy warhol says:

    What on earth is seth mcfarlane doing in this video?

  67. Benjamin Sumner says:

    In the UK you're more likely to see butchers trying the meat raw than you are to see them wear gloves. Don't really want to eat any food from someone that describes raw beef as "dirty"

  68. Volter Boteng Buison says:

    You are one of the biggest contributor in climate change 🙂

  69. Lacrombre says:

    Franklin has a killer bbq try one of everything get more brisket, it’s the best

  70. Caleb Zickefoose says:

    Those closed captions are driving me insane. Everytime he says, "you want to cut this off," the closed captions block your view. You can't see what he is doing. Also, what cross contamination is happening when he is only doing to thing. Why would you need a glove at that point? If you go to something else, you would have to wash your hands anyway.

  71. Gary M. says:

    It's not Caldwell Co BBQ but it looks edible.

  72. Jm Ms says:

    You forgot wash the meat IT was all blodie

  73. Poppy says:

    Thank God I'm from KC where they make the best BBQ …this guy sucks

  74. Daniel Butcher says:

    7:51 Shout out to the Swedish Chef

  75. Mike Greensmith says:

    Franklin's bbq is one of the most well renowned bbq places in the country. I don't know how you can criticize him because if there's a six hour wait to get in the place than I guess he must be doing something right.

  76. Joe Terrazas says:

    This aint Kansas City, were in Texas! Love it.

  77. Marsha lee says:

    Brisket looks nice and clean

  78. Luis Hernandez-Rivera says:

    Your shirt says BBC 😂💀

  79. poodypooroo says:

    The one thing that bothers me here is that he's just throwing away the meat he's trimming.

    That said I've had Franklins and it was by far the best I had in Austin, also Aaron was super nice when we met him

  80. Judge Dredd says:

    Black knife at 3:55 and white knife at 4:26 why swap knives?

  81. Veortox says:

    This is soooo good stoned especially the crispy parts with some himalayan salt on while dipping it into some sauce. Very orgasmic to say the least, then have some Roast potatoes on the side it got me rolling around my bedroom in complete ecstacy, jaw swinging as well.

  82. Ultimate dab gaming And more says:

    Please mail me one

  83. PortCanon says:

    “Got my clean hand in my right hand.”
    I love that they don’t bother to edit something like that out.
    Watching Franklin is like hanging out with friends.

  84. Michael Davis says:

    Can we get a clam chowder please

  85. Cooking with the Blues says:

    https://youtu.be/M2IRwBbdhBk, Honey Apple BBQ Ribs

  86. Spanky Vu says:

    Thanks, free Masterclass on Youtube!

  87. Don Post says:

    damn 16 a pound? now its 25 bucks a pound.

  88. R Taj says:

    Ate there 2 weeks ago, absolutely the best brisket ever. from Minnesota to Austin Tx, worth it❤️

  89. Karma Humphrey says:

    You mean here in Austin you split it up we don’t cut shit off the brisket maybe the hard parts MAYBE!!! the fat is your flavor and moisture.

  90. ABikerLife says:

    That's the way I take a plain ole HEB brisket and do it at home. Thanks for the video. Like that you keep it simple.

  91. No One says:

    Please do not call it blood. The uninformed masses will stay ignorant when you do.

  92. Fernie c says:

    What temp and how long do you cook for

  93. Bearded Ape Beard Care says:

    Wonderful information Brother

  94. C Davis says:

    I respect Aaron Franklin period. I've am a Texas native forever. 54 yrs old. Two brothers that own BBQ businesses. Arron is the shit – he really is (that coming from my brothers!) . But…..here in Texas at least from Palo Pinto. Tarrant, and Johnson County Texas, LOL, We do use liberally cummino, paprika, garlic, hot pepper powders and some brown sugar. Hey – t's ok. Watch an Alton Brown vid on sugar + salt and see the magic that combo creates. BBQ is awesome, but there is some science behind it. It 'aint magic, but it's real.

  95. SK Facilities says:

    We have come full circle, aerodynamic brisket. Nice!!!

  96. david bradford says:

    I’d love to meet Aaron franklin

  97. JulianFernandez says:

    dude is boss

  98. JM2A JM2A says:

    It sucks the caption was blocking what you were doing while you were doing most of the cutting.

  99. Otavio Diogo says:

    Secret rub: salt and pepper…..

  100. Mini Moto Revolution says:

    His rub is fine, I do like just a little garlic in mine. But that may be a North Texas thing too.

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