Besan dhokla recipe – How to make besan dhokla in cooker or cooking pot

Besan Dhokla Recipe – how to make besan ka dhokla Take 1 cup Besan Add 2 Tbsp Rava / Sooji Add Curd 1/2 cup Add water 1/4 Cup Mix it well to form Besan dhokla batter base Add Ginger 1 Tbsp Add Salt 1 Tsp Add Haldi / turmeric powder 1/4 Tsp Mix all ingredients for Besan Dhokla recipe Add sugar 1 Tsp Add Oil 1 Tbsp Add lemon juice 1 Tbsp Add ENO powder 1 Tsp Grease a mould using oil Fill the mould with batter to 3/4 Take a deep kadai / cooker Add some base elevation Fill 1/4 if the kadai with water Cook the besan batter for 25-30 mins on medium flame Demould the Dhokla on a plate Cut the dhokla in pieces To make Besan dhokla seasoning Take 1.5 Tsp oil in a pan Add mustard seeds 1 Tsp Add Horizontal cut geen chillies 2-3 medium size Add sugar 1 Tbsp Add Salt 1 Tsp Add chopped corriander 1/4 cup Add lime juice 1.5 Tbsp Pout the seasoning on the besan dhokla Our Besan Dhokla is now ready to seve

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  1. Shrutkeerti Gautam says:

    Hi, I have made another one recipe of yours. i have made dhokla first time. It turned out great too. just one difference was it took me more time than you have mentioned, otherwise everything was all good.Your recipes are awesome. I am going to follow your recipes now. Keep adding more 🙂

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