Best Lamb Loin Chops in a Skillet

chef buck here and today we’re gonna
cook up some super fast super delicious lamb loin chops just like lamb chops but
half the price this is an economical way to go if you’re in the mood for a fancy
lamb dish and I love lamb and lamb taste the same you know whether you’re eating
the eyeball or the tail well tastes the same from head to tail so you know you
can pay twice as much for lamb chops you know the little bone and you know like
in Iraq a Lambs does you know you get the picture but that’s like 20 bucks a
pound sometimes you know I don’t know what I pay per pound on this year but
it’s definitely a more wallet friendly and it’s gonna cook up very quick not a
lot of time not very complicated Oh what do we want let’s season these things up
you know and I had these sent out for like an hour you know you want this to
be around room temperature you know when you cook it it don’t take it right out
of the fridge let’s start cooking we’re gonna go ahead and turn some chunks of
salt on here and a little bit of pepper and that’s it just salt and pepper
vocals go ahead and season both sides give them a little smash you smashed and
these chops here pretty dinky do you know they’re about three quarters of an
inch you know you can get them a half an inch you know you can get them some like
a giant carrot cake you know you so you want to adjust your
cooking time depending on the size of the chops but these are small and
they’re gonna cook up fairly quickly I’ll probably do them about two minutes
on each side two to three so there we have it nice and seasoned come on over
here camera girl now you want to have your skillet on medium-high heat I’ve
had this sitting on a burner already for a little while so I’m gonna go ahead and
throw a little bit of oil in here and use any kind of oil you like let’s see
go ahead and throw this down here let’s see what it sounds like
sounds pretty good nice sizzle going on there so we’re just laying in the pan
we’re just gonna leave it alone for a couple minutes and then we’ll give them
a flip flip well this is a cast-iron pan but you don’t have to use cast iron you
can use any nice heavy bottom pan this much needs to help it I just need a hat
so it has been about 2 and 1/2 minutes and I’m gonna go ahead and give them a
turn back I’m gonna take this one out of the center and put about this size for
one of these in the center but it started sizzling the moment we put it in
the pan and now we got a nice crust on the outside so that’s feeling in those flavors so
once again we’re just gonna leave it alone for a couple of minutes in just
two minutes because then we’re gonna ask the garlic
and rose bowl some butter and butter what’s life without butter sad and
flavorless okay in a couple of minutes and now I’m
gonna go ahead and throw some butter in here boom boom boom lots of butter now we’re going to throw into the garlic flavor that butter up and I got some
minced up rosemary now if you want to you can put some
whole rosemary in here just for the rosemary flavor but I like to go ahead
and mince up my rosemary so I can eat it that garlic butter rosemary on top of
your top that’s all there is to it turn this off here now the pan is hot hot hot
so we’ll go ahead and get these chops out of our pan so they can rest and
they’re gonna continue to cook while they’re resting so the key is to cook
them in a SuperDuper hot pan that way you get a nice sear oh and you don’t
have to use garlic you don’t have to use rosemary you can just do salt and pepper
boom boom boom get that sear on there but that lamb flavor and that sear is
what you’re looking for now if you wanted to you could go ahead and use
this here you could put a little cream in here and a little mustard make it a
little bit of sauce but I’m serving my lamb with some couscous tonight I made a
spicy couscous and I’ll have a link to that recipe but I’m going to take all
this flavor here and I’m just gonna throw it in with my food go ahead and
stir this in there so we got a lot of garlic feed lamby goodness to go in my
couscous and couscous is a great side to serve with landing because couscous
cooks up super quick and so does lamb and I’m just gonna have a little bit of
a green salad cuz like couscous green salad you can throw that together
lickety-split now I’m making this for a friends and family that’s why I can put
my hands all over like this here you go if you want your your chef’s to wear
plastic gloves you can just go on down to like a subway shop or someplace like
that and then they’ll slip on some little glue
do it we’ll go ahead and play them up boom boom
do two on each plate let me get this last little piece over here and we’ll
cut into it so we can take a peek boom boom boom a little bit more done
than I like it but this will be perfect for see geez mom can’t beat that flavor
that – well done for you CG no I like you a little Ritter there’ll be a fad a
piece of y’all here but depending on the size of your chops you know that’ll
depend on your cooking time two to three minutes it’s pretty good unless they’re
ginormous Australian lamb chops lamb loin chops
alrighty camera girl give it a taste test I did that
come on cameras rolling well I’m ready I’m ready to get to mind so eat it no no
no what do you taste testing the salad the saint of salad video your chopping
shop all right you try to make it try to make it look so tough to cut it’s not
underlines Maya yeah I think yours looks better I think that should have been
mine mmm does it need anything else no the garlic and the rosemary and the
butter comes through yep I think the garlic and the rosemary really makes it
so I understand all the lamb chop but uh I don’t understand this lawnmower what’s
ok I think so give this recipe a try you know I’ll have it written down below you
can go over to print all our recipes over there really
appreciate your watching we’ll see in the future you

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  1. Fredes Roldan says:

    Hi chef Buck love your videos you’re the best cooker you cook easy and simple ah and healthy say hi to your wife

  2. Broseph Joseph says:

    BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!!!… Good morning from L.A. Chef Buck and CG!!……

  3. DarshD Blogger says:

    Awesome recipe Chef. That crust looks priceless and the salad combo is perfect!! Camera Girl seems to like it too!! Keep it up, Chef. Loving the meaty recipes

  4. Chef Buck says:

    I love lamb rib chops, but lamb loin chops are usually half the price and look just as fancy. The lamb cut I buy most often is a shoulder cut, which doesn't look fancy at all…but lamb tastes great no matter what the cut. Give lamb a try…hope everyone has a fun weekend, and thanks for watching!

  5. Jay Halley says:

    Boom boom yum

  6. Roberta C says:

    It must be Saturday morning coz CB has somethin good cookin! YUM!!
    Ps I finally got myself a cast iron skillet and I ❤ it! This one will be on my menu soon. Thx CB 👍

  7. linda parker says:

    Delicious, delicious & healthy !

  8. TuckerSP2011 says:

    It looks so yummy!

  9. Marnie Parney says:

    Well, clearly you need the lawnmower now because the lamb that would have kept the grass short has shuffled off this mortal coil.

  10. wolfen244 says:

    REAL butta – as God intended – not rancid seeds called margarine.

  11. Fran B says:

    Never had or cooked lamb n a skillet but I'll be frying me up some soon. I like mine a little more pink too. Thanks for cooking something easy and affordable that I can do! Happy Saturday! Love you guys!

  12. The Kamakura Gardener says:

    I’ll try this recipe soon! All of your recipes are delicious 😋 😋🤤🤤👍🏾👍🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  13. Ella Toler says:

    Rofl! I want recipes for lamb eyeballs and tails. I also want your source. I haven't been able to find lamb lately and love it.

  14. Larry Sowada says:

    Camera Girl gets the thumbs up for her beeps

  15. gardini100 says:

    thank you chef , i think i would do it this way next time i get a steak in my kitchen , to night im going to make a sheperds pie with mince from lamb , have a great weekend .

  16. Lorraine Hutton says:

    Wow! that was some easy cooking. I love easy cooking because I am always eating from the pot before it is actually done and by the time it is done not much left and I am already full – lol!!

  17. Robb's Homemade Life says:

    This looked delicious. My favorite chops are thin pork chops and slow cooked turkey chops.

  18. Nerissa Gaynor says:

    You did it again chef I am going to try

  19. Eddy Koning says:

    That chop looked so soft and tender and perfect and………mmmm

  20. Michael Haas says:

    Another dandy. In my more carnivorous days lamb was my favorite way to go. Flavor unlike any other meat. Your cuts look scrumptious and that butter/garlic thing is the cat’s PJs. I WOULD want a bit of mint jelly with mine. Thanks Buck.

  21. Lemons2 Lemonade says:

    First tried lamb at Longhorn when we took my Aunt out for her birthday. But! They only have it certain times of the year😔 Been Hooked ever since! Can’t wait to make it myself!!👍🏽🤑$$$

  22. Cris Shams Joy says:

    It looks delicious. Just one doubt: given the pan is so hot, doesn't the garlic burn fast?

  23. Julius Gürtler says:

    Fine work, Buckiboy;-)

  24. Grumpy Old Fart says:

    The lawnmower is so you can run over your farm raised lamb and then cook it for dinner

  25. BigD says:

    Add mint jelly and it’s boom!

  26. Barbara Mc says:

    I use all the same seasonings as you do but I cook my lambs chops some times for an hour and a half. I fry each side until golden browned, then turn down the heat to a simmer, covered with a lid and let it cook nice and slow. My husband loves lamb, I don’t but when I serve it to him, it’s like eating butter, so, so tender.
    I just feel like lamb as well as pork should be cooked slowly.
    Love your channel, I get a lot of great receipts🤗

  27. TheEagleslover says:

    Well wouldn’t you know I was racking my brain for something quick and easy to cook for tomorrow and Chef Buck comes to the rescue. Just saw some at ALDI’s so that’s going to be Sunday dinner.

  28. Claudia Badia says:

    I always buy the loin chops

  29. Murray Aronson says:

    I make my lamb chops in the broiler and better done. I will try your skillet method, but I'll use Miyoko's vegan butter, an excellent product by the way. And you're right lamb tastes like lamb, even kidneys and tongue.

  30. Em Lawrence says:

    Love lamb and I have to agree lamb anywhere tastes of lamb.. and also I have never met anyone who loves as much garlic as I do. I use as much as you and I can’t get enough, especially in butter !

  31. Terry Lyle says:

    Lamb is $25 a pound here. We love lamb but we don't love $25 a pound. We'll do pork. $1.98 a pound.

  32. suzie bond says:

    Just bought some lamb chops the other day and now came upon this great way of cooking them tonight….. ohhhh yeh, lamb chops tomorrow for dinner! Thank you Chef Buck …. love your videos!

  33. Paco says:

    I eat lamb loin chops every time the package says…1/2 OFF. CB, did you forget the lemon squeeze?

  34. Heni Lee Reis says:

    Oh this looks so good thank you so much for the recipe always enjoy seeing you and camera girl God bless see you next time

  35. treetoptia - says:

    Lamb chops are on sale this week at my local market. I'm making this tomorrow with whipped potatoes, so I'll take your advice on making a sauce. I'll let you know how it turns out!

  36. MANNY~EmberDim says:

    I'ma day late to the vid! Looks really good, Buck! 😉

  37. Bobby J says:

    Another…….. Winner Winner Chef Bucks dinners! Yum! ;)~

  38. Joanne Phillips says:

    Oh man those lamb loin chops are cheap there, not here in my country, even tho there’s thousands of sheep here in New Zealand. We’d pay $28 per kilogram and that’s on special this week.

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