BEST Smothered Baked Turkey Wings in Gravy Recipe

Have you had enough turkey? Not me!
I’m Tess and tonight I’m making a one-pot baked smothered turkey wings and gravy. Stay tuned. (intro music) During the Thanksgiving food
sales I bought five turkeys. I couldn’t pass up the good deal on twenty nine
cents a pound. Some of the turkeys I cut up and put in the freezer and tonight
I’m cooking some of the turkey wings. I’m making an easy one pot and comforting
meal smothered turkey wings and gravy. just a reminder that you’ll be able to
find this recipe the list of ingredients and much more in the show more section
below. I’ve also included some links where you
can purchase online some of the ingredients and equipment that I use in
this video recipe. if you have a chance please check it out. I have four
nice-sized turkey wings that I separated and cut off the tips. You can season the
wings to your taste but these are the seasonings that I’m using tonight. I’m
sprinkling with some adobo, black pepper, poultry seasoning, garlic powder, onion
powder and some parsley. Generously coating both sides of the turkey wings. Pouring over a little melted butter and
giving them a good rub to get all the wings covered. Now I’m adding in some
flour and again giving them a good toss. I’ll be adding in some broth and the
flour will help produce a nice thick yummy gravy. I am using some of my
homemade turkey broth but you can use a chicken or vegetable broth. To help add
some additional flavor and richness to this dish I’m going to add in a good
teaspoon of this chicken Better Than Bullion. To be honest this is the first
time I’ve used this product. I’ve heard a lot of good reviews so I thought I would
give it a try. (it is good!_ I’m going to add in some vegetables to make this an easy one pot
dinner. In goes some diced onions, carrots, mushrooms and these are canned, and some
diced parsnips. You can add the vegetables of your choice but this is
what I happen to have on hand. Pouring the broth over the top, covering and
baking it 275 degrees Fahrenheit for two-and-a-half to three hours. I’m baking
these low and slow. You can also cook these in your slow cooker. It’s been two and a half hours and my
kitchen smells wonderful! You can see a nice flavorful and creamy gravy was
created. The turkey wings are tender and the meat is falling off the bone. The
vegetables are fork tender and they really added a lot of flavor to the
gravy. Serving tonight with some steamed rice and these wings would also be
delicious with some pasta or potatoes. I hope you give these baked smothered
turkey wings a try and enjoy. If you like this smothered turkey wings
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  2. Kochen mit Tom - Cook Lessons / HoneyBear Berlin says:

    Hello my dear Tess, wow was a new wonderful dish recipe from your kitchen .. yummy
    best wishes from Tom from Berlin, the ChaosKitchen51

  3. Air Fryer Recipes with Booger500us says:

    29 cents a pound????? crazy good lookin Tess…29 cents a pound???????????

  4. Voice of Wisdom says:

    OMG, that looks as good as Thanksgiving dinner!!!

  5. MizzRowe says:

    Looks wonderful.

  6. Ray Mack's Kitchen and Grill says:

    Tess…They so good. Thumbs up

  7. lemoncrinckles says:

    Tess, I haven't had ANY turkey yet…saving it for Christmas. Yes, low and slow definitely produce tender wings. I'll add some mashed potatoes on the side for some of that delicious gravy, please.(:

  8. Desi Village Foods says:

    Absolutely delicious and Yummy recipe

  9. Janine Gober says:

    I never get enough turkey! These wings look delicious!

  10. GQue BBQ says:

    MMMmmmm Gravy! Great video and cook Tess! Your Turkey looked amazing!

  11. ShalimarPerfume says:

    29 cents a lb WOW! You would never see that price here in Canada. The best price is 88 cents a lb here and that is for frozen utility turkeys, of which I have 3 of them in the deep freezer and also a 6.5 lb mature chicken that I think I be simmering the whole thing and making lots of broth for soup or stew. Yea and that mature chicken cost me 99 cents a lb frozen. What else can I do with a mature stewing chicken Tess? Will a low slow oven make that bird tender?

  12. wood1155 says:

    Never enough turkey !

  13. Brenda Green says:

    Looks very delicious great recipe I could just taste it through the screen ohhh Tfs!!!👍👌🙌😍

  14. Tango Joe says:

    One Pot Greatness At Its Best Tess.
    One can never have too much turkey when recipes as good as yours keep things fresh.

  15. Ellen's Homemade Delights says:

    Ohhh yeeesss!! Ain’t nothing like Turkey and Gravy! 😋😋

  16. Kimberly Carey says:

    Can I come live with you? You make the most amazing meals!

  17. Cindys Home Kitchen says:

    Love these smothered turkey wings! <3 Amazing recipe, keep up the great work girl, nothing better. I used vegetable broth for my turkey breast that i made in the oven, so props to you! 🙂

  18. Headchefmom Kendall Lawrence says:

    That looks sooo good, Tess!

  19. mayapapaya77 says:

    Can i do this with chicken??

  20. miztri says:

    Needs some color… Maybe paprika

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