Best Deals On Cookware Sets

hi there welcome back to this miniseries
in the first video we talked about toxic pots and what makes them toxic and the
second video we talked about healthier alternatives and in this video I’m gonna
show you how you can get pots and pans for a much better price than if you were
to go out and just get all new pots because you now realize that maybe you
have toxic pots at home so the first alternative that I want to share with
you they should check out to your local thrift store I got for instance my pots
at the thrift store I got this for about 10 bucks my my cast iron and I got my
stainless steel pot for maybe 5 bucks so that is an alternative for you can check
out thrift stores you can check out on the Facebook marketplace you can check
out Craigslist and so those are alternatives for you there is also an
alternative that you can go prices to Amazon and have an option on there that
you can look for used products now it doesn’t actually mean that those
products are used it means for instance let’s say I bought a
set of lodge pots and pans they come home I look at it I don’t want you like
it I sent it back to Amazon Amazon doesn’t always consider that brand new
even though I didn’t touch it they just for whatever reason maybe packaging got
damaged they’ll they’ll sell that at a discounted price because it’s considered
to use even though there’s absolutely nothing wrong with them and I didn’t use
them so there’s that’s also an alternative that you can go on Amazon
and just look for your spot so like I said it doesn’t actually mean that
they’re used it just means that something maybe have into the packaging
or maybe I bought it and sent it the back and it just got sent to the wrong Department
so that is awesome nice alternative for you that way you
don’t necessarily need to go you know hunting for the spots and pans you don’t
have to leave your house you can just do it from home and even if the discount is
not as nice as if you were to go to maybe a good will or another threat
store it’s so much nicer than if you were to buy them brand-new so I
definitely recommend that you check out used and secondhand checkout locally
those are things you can do to save yourself some money now tune in in the next
video because now that you have your healthier products you found out the
alternatives and you cannot put together for cheap I’m gonna show you how you can
clean your pods without a toxic ingredient so tune in the next video so you can learn how to do that thank you so much for watching this video is
brought to you by the thoughtful brand we really hope you enjoyed and that it
is going to help you live a safer more natural life

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