Best non-stick frying pan in 2019 – Hexclad stainless pan review

Hey it’s Dustin in this video I’m gonna
show you what could be the last set of frying pans that you’ll ever buy so
stick with me. Okay so here’s the story I went shopping at Costco today actually
looking for a new vacuum and in the back of my mind I knew that we needed a new
set of frying pans actually told my wife last week it’s time to get some new
frying pans and so I went to Costco and Hexclad the representative there
was actually doing a demo and so it caught my eye so I asked her a few
questions and I noticed throughout the bat the first thing about these pans is
this really cool hexagon shaped design on them look do you need to me and
that’s what caught my eye and so I wanted to ask what’s unique about these
so they non-stick pans so it turns out they are non-stick pans and they’re
incredibly durable so the great part that you can see that hat is in the
shape of a hexagon is stainless steel and on the inside is a ceramic nonstick
surface and so what I’m going to do is I’m going to open the last box out of
the four frying pan set and I’m gonna show you what she did in the demo see if
I can pull it off she did something cool with some eggs so let’s go and open up
this last box okay so this is going to be the 12 inch
frying pan and while I’m talking to you about the pans let’s get some heat going all right so I’m gonna crack up Wiggs okay so we put the eggs in the pan and here’s the demo she went all the way
around the pan like this and just showed how the egg is cooked evenly I don’t
know if I’m gonna do a good job with this was the first time I actually ever
use this before let’s kind of cook it just a little bit longer okay and as you
can see this egg is fully cooked and what she did was she just showed how it
cooks then and see that it’s just a nonstick just for the blow I thought
that was cool and that demonstration is kind of what sold me so I wanted to show
you that I’m gonna turn this off and just show you a little bit more so in
this package is four piece set it’s actually considered a seven piece set
because it comes with lids another cool thing about the frying pans as other
dishwasher safe you can stick them in the dishwasher they come with a lifetime
guarantee so if any reason they break down they scratch no matter what just
call them up and they will send you a new frying pan I was reading through the
literature it seemed pretty seemed like a pretty ironclad guarantee pun intended
but the lady in the demo she was using metal and she actually um I’ll do this I
don’t feel bad doing this but she did she did a quesadilla I see her she’s a
quesadilla pretend this is a quesadilla and then she just used I’m a pizza
cutter on it to cut the quesadilla and she’s like metal-to-metal these won’t be
destroyed and that’s part of the warranty like you can scrape these up
she took some heaters to them and did this and then did the whole egg demo so
if you watched any of my other videos you know that I like gadgety new
technology kind of things and so these definitely caught my eye the hexagon
design the non-stick pan with the stainless steel covering so that they
don’t scratch then they’re guaranteed for life so all that all that together
kind of sold me on these let’s be honest buying pans every
a year you know the 30 the $40 pants ended up scratching the end of breaking
they end up working and this the nonstick part of them ends up going away
after couple years you just keep buying them anyway so the fact that these are
guaranteed for life I can throw them in the dishwasher they have a non-stick
coating on the inside and on the outside because you know when you’re cooking
sometimes you get stuff on the outside maybe your bread your plastic bread bag
sticks to it this will completely wash off and be plain just like this go ahead
in the comment section below if you’re watching this six months from now or a
year from now or even five years from now go in the comments section just ask
me are they still holding up just like in your video is there any scratches on
them have you ever had to send any back is the warranty good and I’ll be honest
with you I’ll let you know how they are I’m gonna post a link in the description
for Amazon if you want to purchase the seven piece set like I said I got on my
Costco but chances are good that they’ll only be a Costco for a limited time but
everything is always on Amazon so I’ll post that link down in the description
if you’re interested in taking a look at these and again this is the seven piece
set made by hex clad and if you have any questions go and post those in the
comments section below look forward to talking to you and make today
extraordinary you

38 comments on “Best non-stick frying pan in 2019 – Hexclad stainless pan review”

  1. jeffboyardee says:

    I've been trying to find some info on these before biting the bullet. Did you have to season them with oil before first use? Looks like no?

  2. TeamKLoWhat says:

    Thanks Justin… I saw them.. I think I'm. Going to try them.

  3. Todd Siechen says:

    Check out the Reddit thread on these pans. Not good.

  4. Viral Bucket says:

    Have had mine for 5 months now, so far so good .

  5. dvdgalutube says:

    Life time warranty – how does that work? Do we need to send the old one to them before they send a new one? Do we need to pay for shipping? Thanks!

  6. The Frozen Toco says:

    Until it kills your bird

  7. Kaleb Charles says:

    Hey Dustin, How are they holding up? Do you recommend them? I'm in the market for new pots and pans. Thanks

  8. Jason Davis says:

    Just purchased the set at Costco and saved a bit of money over Amazon price and I purchased it based off your video so thanks 🙏

  9. Clyde Lemmons says:

    If every non-stick pan we're better than the last could we even get close to them groceries?

  10. rebeculla says:

    You’re supposed to season them first. Wash w warm soapy water. Dry. Put on stove med heat, spray ONLY SPRAY a tiny bit of SPRAY oil for 10 mins. Then wipe with paper towel.

  11. Windwar attack says:

    Non stick pan for rich people..And who cares if they send you a new pan a few times..your paying for many new pans in advance with your original purchase price..pans cost the company a few dollars to make..They are laughing their asses off

  12. Michael Harrison says:

    Yeh… £399. Per set ? Ffs

  13. MGMT says:

    I thought you were going to actually review it.

  14. Amo Damo says:

    Hi Dustin. Great video! Are the pans still holding up? Any wear & tear on the surface? I am concerned about longevity. Are the lids worth getting too? I will probably only get a single pan for now. Thx!

  15. Larry Yam says:

    Are they still worth it?

  16. Raven4122 says:

    Fancy pan but still JUST ANOTHER TEFLON coated pan which will leech into food and eventually peel from the pan.. CERAMIC the way to go.. sorry dude

  17. Don Wald says:

    Lifetime warranty = warranty for "lifetime" of the pan, i.e. 90 days.

  18. michael norkus says:

    I just bought these also. Regarding lifetime warranty. I bought non stick pans from costco that were not cheap ($180.00 for a similar set but only 2 pans without lids) about 8 years ago. They became non non stick about 2 or so years ago. Finally this weekend we cooked eggs and it was totally non-stick. We are not return type people, but I thought, heck this is a lifetime warranty, so I brought them back. Got a full refund and bought these. Did our 1st cook and they really are non stick. Will this last? Who knows, but it seemed easier to scratch the other ones and you can stack these vs the other surface, you had to store without stacking. So far so good, and they do have a lifetime warranty!!! Go Costco!!!

  19. NickaPaulo says:

    Can you do a new video about the pans so we can see how they are with 6 months of use? Thanks.

  20. Buket boy Studios says:

    Holding up? I just saw it at costco

  21. jdecker89 says:

    Just buy cast iron, it will actually last a lifetime….

  22. Veremundo Dominguez says:

    How are they holding up

  23. Rejean Paquet says:

    forgot to mention these pans can go in the oven up to 500F, that's another good selling point, I'm debating right now, my non stick pans are still good, will wait… price will go down eventually.

  24. Will W says:

    WOuld you still recommend Hexclad?

  25. Joey Arteaga says:

    Love our Hexclad. Best purchase we've ever made for the kitchen. Yes, they are pricey but we've had them over a year and they look brand new.

  26. I.Love.Pretty.Nails says:

    How are the pans holding up now? I’ve seen pans that worked as intended but end up losing the non stick over time.

  27. L.I. Archer says:

    $449 for a set of cookware.  I've got a $20 well-seasoned wok that's pretty much non-stick, does everything this set of pans can do, and won't break the bank.  And since it's a real wok, I can use extremely high heat in excess of 500 degrees when making stir-fry.  You can't do that with these pans.

  28. Cyrus Hostetler says:

    Sucker. ha ha

  29. todd bulboff says:

    How are your Hexclad pans holding up?

  30. Miriam Enciso says:

    How are they holding up? Are they still selling them at COSTCO if so how much do they cost? Thanks!

  31. Shopify Smoke says:

    Hey Dustin, it’s been 7 months since you posted the video, how are they holding up?
    My fiancée and I are thinking about putting them on our registry but wanted to see how they held up and performed

  32. spicecrop says:

    Ceramic non stick sucks. It wears out and cracks and looses it's non stick over time. Let us know how wonderful they are in six months.

  33. bzldzl says:

    Are they still holding on July 2019 ?

  34. Armando Arabi says:

    Hi there, have you had any peeling or loss of the nonstick abilities? We have gone through so many, it's not funny.

  35. Leonard Sierra says:

    Lady told me first thing you do is season the pans with coconut oil and heat but you only do this once before first use. Going to get ours today

  36. STALLION 22 says:

    I got them also! Love them!

  37. Sjrick says:

    490 bucks for frying pans ? No thanks

  38. Sean Dogg says:

    Yeah right, $460 for three pans. Kiss My A** lol

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