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– I’m not sure if you know this or not, but during the week my wife
and I live in New York City. It’s where our jobs are. And during the week, I
read The New York Times, which I think is a really good newspaper. Every Wednesday they have a Food section, and this Wednesday they took
on the Mississippi Roast, which I’ve known about for a long time. It’s a slow cooker roast recipe
with some simple ingredients that a lot of people use. Well, The New York Times got hold of it. They put it on the front
page of their Food section. Nice picture here. And they kinda went a little Chris Kimball on the Mississippi Roast, which I didn’t think they needed to do. But anyway, I thought today we would do the Mississippi
Roast Midwest style. My family’s from New York City,
I was raised in the Midwest, and then I moved back to New York City, so I was kinda here, there, back. But I still had a lot
of that Midwest value, and one of those things is thriftiness and liking to keep things simple. And the slow cooker is a simple thing. I love it, I use it a lot. And this recipe, the beauty of this is there’s
four ingredients here. You’ve got two packages,
some butter, some peppers, and a roast that I got
on sale, by the way, at the grocery store. Makes it even better. So today in the heart of New
York City, Brooklyn that is, we’re gonna do the Mississippi
Roast Midwest style. Ready? Here we go. (upbeat music) I’ve got a boneless top round
roast here on sale, very nice. And then I got some
pepperoncini from the store, Hidden Valley Ranch mix, au jus gravy mix, stick of butter, and our slow cooker. Slow cooker. Drop our meat. We want that fat cap facing up. Pretty straightforward here. Take our ranch dressing
mix, dust it over the top. Gravy mix. One stick butter, and then
several of the pepperoncini. I mean, it’s kind of a
how many do you want? It adds a little sharpness to it. Set it on low, let it go. One of the key ingredients of this is Hidden Valley Ranch dressing. This is the dip version. We’ll get to that in a minute. But you would think in New York City, 24/7 land of go, go, go, it’d be relatively easy
to find this, right? Wrong. All right, four grocery
stores in my neighborhood, zero packets of Hidden
Valley Ranch dressing. Time to go to plan B, Manhattan. (soft rock music) All right, our quest for
Hidden Ranch dressing. Here we go. (people chatter) I don’t think they’re gonna have Hidden Valley Ranch dressing here. Strike one. This is a stretch, but we’ll see, okay. All right, strike two. (people chatter) (toy squeaks) Wow. And it smells amazing in here. The kitchen is just, oh, wow. I’m not the best at plating food or making their look gorgeous,
but the kitchen smells, well, it smells like there’s
a roast been going on the whole day, and I’ve been working. This cuts really nicely. I think if you put in
some carrots or potatoes. You could probably put quartered, well, that’s a little stuck
together, there we go. How elegant. Some root vegetables in
there, let it cook all day. Embrace the packaged flavors, okay. That’s all I’m gonna say. (upbeat music)

64 comments on “Best Mississippi Roast Slow Cooker Recipe – GardenFork”

  1. Rev John O'Toole says:

    so… just asking, after all that searching, did you only buy one packet or a whole bunch?

  2. David Kuhns says:

    Loved the search through the big city. I bet you could find that packet in every grocery store here in Tumwater, Wash. (all four of them). Nice video.

  3. Katie McAnulty says:

    We make this FREQUENTLY at our house, it's amazing

  4. Garden of Ireland says:

    That looked tasty.

  5. Shannon Lovejoy says:

    I've lived in Mississippi all my life and this is a roast recipe I've never encountered. I'm definitely going to try it, though!

    P.S. Sadly, Hidden Valley Ranch is almost its own food group here. Even dollar stores sell it.

  6. Donald John says:

    Newspaper? Those relics still around?

  7. Viki Victoria says:

    So now I'm confused! I thought from your videos that you lived in the country not NYC….wow.

  8. Noreen's Kitchen says:

    Looks great Eric, but next time you can't find ranch dressing mix, you should just make your own, like I do. I know you probably have all the ingredients on hand. Dry Milk powder and spices. I have a video. : )

  9. Christopher Johnson says:

    I haven't watched you in a very long time (on and off since 2010 I think) but I thought you two lived out in a rural area?

  10. terry saunders says:

    looks good and if u need more if the ranch let me no I can guet it all the time. and hi from maine

  11. The Weekend Homestead says:

    I found it fascinating shopping for food in NYC, I know it sounds odd but in WI, you drive to a free standing building (super store) and they have everything under one roof. – great video – looking good

  12. Teresa H says:

    That looks great. Does the packages have xantham gum in it, as I am allergic to it. I live in Mississippi and have never heard of Mississippi Roast. LOL

  13. Steve, Jen Q,P Nelson says:

    Fun video adventure and cool production Eric. And oh man that looked delish!!

  14. russtex says:

    I've seen this recipe listed, but have never tried it! Looks so good! I do need to try it!

  15. supasonicstudios says:

    Kinda takes me a little by surprise, that you're so smart, and crafty, and yet you use those packages?
    Have you looked at the ingredient list of those? Pure poison my friend….

  16. Hugh Janus says:

    8D Meat!

  17. Michael Wilson says:

    You know its a mid west recipe when it involves a stick of butter.

  18. Dan Rhomberg says:

    lol. East Coast problems…..Orange County,CA…Travel 1/2 mile in ANY direction here and you find that packet where I live. Loving the videos as always. Going to try this one and pick up a roast today as I get my wings for tomorrows Super Bowl….Best to the Fam….

  19. John TheFrugalFatGuy says:

    I always brown the meat first in a HOT frying pan on all sides before I do a chuck roast in the crock pot. You's looks fine tho for not being browned in advance. And one other thing: Wouldn't it have been a good idea to get, maybe, let's say maybe 2 packets of mix for the future. 🙂

  20. lorax1968 says:

    Making this tonight!

  21. Flannel Acres says:

    I've never made Mississippi roast — what did you do with yours to make it midwestern compared to the usual method/recipe? It was funny seeing you hunt for the ranch packets. I think EVERY store has them here. LOL

  22. Johan de klein says:

    we absolutely like roast, and will try this recipe. Fun video, giving us a glance of the big city~s. Do you take your dogs back and forward??

  23. John Savage says:

    Your version is a lot different from the new york times version.

  24. designlab443 says:

    LOL, every store in St. Louis Mo has HVR packets. So funny!

  25. Phillips Mom says:

    You couldn't find the ranch dressing because it was Super Bowl week. Everyone was making dips……… 💜💚❤️💛💙

  26. Nancy Smith says:

    It's suppertime and your video makes me want a slow-cooked roast with all the fixins. Guess turkey chili will suffice till another day. Great view of NY.

  27. charles vereschagin says:

    When you opened the crock pot I though where are the potatoes . Doesn't matter I live in a town of 6000 with 3 stores. I know all have hidden ranch. I have got to give this a try but with onions, carrots and potatoes. maybe a few mushrooms.

  28. Jacq Paschoud says:

    We are being encouraged to "cook from scratch" here . Americans use so much packet stuff. I am not a meat eater so I would not use this particular recipe but an awful lot of recipes on You Tube do refer to some stuff in a packet that I can't get and I'm not sure I would want to eat even if I could!

  29. Debbie Trueblood says:

    You've inspired me. I will begin the search for all the ingredients here on the tiny desert island Kingdom of Bahrain…… thanks for the visuals!

  30. ROBERT PREIS says:

    great recipe. next time buy the whole box of dressing since it's so hard to find!

  31. rryder994 says:

    just made a roast today, no peppers or dip mix, but onions taters, carrots and celery…………..always turns out great in the crock pot……..Minnesota here.

  32. Itazuke Dee says:

    Loved the tour of NYC and Mario Batali restaurant and grocery store (Italy) in Manhattan. Maybe making your own and keeping it on hand is a better alternative or ordering in bulk from

  33. john johnson says:

    wait. you live in ny during the week.. who the hell are you even ? lol

  34. Jeff MIddleton says:

    Hey eric! Works great! This was my first roast and it turned out perfect. I put mini potatoes in and they turned out perfect. My only thing was that they soaked up oil/fat so they were greasy. Is there a way to elevate them so they are more roasted and not sitting in the grease? Tinfoil coil?

  35. Nalu Rash says:

    Thanks man. I cant wait to try this out. Step 1: Gotta find me some Hidden Valley Ranch

  36. junkman6261 says:

    I've been subscribed to you for a while and just now watched this video from my home in Vicksburg Mississippi:)

  37. Sweetpea says:

    I made this today. Delicious! Thanks

  38. Lisa Johnson says:

    I LOVVVVe your channel. I recently found it and I really enjoy your videos. Those cute pups help alot too lolololol Glad I found ya!!

  39. DeFortes says:

    Great recipe. Love it when you take us into the city.

  40. stuart sullenbarger says:

    Dang….that looks great….we have beef roast around one a month…but that's a different way I haven't tried…thx for the idea…I agree…carrots and red potatoes would be a good addition….

  41. Nic Chauvin says:

    So, what's Midwestern about this?

  42. keith krohn says:

    no A&P  there

  43. Kelley Griffiths says:

    I loved going to the grocery with you!! making this tonight.

  44. Jeanne owens says:

    How many ounces are those packets please? Anybody know for sure?

  45. BeachBum Bob says:

    Hi!, new to your channel and have a couple of questions on this recipe, hope you can answer. Was the roast beef that you used tasty? or if you had to do it over again would you use a different choice of roast meat ? and would cook it for the same time period or less? thanks !

  46. Alisha Murrell says:

    lol I can't believe you went that far to look for the ranch dressing. I would have just ordered online. And when you found them did you buy them all? lol

  47. Elizabeth Macari says:

    Simple cooking recipes and a couple of cute dogs? This is my kind of channel!

  48. Danielle Jeffrey says:

    try going to supermarkets in low income areas, they always have it and I'm from Brooklyn

  49. T RH says:

    I live in Mississippi and it was awhile before I tried this recipe. I love it. I put a light dusting of flour on the roast and browned it before I put in the slow cooker. Delicious either way.

  50. Jessica Carey says:

    I live in Canada and I can only find it at my dollar store

  51. wildwood143 says:

    I loved watching the quest for ranch dressing packets there, made for quiet an adventure. The recipe looks good, now I want to try.

  52. WeAre NotAlone says:


  53. WeAre NotAlone says:


  54. FindMe354 says:

    You said after specifying that the Ranch is the dip version you would "get to that later" but never explained. What difference if it's the salad dressing mix or dip mix?

  55. Victoria Galvin says:

    I love how you showed us how hard that Ranch dressing mix is to get in NYC. I also love that even as a New York dweller you appreciate this simple recipe. It’s in my crockpot now.

  56. Ari Soto says:

    The recipe looks delicious!!!!!!!!!!! Got distracted looking at your beautiful labs!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Slow Cooker Ideas says:

    nice Mississippi roast

  58. Bern S. says:

    In the future you can find the ranch seasoning at (stop and shop on Atlantic Ave)

  59. Pat Fraser says:

    Order off amazon. But with your way you got exercise with great city views! 🙂

  60. Linda Martin says:

    You can purchase hidden valley ranch dressing mix at Sam’s club. It’s large enough to last a year for dressings, dips etc.

  61. Eric Mosher says:

    So what I don’t get is you only get one packet after all that time and effort only one goddamn packet !!!!

  62. sesquvias says:

    How many lbs of meat?

  63. Myla Hughes says:

    Could I just use a roaster and get the same results? I have 2 roasts to cook.

  64. Jason Klauk says:

    I hope to God that you didn't just buy the one packet of mix???

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