Beer on hot frying pan

Sizzle sizzle Clink Clank Tap, tap motherfucker Tap Bang Clang, loud-ass frying pan Bang Wobble wobble wobble drop it like it’s hot tap TAP tap, scrape, scrape tap, tap tap, tap tap t-tap it’s a frying pan, why did you turn the closed captions on? tap

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  1. arcticity says:

    The Leidenfrost effect looks way cooler with beer than with water ! 

  2. Cee Lo says:

    Perhaps it is the surface tension of alcohol/water when exposed to heat that is changing the behavior of the lager? 

  3. B Webs says:


  4. Szőcs Szilárd says:

  5. Symon Polley says:

    The Leidenfrost effect; when a liquid comes in contact with something significantly higher than it's boiling point it floats on a cushion of vapor (the temperature needed for this effect is called the leidenfrost point). The bottom liquid vaporizes immediately on contact and gets trapped under the top liquid making it float (like a puck on an air hockey table) and reducing contact between the heat source and the liquid.

  6. Nathan Robertson says:

    The solubility of a gas in a liquid decreases as the temperature of the solution increases (this is why, when you boil water on the stove, you start to see little air bubbles on the bottom and sides of the pan before the water actually boils; that's the dissolved oxygen in the water escaping, called effervescence). Beer is principally ethanol and carbon dioxide dissolved in water with some other impurities that give the beer its flavor profile. When the cold beer hits the hot pan, the solution can no longer hold the dissolved CO2 and so the CO2 immediately effervesces out of solution (bubbles) forming a mixture called a colloid. Because the surface area of the colloid is limited, the gas can't all escape at once, so the bubbles hang around until they can eventually get to the surface of the colloid and evaporate (which is why, toward the end, the mixture starts to look more like beer). Other commenters have addressed the reason that the colloid moves around the pan like a hovercraft.

  7. chrisdab1 says:

    The captions on this video are funny.

  8. Simon Abrams says:

    Yeah, but now you have hot beer.

  9. Floppy Fishie says:

    i did this with water and it did the exact same thing but the middle of my pan was diped so the water bounced from the sides and met in the middle and then is smashed together and started spining and split again

  10. Lucifer Skywalker says:

    closed caption, anyone?

  11. Kayla Rench says:

    I was expecting a beer pancake lol

  12. Jonathan Cant says:

    dem subtitles

  13. KY Kan says:

    The heating changes the properties of beer,ths this happens. Probaly why you don't serve hot beer

  14. john leto says:

    Hmmmm Fried beer, a staple food in Newcastle and Scotland, it's served with a deep fried Mars bar. 

  15. Julek Michalski says:

    WTF man? Why would you do that to beer? Damn!

  16. Haggus Lividus says:

    I can't condone the wasting of beer like this. 

  17. Andrew Mai says:

    captions are legendary.

  18. Jimmy400 says:

    Drunken Jellyfish

  19. Cinemacynic says:

    This is all that you should ever do with New Castle… fucking disgusting.

  20. ProtossX says:

    wtf are u doing

  21. minzbonbon1 says:

    it is called Leidenfrosteffekt. at least in german 🙂

  22. bengalibrowniee says:

    They probably just put some kind of hydrophobic spray on the pan

  23. chaosda says:

    This is alcohol abuse!

  24. Ryan Wands says:

    Clang, Loud ass frying pan!!! xD Google captions are legendary

  25. Chris3836 says:

    Next time he cooks his eggs he's going to get drunk.

  26. Big Deano says:


  27. piggygobyebye says:

    I think we can all tell this is just another part of Newcastle's viral campaign. Probably. Maybe.

  28. Gabriel Urbaniak says:

    This is happening to water too.. totally the same…

  29. GlomPook says:

    oil ?????

  30. Eve G says:

    Just like mercury! Weird!

  31. Irving Macias says:

    You need to level your house, or your stove. You made a nice level, congrats

  32. Yang Lu says:

    lindenfrost effect. look it up

  33. Michael Copado says:

    It's called Leidenfrost effect. in which a liquid, in near contact with a mass significantly hotter than the liquid's boiling point, produces an insulating vapor layer keeping that liquid from boiling rapidly. This is most commonly seen when cooking; one sprinkles drops of water in a pan to gauge its temperature: if the pan's temperature is at or above the Leidenfrost point, the water skitters across the pan and takes longer to evaporate than in a pan below the temperature of the Leidenfrost point (but still above boiling temperature). The effect is also responsible for the ability of liquid nitrogen to skitter across floors. It has also been used in some potentially dangerous demonstrations, such as dipping a wet finger in molten lead or blowing out a mouthful of liquid nitrogen, both enacted without injury to the demonstrator. The latter is potentially lethal, particularly should one accidentally swallow the liquid nitrogen.
    It is named after Johann Gottlob Leidenfrost, who discussed it in A Tract About Some Qualities of Common Water in 1756.

  34. Ano Nymous says:

    This is what they called Leidenfrost Effect!

  35. Maksymilian Gabriel Chmielewski says:

    in PL: Podczas zetknięcia gorącej powierzchnią patelni z piwem, z cieczy gwałtownie wydziela się dwutlenek węgla, tworząc pod warstwą piwa pewnego rodzaju poduszkę. Z kolei napięcie powierzchniowe cieczy sprawia, że dąży ona do uzyskania kształtu o najmniejszej możliwej powierzchni. Takim kształtem jest kula, ale ciężar cieczy spłaszcza ją a nieco wypukła powierzchnia dna patelni spycha w najniższe miejsce, przy brzegu patelni. Jeżeli piwo się rozdzieli na mniejsze porcje, to i tak zgromadzą się w najniższym miejscu i tam pod wpływem napięcia powierzchniowego połączą.

  36. Mala Nala says:


  37. 07:19 says:

    tap tap motherfucker.
    i had enough of youtube today.

  38. 8she8 says:

    Is it because of the yeast?

  39. Captain Picard says:

    I think its time to wipe down your stove, looking kind of nasty.

  40. 吳忠達 says:

    I think the hot frying pan is higher than 400℃

  41. uloot says:


  42. w00tz0r9000i says:

    Good thing there's subtitles! xD

  43. Greg Barrett says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, a moment of silence please for this tragic waste…

  44. XxIanxX says:

    Watch this video be made into a vine with unnecessary dubstep.

  45. peanutjelly says:

    The subtitles really make the video

  46. jaydude26 says:

    I would have never understood it without the closed captioning.

  47. Mark Heim says:

    This happens because the beer on the bottom of the blob gets boiled and is trapped under the rest of the liquid beer. This insulates the rest of the beer from the heat and prevents it from boiling. You can do the same thing with water if your heat source is hot enough.

  48. rg0057 says:

    Shouldn't there be some other ingredients in this dish?  This is too much work to make, if it's just going to be burnt beer.

  49. Marius - says:

    tap tap fap fap

  50. moanybonynin says:

    Thats what it does in my stomach.

  51. Kevin Choi says:

    What a waste of beer 

  52. Nemanja Miljevic says:

    T1000 🙂

  53. BinkieMcFartnuggets says:

    Who said alcoholics never discover anything!

  54. Janko says:

    Lol that CC text tap tap motherfucker wobble wobble

  55. HOOO OOOH says:

    turns on caption, tap tap motherfucker ._.

  56. Jr Richardson says:

    Watching this video and listening to Pandora playing an old Jefferson Airplane song, reminds me of a Fillmore light show. Psychedelic.

  57. whatadollslife says:

    captions hahaha

  58. beefcurrywithrice says:

    beer sausage

  59. __________ says:

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  60. Pete Diaz says:

    Ahhhh, I can now die peacefully. 

    A note on the so called 'light' beer.  It's half water and half beer and lots of additives to make it taste like beer.  It should be called 'fools beer'.  It is the worst thing you can put in your body.  The beer companies are raking it in with so many 'fools beer' drinkers out there.  The Germans laugh at us.  Yup, it's the brain washing commercials.  Talk to me.

  61. saadrachid says:

    Leidenfrost Effect

  62. Django Riwa says:

    kakav debil…nemoj to prosipati …bolje da si dao da se popije 

  63. JBofBrisbane says:

    Works just as well with water.

  64. Петар Грујичић says:


  65. Razear says:

    Science bitches!

  66. Deploradorable says:

    Warm beer sucks.

  67. aleksandar lovic says:

    asta la vista bejbi!

  68. Michael F says:

    I don't know if you know this but Chris Brown sucks, same with Newcastle

  69. D F says:

    I prefer beer cold. 

  70. boastfuls says:

    the subtitled cured myt depression. not even kidding

  71. Jackson Beavis says:

    an den

  72. Kenny Yee says:

    I assume this is the Leidenfrost effect which happens to plain water. Is there any reason beer would do anything different? 

  73. MakinaDeMuerte says:

    Turn Captions On and 0:27

  74. Mr88ist says:

    this is nanotechnology 😀

  75. Marek Qwe says:

    Szkoda piwa

  76. fasolmateusz says:

    Waste of beer. Water would suffice to show the effect.

  77. Szakal KK says:

    subbitles ;]

  78. iko hiratk says:


  79. ramtintey says:

    Only drunk people do like this…

  80. Kevin Marshall says:

    it has such a low boiling point that its all floating on a cloud of its own vapour. its the same effect as a human putting their hand into liquid no2 for a second.

  81. BLEHHHHHH says:

    this is so cute!!!

  82. Fernando Caria says:

    That Captions xD

  83. M C says:

    And people drink this shit? Reminds me of Mercury.

  84. Joshua Jones says:

    I kinda sorta feel stupid that such a simple thing just managed to mesmerize the shit out of me. Like… All the way to the end of the video.

  85. The_Coming Is_Soon says:

    That's called the Leidenfrost effect!

  86. Johnny Doe says:

    +1 for subtitles

  87. edmondov says:

    T-1000  – advanced protoype

  88. MengL33 says:

    thats how it comes out of my ass too

  89. Isaiahj says:

    What if he just put neverwet on the pan

  90. CGD08 says:

    Bahaha! Those subtitles XD

  91. Amy Zhang says:

    Leidenfrost effect 🙂

  92. Oscar Martinez says:

    Solo falta que muestren como se hace el agua helada. 

  93. Xavi C says:

    When I say "DO NOT TURN ON THE SUBTITLE", what would you do?

  94. atsh24 says:

    What would happen if you use "water on hot frying pan" ?

  95. Elle says:

    🍺 batter crepe!

  96. sydney says:

    Looks like a banana

  97. Crazy Engineer's says:

    this experiment again watch it

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