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What’s up amigos, it’s your boy Jonathan Rodriguez And today we’re gonna go to I don’t know What’s up amigos, it’s your boy Jonathan Rodriguez And today we’re gonna go to Pongo that is located like two hours away from La Paz city, we are just gonna see apparently in that place. There is like a farm where there is a lot of fish I’m gonna sure if we’re gonna see fishes, but The view is amazing. So Let’s just see it and see how it goes but I need to try to get a ride at least. I’m not sure if we’re gonna get it. Just kidding. I have a car Kind of so, let’s just jump to it So we’re not at Pongo yet, but we’re making a quick stop at “La Cumbre” Don’t know if you see it But behind me there are people who are making a thing called “MESA” and it’s like a ritual That normally people from the Aymara culture and Quechua culture and maybe other cultures that I don’t know They makes and so basically it means that they offer stuff, so they have a good luck for the next year and just They are offering like stuff to the mother earth and also the God called “Inti” that is basically the Sun but basically as you can see like around this place is where they Mostly do all those kind of stuff and to be honest. It’s pretty amazing Like I don’t know much about the Aymara culture or the Quechua culture But I would love to learn more about it. This place is amazing and The view is pretty cool Like we are I think one more hour an hour and a half away from Pongo from our final destination but this place called “La Cumbre” that is halfway between La Paz City and Pongo it’s amazing. Like you should really a stop by you. You’re gonna see her clearly. You’re gonna see like crosses You’re gonna see a lot of crosses around here. This place is really really cool, and it’s a little bit cold You know, it’s started getting the colder like you can say that is about 60 F like 50 F But it gets colder because it’s windy I mean so far It’s good Okay so after talking to some locals around here this is what I learned, all right So around this area is where they make like “MESA” that in English will be translated to table but basically what it means is that they They put some offerings to the mother earth that is called “Pachamama” and most of the time people do it around this area around August because that’s the tradition and Basically, they do that so they can bring health some love and basically like You know Love health and I forgot the third one like something related with money like to be abundant financially That’s what I wanted to say but yeah, like it is amazing and I’m not sure if you can see it around this area, but everything is really really cloudy and we are like above 10,000 meters above the sea or something like that. I mean look at this thing it is it’s really cool, but dangerous, but cool Alright guys, we finally made it We’re here in the small town called Pongo If you can see, it’s only that like it’s really really small. But this small town is located Two hours over from La Paz the city basically we’re in the countryside and like I told you before This is the place where you can find a lot of really tasteful Fish call a trout trout. I don’t remember the name of the fish But basically that is a place like people around this area. That’s what they do Like they focus on catching fish and stuff like that I’m not sure if we’re gonna have the opportunity to see it, but it would be cool but as you can see this place is really really Cool, like that’s the entrance of the town and then if you keep going keep going keep going and then come through through this All the way down there. That’s the city and That it’s not only the city But you have to go keep going down and then there is more stuff and stuff like that, you know Me man, I love nature I’m a city guy but seeing this is stuff like beautiful scenery It’s just amazing and I’m gonna show you some footage right now I feel like I’m in this jungle or something like that because it’s really cool There is so much nature and stuff like that. But uh But yeah, like I’m gonna be honest like I like this a lot And I’m just hoping not to fall down Right now, because I’m gonna die Yeah, I’m finally here at Pongo And basically like I was telling you before in this places where you can catch your own… You have the ability to catch your own fish if you want to but if you don’t It’s ok? Because there is other people who can help you out doing that kind of stuff. But yeah, let’s check it out! You see down there there is a lot of fishes located over there wait let me go down Ok, those are fish you see Look, they’re moving around. They’re just chilling saying like Yerr what’s up and stuff like that You know just having fun chillin, but it’s interesting that they are in a place like this, you know like And this is one of them like there is more over there and there is more over there Yeah So so basically This pretty cool. I mean, I’m not I don’t think I’m gonna catch anything because you know I’m not about that life. I don’t know how to do it. it’s gonna take me years maybe to do it, but these things are interesting interesting like It is really cool. Apparently like I told you before there’s more over here there’s more over there and this place is amazing, and I can’t really wait to To eat it because let’s see how it tastes. You know, it should be really cool. Yeah, cool Another thing I would like to tell you guys is that There is not many restrooms around this area as you can see. So basically this is the only restroom Well, there is like two or three more but don’t expect to luxury because come on. We’re in the countryside. So Yeah This is the room.. The restroom cool Look at this amazing beautiful beautiful This dish is call “Chairo” and basically it has a little bit corn it has “Chuno” that is basically dry potato “Chuno” is something that in Bolivia They eat alot also the it has a little bit of Carrots and other stuff but as you can see is kind of tasty. It looks really good And this kind of dish is from La Paz Basically, this is the kind of dish that people will eat all the time. So if you want true Bolivian food in La Paz just get some “Chairo” and not specifically here that we’re in the middle of nowhere but Just ask for “Chairo” is really good. This is the fish that it was just caught up early. No, just kidding it wasn’t caught about it basically is a fish and it comes rice with some vegetables and also plantains and french fries Really thick french fries, but basically like this fish is not boneless It has a lot of bones so you will have to have a lot of patient to eat it Otherwise, you might go to your throat, and I don’t know There’s not a hospital around here. So just Be patient and eat it. I will try it out and see how it is, you know It’s really good! Yeah, another fun fact this is what is called “Llajua” and basically this is like what every bolivian or People from la paz eat all the time and it’s really spicy is basically made with tomato, and I don’t know the rest But it’s just truly spicy if you want to put it in your dish It’s on your own risk. Yeah Llajua Okay guys that’s it for today I hope you liked this video, you know, like this video subscribe to this channel and let me know What do you think about this? Like will you come all the way to this place just to try this kind of food because me personally I’m glad I did it and yeah, like leave your comments below. Let me know what you think and more adventures are about to come because this is just the beginning so I will see you guys next week Ok, cool. Cool. Cool. Cool

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