Beef Steak with Mushroom Sauce by Qaseem’s Kitchen *Urdu* English subtitles

Meeting you all after a very long time. I hope you can see the major change in me πŸ™‚ as I have made a lot of effort and currently I am standing here at minus 17 KGs Chatting will continue, lets get to making the steak Australian topside steak We will be marinating this For the marination we will use balsamic vinegar soy sauce, some mixed herbs black pepper, salt, that’s pretty much it lets start with some olive oil first in a plate depending on the amount of meat next, lets add some balsamic vinegar some soy sauce some mixed herbs you can always add more as per your preference freshly ground pepper is always a treat the best steak is just rub in the salt and pepper and toss it on the grill lets mix it a bit since it has oil in it it will not mix, but just to spread it out toss it nicely Basically, when it comes to weight loss…. I look forward to chatting with you as we on live video and will answer your questions on weight Its mostly been around a low carb diet with completely avoiding sugar and carbs and this happened with me getting inspired by a very close friend, who lost a lot of weight and I followed a similar approach the key is that you have to get rid of sugar from your life sugar is the biggest killer so you have to get rid of it fat! natural fat is good, salad is good meat is excellent but you have to increase the intake of salads and you will need a lot of water intake to wash away the uric acid salads/green vegetables are always good control your carb intake I still have to loose another 6 KGs Targeting 80 KGs Started at 102.6 KGs, Its been a good journey I feel healthy, I feel much better Lets let this marinate in the meantime, lets make the mushroom sauce or pepper sauce I think mushroom sauce will be better lets cut the mushrooms even slices of fresh mushrooms 6-7 medium mushrooms equally sliced they are soft, so no need to put in a lot of effort 2 pieces of garlic cloves, finely chopped last time we used a chopper but since its a small quantity so I’ll do it with a knife chop it up nicely lets start by adding some butter in the pan this is pure butter, unprocessed organic good for health lets add some olive oil as well Butter has melted lets add the garlic that we chopped just enough that you start smelling the garlic 30 seconds to 1 minute should be enough next we will add the mushrooms we will saute them then we can add either chicken stock if you have otherwise we will add some milk mushrooms are becoming a little dark make is light brownish butter I have had to add a little more next we will add some soy sauce salt and pepper now lets add some herbs basically, oregano and some rosemary reduce the flame a bit since they have caught the brownish color wow, it smells amazing add milk next and keep stirring cook it for about 4-5 minutes with milk reduce the flame and let it cook wait for it to evaporate a bit and then we will add 2 table spoons thick cream you can add some cheese as well if you like lets let this cook for a while and we will prepare the steak pan put some oil on it I am going to add some cream now but you have to remove it from the flame after you mix it quickly don’t cook the cream for long when it is uniformly mixed kill the flame you can taste and balance the salt and pepper mushroom sauce is ready steak pan is also almost ready lets brush it evenly lets let it heat fully before we toss the steak on to it the pan needs to be fully heated otherwise it can become chewy keep it very very hot lets add the steak now! wow, it sounds amazing keep an eye on the sides to know how it cooking you can see it changing color depending on the heat 3 minutes on each side lets flip it now almost 3 minutes on this side as well both have cooked nicely lets shut the flame and we will rest it by wrapping in aluminium foil we have to rest the steak for some time wrap it nicely let is rest for 5-6 minutes lets prepare the plate so we can serve the steak dishing out the mushroom sauce lets unwrap the steak and we will cut it into slices and place them on top of the sauce wow. it looks nice a juicy and smells just as amazing cut it into slices its nice and tender this is your well done steak if you like it medium, as per your preference then cook for 2 minutes on each side lets place it on the sauce now lets add some more mushroom sauce here you go, your steak is ready to be served I will add some of the juices as well to decorate it to give it some more beauty and as per the norm….. I have to taste it and let you know πŸ™‚ Actually, you have to make it and let me know with the mushroom sauce mmmmmm it tastes delicious Hopefully you liked this video recipe Meeting you after a very long time. Do remember me in your prayers Don’f forget to subscribe and also share with friends and family Like the video and share the post keep visiting for delicious and diet friendly recipes May God be with you Allah Hafiz

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