“Best Chicken Cacciatore”- Pressure Cooker Chicken| Perfect | Fast | Easy -“creole chicken”- CC

okay howdy folks my name is Don Ciccio
Genco today I’m making chicken Cacciatore and here’s all of our ingredients
you can make this on the pot on the stove add more time to a half hour or so
but we’re gonna do ours in the pressure cooker in about 20 minutes
real fast and our ingredients are chicken diced ham red bell peppers
onions green bell peppers pepper flakes salt and pepper
these are homegrown tomatoes and they’re crushed tomatoes and we’ve got chicken
bouillon or chicken broth and we’re going to put all this together and cook
it really fast in the pressure cooker and the we’re also gonna
potatoes in mine so we’re going to add potato wedges to mine ok ready for ingredients in our pressure cooker folks you don’t have to memorize
everything we’re doing here I’m gonna post the full recipe at the bottom of
the video in the show more section so are you gonna do is copy paste and print
it out but this is how easy all this is you just add all the ingredients in the
pressure cooker set the timer for 20 minutes and you’ve got a full chicken
cacciatore meal that’s gonna be good ok crushed
Tomatoes red pepper flakes chicken broth salt and
pepper more flakes and then I would put
the lid on set the timer 20 minutes and we’re ready
to go and she’s ready 20 minutes of full meal full chicken cacciatore see we can
look inside there man it looks the way it smells
it is smelling good got to back up a minute chicken cacciatore Please subscribe

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