For today’s cook I’m these standard
our regular chicken drumsticks and transforming them into heavens chicken.
I can guarantee you you’ve never seen chicken like this and if you make it for
your family members they’re gonna love you forever so let’s do it I started off with standard supermarket
grade drumsticks. As you can see we have several different sizes. For the Coxa Creme you want to use the bigger ones, it is easier to use and in the end gives
a better presentation. However the little ones we’re gonna do something with it as
well and I like to call it the heavens chicken. The first thing I got to do is
to remove all the skin, then I like to do an incision all the way around and
pulling everything out leaving the bone nice and clean. Now if you want to take a
step further what you can do is remove all the tendons. The easiest way to do
that for me is to use a plier and just pull them all out.
Removing the tendon is not necessary but it does make the texture a lot better
when you eating it so if you have the time go ahead and remove as many tendons
as you can. Once you are done with all the drumsticks this is what they should
look like The next step is to season them well I
am using Guga’s rub. If you have not seen that video make sure you check out
the description down below later on. Don’t forget that Guga’s rub does not
have a lot of salt if you want additional flavor on your seasoning just
add a little bit more of salt. Now mix it well and we are ready for the grill. I’m
gonna be smoking these beautiful drumsticks at 375 degrees Fahrenheit
until they reach an internal temperature of 165. I’m basting them every 15 minutes
with beautiful garlic butter. But I say it is enough talking and time to cook
them up. So let’s do it! As you can see they are perfectly cooked
and now it is time for our dough. Remember exact amount in the description
down below. I started off with chicken stock add in
table cream and a whole stick of butter. Season it well with salt and pepper and
bring it to a light simmer. At this point make sure you put it in low heat. Once
you are right here start adding some flour. There is no exact amount of flour
just add flour and mix it until you get the right consistency. When the dough reached his consistency,
immediately turn the heat off. Then throw in some egg yolks. It is important
that you do not turn the heat back on because you don’t want the eggs to cook
you basically want to incorporate them into the dough, this will make your dough
even extra creamier. Now mix it well until your dough starts cooling down. It is
important to keep mixing it until you get a very nice smooth consistency right
at the end throwing in some chives. Keep mixing it well and do not stop mixing. The next step is to get all small
drumsticks and shred the meat as best as you can. Be sure to discard the skin. Now
this is completely optional and for presentation purposes only;
I recommend cleaning the bone as much as you can so you can make an impressive
presentation, but it is not necessary. Once you have all the chickens
completely separated from the bones and removed all the skins, I like to give it
a rough chop. Check it out. For today I’m using requeijão which is a
type of Brazilian cream cheese. I recommend this one but you might not
find it available. And if you don’t find this one, you are welcome to use cream
cheese it won’t be the same but it will be very, very similar. As you can see the
texture of this cheese is incredible and kind of runny, it is extra creamy and
wonderful. If you ever see them on a supermarket buy it. But like I said I
have done it with cream cheese and it works just fine. Now throw in all your
cream cheese and mix it well. To add some additional flavor go ahead and throw in
a little bit of organic chives. Mix it well and your filling for the heavens
chicken is done. By this time your dough shall be
perfectly done and also cooled down. And this is the consistency you’re looking
for. Now all there’s left to do is make our chicken drumsticks. The first one
will be plain and just like we make it traditionally in Brazil. Spread out the
dough as best as you can add in the whole drumstick and close a nice and
tightly. And this is called Coxa Creme. You can basically find that in every bar
in Brazil it is very popular. For the next one is a little bit more complex
because it has no shape so you have to make the shape. Open the dough as best as
you can, add in your filling and using that clean bone put it right in the
middle and try to resemble the same shape as you did with the previous one.
This one is a little trickier, but if you go nice and slowly you get the hang of
it. Keep molding as best as you can in your heavens chicken is done. Check it
out. Now to make things easier I recommend
putting it on the freezer for at least 30 minutes so that everything firms up.
Now all there’s left to do is to bread it and fry it up. When frying it you’re
gonna have two different options regular breadcrumbs or panko. For today I choose
panko I think it’s a lot better than the regular ones. From here on out it’s
pretty straightforward whisk some eggs. Get the heaven’s chicken
as you can see you firmed up because was in the freezer for 30 minutes. Try to
remold the shape that you want, dip it in flour then right into the egg wash and
finish it off with the panko. And there you have it heaven’s chicken, the best
drumstick you will ever have and that’s a guarantee. Now that we have everything ready all
there’s left to do is fry them up and eat so let’s do it! All right everybody Angel what do you
think? They look pretty damn beautiful. It’s a nice presentation isn’t it
everybody? It does take a little bit of work I agree with you but it’s something
you can do for your entire family to enjoy. This is extremely popular in
Brazil. A lot of times we don’t put the bone
inside your do it without the bone it’s called Coxinha it is incredible. I’m
talking too much, are you ready to try it? Yes Okay let’s go for it. There’s two kinds
Angel helped me with this one everybody. So we’re gonna go, let’s go
with the one that does not have cheese inside first.
That does not have cheese. Yeah, yeah try that one. So I just go and bite it.
Go for it I’ll let you try it first I had it many times. I bite it like…Just go for it yeah, that’s what its for, the one ah you know the bone you just grab it. Cheers! Cheers buddy.
I’m I feel like I’m gonna make a mess. Let’s go. Go! I only got the outside. It’s too big
you got only dough there you got to make a bigger bite Angel. The dough really good
though. Isn’t the dough fantastic? Bite that thing! I can’t wait you making me
wait too long. Go bro, go, go. Is it good? Tell me. They wanna know if its good. It’s Good! This is not even the one with the cheese yet! This has no cheese he’s extremely creamy already because of
the dough everybody. The chicken is a little smokey everybody. You can feel that
little smoky flavor angel. Angel let me tell you something, the other one is even
better. It can’t, it can’t be. That’s impossible. Im telling you. Let’s try the other one and you tell me which one is better sounds like
a plan. The other one I’m going with the fork. No I’m the other one you have to.
Go for it Angel. I grab this one? Yeah Go for it, grab that one. You grab that one I’m
gonna grab this one. I almost broke it. Yeah the bone will come out. This one the
way we normally do it is to just pull out the bone there you go and then you
just eat it like fork a knife. Oh man this is gonna be good. Oh look at the inside Angel. I mean I
don’t know if this will come through the camera I know we’re far away but it is
perfection inside a lot of cream I know when I did the other cross shot it
wasn’t that good. But here you can really tell everybody super creamy.
Look at that cross-section Angel. Oh you don’t have to tell me to look at it, I got one
right here. Hurry up buddy. I’m trying to get a good. Normally we just slice and
eat it like this. Oh bro you told me fork and knife. That’s fine go for it
I want to know which one you like better try it. You haven’t tried it? No I’ve tried it many
times. All right let’s do it together. Let’s go. Cheers buddy uh-huh. What happened Angel? My God
this is amazing everybody. Do you like chicken Angel? You don’t like chicken but you like that. Okay you got me. I got you? Guys I really hope you give this a try.
You have to. We call this coxinha in Brazil it’s done several different
recipes but this is my recipe. I really hope you give this a try you will thank
me forever. How do you call it in Brazil? Coxinha and in America? Ahhh. Heaven’s chicken. Heaven’s chicken. Heaven’s chicken. That’s the new Angel gave it a name everybody heaven’s chicken. Oh my God. It is
incredible I’m not using cream cheese I’m using the Brazilian cheese but if
you don’t have that available use the cream cheese it will be just as good
everybody. The good thing about it is that you can do a bunch of them and then
freeze them, and then when you’re ready to fry them just take it out of the
freezer let it thaw for a little bit and then fry them up and bread it and fry it up.
You will have a bunch of them all the time. Is it good? It’s so creamy. Is super
creamy and you don’t need to chew it no it’s super soft because you know how
the chicken is chopped up. The outside nice and crunchy.
Yep. But the inside is so smooth. The dough is amazing it is an amazing dough. That’s
it everybody this is the Coxinha. I hope you guys
enjoyed it. You can make it with the bone for a nicer presentation. You can make it
without the bone it is up to you. Guys I hope you enjoyed this video if you do
enjoy it make sure you give it a thumbs up if you’re not a subscriber be sure to
subscribe for future videos. Remember if you are interested in anything I use
everything is always in the description down below. Thank you so much for
watching and we’ll see you guys on the next one everybody. Final verdict which
one is best. Ah they’re so good they’re both good. Pick a winner. This one, the…The one with the
cheese everybody heaven’s chicken. I might just title that the video. Heaven’s Chicken
everybody give it a try. Thanks for watching. Chicken from heaven
chicken from heaven. Tanks for watching we’ll see you on the next one everybody.
take care bye bye. Bro! It’s good I told you it was gonna be
good. I told you I was gonna make a chicken that you will love that it would
be your ultimate chicken. Have you ever had chicken like this huh. So creamy
right? Mmm I want another one of this one Go for it. Which one is the…This one for sure
mmm-hmm this thing is huge. We should leave at least one for the family. At least one? At least one. No they are gonna try it. Enjoy it Angel. God it’s so good. It is good I told you. See you on the next one everybody

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